Saker Mini Chainsaw Review – Is it Worth Buying? (2023)

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A mini chainsaw finishes small cutting jobs faster, but most models are not efficient enough. They either perform great in the beginning, only to deteriorate due to poor construction or lack the power for different types of tasks. 

To see if the Saker unit is a good deal or another hyped-up product, our team has tested its features in this detailed Saker Mini Chainsaw review.

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Upon inspecting closely, our resident woodworkers praised the Saker Mini Chainsaw for its rugged design. 

Its overall construction includes a durable guide chain and sturdy dust baffle, making cuts that are not only powerful but also cleaner and faster.

Saker Mini Chainsaw Features

Chain and Build Quality

This model has guide chains that have gone through a deep-quenching procedure. Thanks to this, users can expect smooth cutting operations throughout its usage. 

On top of that, the unit’s motor has a solid copper build quality that ensures high efficiency. 


This chainsaw only weighs around 11 kilograms and has a length of 4 inches. Its handle also fits your hand, so carrying it from one place to another won’t be an issue. 

Power and Efficiency

It’s important to note that this unit runs with 20V rechargeable lithium batteries, so you can’t expect it to deliver as much power as gas chainsaws. However, it’s efficient enough to last up to two hours for extensive usage or 4 hours for minimal use. 

Performance and Maneuverability

Did you know that metal can be a great conductor of heat [1]? And because the unit’s motor is made of copper, it can perform well and dissipate heat during usage. 

If you’re cutting lumber sized up to 15 cm, it’ll only take more or less 10 seconds to cut it without the chances of overheating. 

As for maneuverability, the overall design of this chainsaw is intended to fit your hand firmly. Because of this, we were able to control it easily, even with just one hand. 

Safety Features

Manufacturers of this machine know that sawdusts are part of any cutting operations, so it’s not surprising that they included protective baffles on their unit. Through this feature, the splashing of wood chips would be prevented and safeguard the users from harm. 

Battery Charger

Upon purchase, the chainsaw comes with a reliable charger and 1500mAh lithium batteries. You can let go of your worries regarding this charger because its system turns off automatically when it detects that the battery reaches full capacity. 

Replacement Chain

Buying replacement chains for your Saker units won’t be a problem because their website has them readily available. It’s also sold at a lower price compared to other chains from major brands. 

Price and Warranty

Since Saker Mini Chainsaws are smaller than your traditional cutting tool, they’re sold from around $100 to over $300, depending on the accessories you buy with them. We recommend looking out for their sale events as these prices could go down up to 50% off. 

These units also have a 30-day warranty policy, so users can get their money back or replace the unit if something’s wrong with them or its performance isn’t satisfactory. 

Customer Support

The brand has an equally reliable customer service team that knows about every aspect of the tool they’re selling and different DIY projects. 

You can reach their support line by emailing with your concern or sending inquiries through the site’s contact form.


Where is the Saker mini chainsaw made?

The Saker Mini Chainsaw is made at the company’s warehouse in China. They’re known to manufacture high-grade tools suitable for construction jobs and home improvement. Since its foundation, the company has had over two million satisfied customers in the industry.

Review Conclusion: Saker Mini Chainsaw

After conducting individual Saker mini saw chainsaw reviews, our engineers and woodworkers can recommend this tool for small gardening and landscaping tasks. 

It’s a very handy machine, so you’ll have no problem using it for hard-to-reach places and overhead yard work. Despite its size, it surprisingly offers more cutting capacity than we expected. 

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