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How to use a Scroll Saw

A scroll saw can be incredibly useful for several purposes. This tool is often used when cutting complex designs that other saws have difficulty with. If you have just purchased one of these saws, it is important that you know how to properly use it.

The steps to follow when using a scroll saw

Draw Out Your Design

First, you will need to draw out the design you want to cut on a piece of wood. Make sure that the design is outlined clearly so that your cuts will be as accurate as possible. If you are using a scroll saw for the first time, try to keep your design simple. As you gain more experience with it, you can try out more intricate designs.

Use Safety Equipment

It is essential that you wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris. If you have long hair, make sure that you tie it back. You also shouldn’t wear any baggy clothes that could potentially get caught in the saw blade while you are working.

Secure the Saw

Before you start using the scroll saw, you’ll need to make certain the device is firmly locked into place. Not all scroll saws are designed the same way, so you should refer to the user manual to learn how to do this. You don’t want the saw to move around while you are cutting, as it could result in serious injury.

Choose Your Blade

The blade that you use with your scroll saw will depend on the thickness of the wood you are cutting. If you are using thin wood, you will want to use a smaller size blade. The higher the number of blades is the larger ones, and the lower number of blades is the smallest. While it is true that smaller blades cut through the wood at a slower speed, you will have a lot of control. If you are cutting out a very complex design, you should use a small blade. This will allow you to get the precision performance necessary for a good clean cut.

 Set the Blade Tension

Next, you will have to set the tension on the blade. Follow the instruction manual you received with the saw to adjust the tension properly. If you have done this properly, the blade will not move more than one eights of an inch in any direction. You want the blade to fit well enough for accurate performance but not so tight that it might snap. The bigger the blade you use, the more tension it can take. This means that you should give smaller blades a little bit more slack, but not too much. Test it out before you start cutting by simply trying to wiggle the blade with your finger.

Turn it On

Once you have adjusted the tension properly, you will need to turn the saw on. Make sure that your work area is well lit. If your saw doesn’t have a light of its own, you will need to turn on an overhead light or place a work lamp close by. If you don’t have enough visibility, the chances of making a potentially serious mistake increase significantly. Make sure that you also activate the dust blower if your saw has one. This will make it easier for you to see the design you are cutting as you work.

Test it Out

You should always test the saw out on a scrap piece of wood before starting in on the actual design. This will give you an idea as to whether or not everything is set up properly. All you have to do is simply make one small cut to determine if the tension is good. If you feel as though it is off even a little bit, you should readjust.

Set the Speed

Make sure that you set the speed according to the wood you are cutting. If you are going to cut through a thin piece of wood, a slower speed is better. It’s always a good idea to go with a slow speed just to err on the side of caution if you’re not sure. A slower speed also means that you will have more control, which is a good thing. If you are using a softwood, you should set the speed higher.

Guide the Material

You will need to carefully guide the wood with the design you are cutting out using both of your hands. Aim the material at the point where you are starting to make things easier. Then you will need to press the wood down and slowly push it towards the blade until it makes contact.

Keep pushing the wood forward, adjusting the angle when necessary. You’ll want to pay close attention to where your fingers are at all times. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally cut yourself. Always go with the speed of the saw, making sure never to rush.

It is crucial that you keep both of your hands on the material you are cutting at all times. This will provide you with complete control while reducing your risk of injury. It is easy to slip when using this type of saw, which is why you need the stability of both your hands. This is the best way to keep your design from turning out crooked.

Move the Material at Every 90-Degree Turn

Whenever you encounter a turn of 90 degrees or more in your design, you will want to take the wood away from the blade, going backward. If you happen to be using a spiral blade, you will not have to do this. These blades are capable of cutting in all different directions, so this isn’t necessary. Just make sure that you keep turning the wood when you need to.

Turn the Saw Off

When you are all done cutting your design, you will want to turn the saw off and take the blade out. If you don’t plan on using the saw for a while, you should unclamp it from the work surface and put it into storage somewhere.

Generally, the scroll saw is an electrically operated machine. It should not produce the vibration while you working it. With the help of the scroll saw, you can cut the wood, plastics or any other type of the materials attractively. Even, the scroll saw can cut the curve shape on the edges of the wood materials. Moreover, it is easy to use.

Are you a beginner in this field? Do you want to know about the tips and tricks to cut the wood materials effectively? If yes, then read the below portion of this article thoroughly. Here, we discuss the 6 effective scrolls saw tips and tricks to cut the wood or plastics effectively.

Tips & Tricks for Using a Scroll Saw

Actually, there are lots of tips and tricks are available but here, we talk about the special tips that will make you cut the wood effectively.


First and foremost, use the bright light if you want to get the perfect shape. With the help of the lighting you can easily cut the lines as much you can and also lighting will motivate you to work for long hours. Better to purchase the separate light and mount it perfectly in your working place.


Blades are the most important thing which is mainly used to cut the wood materials efficiently. You should maintain your blade properly and store it in a perfect place. Before going to start the process, make sure whether the blades in the saw are sharp or not. If the blades are dull or bent, then you can’t able to cut the wood materials evenly.


Better to keep the extra blades with you why because sometimes the blades may damage suddenly. At that time, you can simply use the spare blades. Blades come at a reasonable price in the market so it will surely fit your budget.

Changing the blades on the scroll saw helps to cut the shape of the wood materials evenly without making the error. The people who want to get the hassle-free process must change the blades of the saw frequently.


Sometimes, wood materials may have a chance to catch the fire while you working in the saw. If you want to prevent your wood from burning, then you should properly tape over the top of the wood piece. It can prevent your wood materials from the burning.


Sometimes, you should drill on the softwood pieces. During the drilling process, the wood may have a chance to split into two. If you are using the strong wood piece, then it is not necessary to prevent your wood.

But, the people who want to cut the soft types of the wood they must place the scrap piece in the below part of the workpiece. It can keep your workpiece as safe without breaking into two.


It is one of the most important things before you start the saw machine check whether the direction of the saw blades is perfectly fit or not. If you install the blades in the backward, then it will not cut the wood properly so better to verify the direction of the blades before you starting your work. Place it in the right direction and improve the performance of the blades.


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