Selling a Riding Lawn Mower:
How to Guide and Must-Read Tips

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A riding lawn mower is an expensive investment. If you no longer need it, there are other options than just throwing it away. You can save money without tossing your pricey investment down the drain and losing out if it’s in a good condition. Our team has some useful tips for selling off your riding lawn mower and getting the most for your buck.

How to Sell Your Used Riding Lawn Mower

#1: Clean the Machine

Before you can sell it, you have to do your part to make sure it’s in good condition and presentable. You can even improve the value of the lawn machine if you take the time to clean out the blades and engine. 

It’s best to use a cleaning tool such as an air compressor to get the debris off and go over the exterior with a cleaning brush. 

#2: Polish and Make it Presentable

Once the inside and outside are clean, your next step is to make the exterior look as attractive as possible. You can do this by applying a coat of polish and maybe touching up some faded paint and whatever else needs to be improved.

riding lawn mower in the backyard

#3: Take Photographs

When you are satisfied with how the lawn mower looks, you need to start taking flattering photographs. What attracts a potential buyer is how your machine looks, so make sure you showcase it well in your photos.

Be sure to take the photos during the day in good lighting and in multiple angles so the consumer has the best idea of how the machine will look in real life.

#4: Determine Your Pricing and the Demand in the Area

A very important factor in selling riding lawn mowers is the price. Before you can slap any price tag on your item, our experts suggest doing some research on the demand in the area. How are other sellers pricing their items like their Ryobi riding mowers? You want to be within the same range but not much higher or lower. 

Our landscapers say many sellers may be tempted to price out their competitors, but this could actually have the opposite effect. This is because a lower price usually leads to consumers wondering if your device is defective. The best way to outdo your competitors is not by lowering your price, but by showcasing the riding lawn mower well with a detailed description.

#5: Sell Your Riding Lawn Mower Online or Offline

Using a two-pronged attack when selling the riding lawn mower will see more success. Try using both online and offline methods. Online is easy, but posting flyers and notifying local dealers that you have an item you want to sell may also bring you potential sales. 

Ryobi lawn mower

Our experts have a few suggestions for platforms to use that have proven to be very useful in the past. 

Where to Sell


Craigslist and other online platforms are the easiest. Once you have the photos and product description, the rest is easy. After everything is set up, all you have to do is sit back and wait. When questions roll in about your Husqvarna riding lawn mower, be sure to answer in great detail.


Much like Craigslist, Ebay [1] is another online platform many people use. It’s also a matter of the product description, pictures, and pricing to ensure your success with Ebay. Again, once you have listed your product, just sit back and wait for inquiries and serious buyers.


Another option is taking your unit back to the original dealer. They may be able to help you sell it – at a percentage. You may have to give the dealer a percentage of your sale. They could allow you to bring your riding lawn mower to their storefront for display, or keep it on your own property.

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black lawn mower

The dealer may even handle the maintenance and upkeep before selling and make the lawn mower presentable. 


Don’t hesitate to get creative with how you market your riding lawn mower to give it more exposure. Let’s say you know someone with acreage near a high-traffic road. Ask if you could park your lawn mower there with a “for sale” sign.

Payment Methods and Shipping

One piece of advice our team puts emphasis on is to not let your 30-inch riding lawn mower leave your property without payment. Online scammers are more prevalent than ever, so don’t forget to protect yourself.

We would suggest some sort of digital payment through platforms such as Wise, PayPal, Venmo, and such. These platforms usually come with some sort of protection for the seller and since they are linked to your bank account, you won’t need to divulge any extra information. 

Of course, if the buyer is local, you can meet up and do a cash buyout. 


Selling a riding lawn mower is very similar to selling other products online. Make sure you showcase the item by photographing it in the best light in multiple angles. Spruce it up with an extra coat of paint and polish to make it as good as new and be very detailed in your product description.

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