Scag Patriot Reviews: What You Need To Know About The Mower Powerhouse

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Scag, a proud US-based power equipment manufacturer, is known for its top-of-the-line mowers perfect for residential and commercial use.  

If you’re in the market for the ultimate mower for your garden or lawn, you should definitely take a closer look at our Scag models. But before we dive into the specifics, let me share some insights about our brand, as I’ve prepared a Scag Patriot review just for you!

What is Scag Patriot: A Quick History

Since 1983, Scag has been manufacturing and supplying the best quality lawn and turf management equipment in the industry. From commercial to residential, you can be assured that your equipment will be built to the highest standards.

In 1986, Metalcraft acquired Scag Power Equipment, which marked the beginning of a period of rapid growth for the company. Since its inception, Scag has been one of the leading producers of commercial and residential equipment such as lawnmowers. 

SCAG Patriot logo on a mower

Its products, particularly the Scag Patriot, are known for their high quality and performance and are designed to be user-friendly.

Is Scag Patriot a Commercial Mower Brand?

Within Scag’s lineup of zero-turn riding mowers, one model that truly shines is the Scag Patriot, a standout option within their commercial-grade mower range. The Scag Patriot distinguishes itself with its exceptional engine performance and a host of added features.

Features of Scag Patriot Mowers

Deck Sizes

Scag Patriot introduces a variety of sizes and engines to cater to different mowing needs. 

This line has 52-inch and three 61-inches mower decks. Regardless of size and power, Patriot features tubular steel frames that are even made robust with Scag’s very own HeroDeck™, which boasts three blades. 

SCAG Patriot cutting deck

Decks offer two steel plates, with a reinforced plate located at the spindle. 

Engine Horsepower Output

Each of Patriot’s six models comes with different engines. The horsepower [1] output of the Patriot series ranges from 23 to 26 horsepower. 

The entry-level mower (SPZH-22FX) has 23 horsepower, while the best model features 26-horsepower.


Based on my extensive experience and thorough testing, I’ve found that the 52-inch mowers can achieve an estimated speed of 8.5 miles per hour, while the 61-inch mowers can comfortably reach approximately 10 miles per hour.

person operating a SCAG Patriot mower

The rear-drive wheels equipped with the 13-inch caster wheels are what makes Patriot’s excellent maneuverability. 

Fuel Capacity

All of the Scag Patriot’s models are gas-powered, and I would recommend using high-octane fuel for optimal performance. These mowers come equipped with tanks that can hold up to 6.5 gallons of fuel.

Bagging and Mulching

This line features a three down pat when it comes to the battle between mulching and bagging. 

While side discharge is the most common for most models, you can also get both bags and accessories, such as the SCAG’s fabric grass catcher. Should you need something a bit more practical, the two-bag grass catcher is a great choice.

mowing with SCAG Patriot

Among the popular choices is the steel mulching plate, which securely supports the side discharge chute. 

Users also have the option to get the Hurricane system, which features a variety of different types of mulching plates around the blades. The SCAG’s Eliminator blades can also help lift clippings that reach the top deck.

Operation and Controls

Scag ensures to provide user-friendly machines for residential and commercial use. Patriot models have adjustable settings, which you can set depending on your preference. 

I want to highlight the adjustable air gap feature, which allows you to bring the clutch back to your preferred specification. Furthermore, you can find a downloadable user manual on our products page for a complete guide to your Patriot mower.

Comfort and Seat

The Patriot features a suspension seat supported by a pair of torsion springs. The weight support can be easily adjusted and the cup or bottle holder comes in handy for drinks or snacks. 

SCAG Patriot mower seat

This versatile chair also comes with a steel footplate designed to prevent your legs from easily getting exhausted.

Additional Features

What we love about Scag is it allows customers a chance to build their own Patriot unit. This means you can pick and choose various accessories. 

Some of the accessories include a 2-bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher, Hurricane Mulch System, Mulch Plate, Tiger Stripe Kit, Blade Buddy, and more. 


If you’re a commercial landscaper, Scag Patriot comes with a 2-year warranty, covering manufacturing defects. But, if you’re using Patriot for personal purposes, Scag offers 3-year and 500-hour warranty.  

lady operating a SCAG Patriot mower

How Much is a Scag Patriot Mower?

As a commercially-grade machine, Scag Patriot’s price tag is reasonable. As per Scag’s website, Patriot starts at $8,585 to over $9000. Though Patriot and other Scag units are known to be pricey, Scag’s official stores and its affiliated dealers offer financing deals to help you purchase a unit nationwide. 

Scag Patriot Problems

While I’ve found the Patriot to be a great Z-turn mower overall, there have been some occasional issues reported during its use.

One notable concern is difficulty starting the machine, especially after extended periods of operation. Despite my attempts to turn the ignition, I’ve encountered situations where the mower simply wouldn’t start.

A potential explanation for this problem could be a faulty fuse. In such cases, I’ve found that reinserting and removing the fuse can sometimes serve as a temporary solution to get the mower running again.

SCAG Patriot machine

If your Patriot is still under warranty, you might want to replace the wiring harnesses. These are usually covered by the dealer or manufacturer. If the fuse holders are no longer working, you might want to replace them first.


Is SCAG or Ferris better?

SCAG is better in terms of maintenance and performance. The brand has been providing a heavy-duty design and high-quality performance power machines.  

Who builds Scag Patriot?

Scag Patriot was originally manufactured under contract by Metalcraft of Mayville in Wisconsin. But in 1986, Metalcraft officially acquired Scag Power Equipment.


Our landscapers can confirm that Scag Patriot units are built durable, comfortable, and user-friendly. In terms of performance, you can rely on its excellent specs and features. Also, with Scag’s reputation and experience in the lawn care industry, you would expect nothing less. 

So, hopefully, our Scag Patriot review helped you a lot in deciding if it is the best for your lawn care projects.  

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