Ryobi vs. Milwaukee: Which Produces Higher Quality Tools?

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There are a variety of tool brands available in the market today releasing countless products promising innovation and value for money. These can help you accomplish certain woodwork projects to perfection, but two of the most popular and trusted today include Milwaukee and Ryobi. 

If you’re grappling with the decision of which brand to invest in and want to ensure you’re getting value for your money, then my firsthand comparison of Ryobi vs. Milwaukee might just be what you’re looking for. Let’s dive in!

Milwaukee and Ryobi: A Quick Overview





Hiroshima, Japan

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Products Offered

Automobile components, electronics, printing presses, builder’s hardware, and power tools

Power tools, hand tools, and instruments


Techtronic Industries Company Limited (TTI)

Year Established



The Origins of Ryobi and its Parent Company

The company Ryobi began in Japan with Yutaka Urakami establishing the company in 1943. Its initial product line consisted of plastic die cast products which later on diversified into other industries, which include items concerning fishing tackles and door openers. Eventually, in the year 1986, the company became “Ryobi Limited.” 

ryobi ry40560 pole saw

The company continued to innovate within the die-cast industry and made movements toward the printing market by producing printing equipment in 1961. In the same year, the company hit the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 

The company, later on, produced power tools from around 2000 to 2002. Ryobi Limited produced not only just power tools but also electronics and automobile parts but also outdoor power equipment. They are now renowned for manufacturing decent tools and high-end outdoor equipment at an affordable price. 

Ryobi currently has 12 plants located in 6 countries. The company has offices throughout Japan, with satellite offices in Mexico, China, and Thailand. Different satellite offices specialize in specific product lines. 

The Origins of Milwaukee and its Parent Company

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is the brainchild of A.H. Petersen and Albert F. Siebert, founded in the year 1923. The company was originally named the A.H. Peterson Tool Company. In 1975 Amstar bought the company and later on settled with the Chinese company TTI in 2005. 

MILWAUKEE Cordless Framing Nail Gun Close UP

The company mainly focuses on the manufacturing of state-of-the-art tools. It has an excellent brand reputation in the construction industry since they are known to produce one of the best tools compared to other brands. 

Milwaukee also introduced the “Sawzall” reciprocating saw. Milwaukee continues to expand its manufacturing footprint, and in 2017 it introduced a number of its innovations, including sanders and hammer drills. 

The company is based primarily in Wisconsin, USA. Now, Milwaukee also has plants in Europe, Coahuila, China, and Mexico.

Ryobi: Tools and Equipment

Ryobi has a better product portfolio. They offer a diverse range of inexpensive product selections. The company produces items that include power tools, home products, and outdoor equipment, to name a few: 

Ryobi P271 One+ close up view

Product Selection

Power Tools

Ryobi power tools comprise much of the company’s sales. These items can be purchased online. However, these tools are sold exclusively in Home Depot stores. 

Having used them myself, I can vouch for Ryobi’s reputation for both quality and affordability. They’ve quickly become a favorite of mine, and I see why so many DIY enthusiasts and homeowners like me turn to them for their household projects.

Die Casting

Products about die casting are some items that started the company. Items under this category represent over three-quarters of the company’s net sales.


The company also produces builders’ hardware. 


Ryobi is a Japanese brand, but major Ryobi manufacturing plants are located in the USA and China. You can easily spot their products from their signature green packaging.

RYOBI RTS08 13 Amp Table Saw

Their Target Market

Ryobi power tools are known to manufacture entry-level products. These products are targeted at homeowners and professionals looking for budget tools that are reliable and made up of high-quality materials. 

The products are generally of great value and ideal for DIY home improvement projects.

Should I Purchase Ryobi Products?

They offer more than 175 products and are known for their cordless tools powered by lithium ion batteries. You should consider purchasing Ryobi products if you need inexpensive power and hand tools for simple home improvement projects.

Product Standards

Most of the Ryobi products I’ve come across are made in factories situated in China. From my experience, tools like their circular saws are top-notch and really showcase the quality of what’s coming out of these Chinese factories.

Ryobi sliding miter saw

These products are considered mid-range and are best suited for DIY homeowners and part-time professionals. 

Milwaukee: Tools and Equipment

The Milwaukee product line is not as diverse as Ryobi’s but certainly assures high quality. However, the Milwaukee brand prides itself on producing tools and equipment that are solid investments at a higher price point. 

Product Selection

Power Tools

From my years of experience, Milwaukee is a stand out for crafting some of the most state-of-the-art power tools. I’ve seen them churn out more circular saws than most other brands. But Milwaukee’s premium quality usually means a steeper price tag.

Hand Tools

With continued iterations, the company has crafted products made of high-quality materials. Some of the products this company manufactures include hammers and wrenches. 

Specialized Instruments

The company also produces specialized instruments, which include imaging tools and ballast testers. 


Milwaukee is an American-based company. It has established its manufacturing plants across Europe, China, and the USA. You can easily spot their products from their signature red packaging.

Milwaukee 48227225 Magnetic Tape Measure

Their Target Market

Milwaukee tools are produced and targeted at professionals who utilize these products daily. Furthermore, the design and production of certain products have homeowners in mind.

Should I Purchase Milwaukee Products?

You should purchase tools by Milwaukee if you need top-of-the-line, high-quality power products for daily and heavy-duty use. 

Made for Heavy Tasks

Milwaukee products are designed for accomplishing heavy tasks. 

Battery Quality

The company is known to produce items from premium grade materials, thus assuring better battery quality. They are known to produce units that have decent battery life.

Brushless Motor

They also produce gadgets with a brushless motor. These are known to last longer and run cooler. However, these motors will cost you a bit more.

brushless motor

Comparing Ryobi and Milwaukee Drills

Regarding cordless drills, Ryobi offers a cheaper hammer drill than Milwaukee. Their cordless drill comes with a battery and charger. Their product also sports a LED light.  

On the other hand, Milwaukee offers a wider selection of cordless drills. The company has over 75 cordless drills and drivers available in the market. 

Winner: Milwaukee 

Comparing Ryobi and Milwaukee Impact Wrenches and Drivers

Both companies produce excellent quality impact wrenches and impact drivers. Tools produced are designed with good balance and ergonomic style. 

Whether I get them as bare tools or with added accessories like batteries, I’ve never been disappointed. Speaking of batteries, those that come with the impact wrenches and drivers from both companies have consistently performed well for me, too.

Comparing Ryobi and Milwaukee Cordless Combo Kits

I compared the best offers from both brands as points of comparison for this criteria. Ryobi produces the Ryobi P1819 18V One+ Lithium-ion Combo kit, whereas Milwaukee produces Milwaukee 266-26 M16 6-Tool Cordless Combo Kit. 

Ryobi P1819 18V One+ Lithium-ion Combo kit

The Ryobi Cordless Combo kits are three times cheaper than the Milwaukee ones. Their drill has a dual-speed mechanism and a max torque [1] of 1750 revolutions per minute (RPM). Its circular saw requires more voltage, thus a higher RPM. The Ryobi circular saw is compact and very lightweight.

The Milwaukee cordless combo kit is one of the bestselling kits online. The kit includes a Milwaukee circular saw, impact driver, cordless drill, and a grinder. This circular saw has a max torque of 1700 RPM. All tools included in this kit are made of premium materials proven to be durable and highly reliable.

Winner: Milwaukee 

Comparing Ryobi and Milwaukee Cordless Ratches

Ryobi produces well-made ratchets. On the other hand, Milwaukee produces ratchets with an ergonomic design. Both are known to produce a reliable and well-designed ratchet.

Which Brand Should I Opt For?

Despite both companies being under the same parent company, there are still a few differences between the two brands. Upon closely reviewing these two brands and incorporating tool reviews, I hope the following criteria will shed light on which brand you should purchase products from: 

Milwaukee Sliding Compound Miter Saw


Milwaukee tools are made from premium grade materials and are thus more reliable than Ryobi.

Features and Durability

Milwaukee are known for its high-end tools with products built to last. Milwaukee products are the better option for you when considering features and durability.

Pricing: Which is Cheaper?

If you are searching for tools that can deliver, are durable, and are reliable at a lower price, I highly suggest opting for Ryobi.

Warranty Coverage

Both companies offer warranties on their products. Ryobi power tools are covered with either a two or three-year limited warranty. Whereas the majority of the tools are covered with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Milwaukee 2730-20 M18

On the other hand, Milwaukee offers one, two, three, and five-year warranties on specific products. Furthermore, some tools have a 30-day money-back guarantee and limited lifetime warranties.

Customer Support

Customer representatives of Ryobi are friendly and helpful in offering solutions if you encounter problems with their products. You may reach them through email or call them during the weekdays until 6 PM EST. 

On the other hand, Milwaukee has various online customer support platforms. You may reach them on various social media sites, which include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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Are Ryobi and Milwaukee batteries interchangeable?

Yes, Ryobi & Milwaukee batteries are interchangeable. You may use Ryobi batteries on an extensive range of Milwaukee power tools and vice versa.


Choosing the right power tools for you depends highly on several factors. Some of these factors include the price point, frequency of use, durability, and intended use. 

I hope that this article detailing the differences between Milwaukee vs. Ryobi has helped you choose the power tool brand for your projects and needs.

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