Sidchrome vs. Kincrome — Which is the Better Tool Maker?

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With so many tool brands out there, even I’ve felt overwhelmed at times, and I’ve been in the game for a while.

You certainly don’t want to end up with overpriced, subpar tools. Drawing from our collective experience, I have put together a comprehensive comparison of Sidchrome vs Kincrome to help you discern which brand truly stands out.

History and Manufacturing


Sidchrome has been in the tool manufacturing industry since post-World War when Siddons Drop Forgings Pty Ltd decided to produce tools to bridge the huge gap of tool shortages. 

Originally, the tools were manufactured in Australia at their headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria. However, Stanley Black & Decker, previously known as The Stanley Works, acquired Sidchrome in 1991. 

It led to Sidchrome’s decision to close its plant that end local manufacturing in 1996. Eventually, its manufacturing headquarters was moved to Taiwan. 

Sidchrome tool kit

But while still establishing its production in Taiwan, many of its products were sourced from Proto in the United States. Although the decision to move its manufacturing headquarters affects the brand’s popularity, it continues to produce quality tools. 

Now, Sidchrome remains one of the top-selling brands of automotive tools in New Zealand and Australia.


Kincrome is an Australian private company established in 1987 by the Burgoine family. It started as a supplier of tools in the automotive industry. 

Over 30 years, the company has evolved and become one of the leading suppliers of the finest equipment and tools to automotive, hardware, and industrial markets in New Zealand and Australia. 

With a rich history spanning several decades, Kincrome has built a reputation for delivering exceptional craftsmanship and innovation in the realm of tools.

operating a Kinchrome range lift

Kincrome continues to produce professional high-quality equipment and tools at a reasonable price.

Comparing Kincrome and Sidchrome

Brand Reputation

Kincrome is known for its high-quality products that are built to last. Most of its products are proudly designed and developed in Australia, integrating the knowledge and experience of expert local tool users. 

It also has a testing center in Melbourne where all its products undergo quality control. This makes Kincrome a trustworthy and reliable brand that only sells quality products. 

On the other hand, Sidchrome is known for very affordable tools of decent quality. In fact, it has built its reputation among suppliers and tradespeople for its premium products with a lifetime guarantee for faulty materials and workmanship. 

Sidchrome impact gun

Although its products are now manufactured mostly in Taiwan, it still upholds its promise of high quality and reliability. Therefore, Sidchrome remains one of the top brands today, especially in Australia, where it started. 

Product Selection

Sidchrome has a wide range of product selections, particularly on tool kits ranging from 65 to 613 tools per set. That’s quite a remarkable number of tools that you can purchase as a set at a discounted price. 

They also have a large selection of tool storage, including tool chests, trollies, roller cabinets, soft storage, side cabinets, and cantilever toolboxes. 

Another product with various selections is the sockets comprising six categories from socket sets to socket accessories. You will also find a wide selection of spanners, fastening, wrenches, pliers, cutters, and more. 

Meanwhile, Kincrome has a wider selection of products. From tool kits to power tools, they have it all. For every product category, they offer a huge range of selections. 

Kinchrome lifts

They have products that are easy to spot for DIYers and professionals. For instance, their socket kits for professionals are those that come with the LOK-ON technology. 

While for DIYers on a budget, they offer their Supatool products, which are of decent quality for a reasonable price. 

Winner: Kincrome

Top Products and Offers

From my years in the field, I’ve seen many beginners and DIY enthusiasts gravitate towards Sidchrome when selecting tool kit sets. Their curated tool sets, specifically tailored for apprentices and those who aren’t professionals, stand out for being user-friendly and straightforward.

Another known product from Sidchrome is its numerous kinds of tool storage. For instance, its 5-drawer roller cabinet is a popular choice among homeowners as it has a lot of space for different tools of various sizes. 

Sidchrome also often offers discounts on some of the items. But what I like the most is that every time you purchase from their website, you will get a free item that you can redeem following the easy steps online. 

Sidchrome SCMT10158

On the other hand, Kincrome has various products that are just simply great finds. For instance, their tool kits and sets have an intensive range suitable for beginners and professionals. 

If you are a beginner looking for a complete set of tools, I recommend the EVA Trays and Tool Kits, which have 200 tools. But if you need a bigger set of up to 600 tools, I recommend the tool workshops, cabinets, chests, and trolleys. 

Another good thing about purchasing Kincrome is they offer helpful payment plans, especially when you’re on a tight budget. 

Material Quality and Durability

Having worked with a range of tools, I must say, Kincrome never lets me down in terms of durability. It’s evident they take pride in their Australian-manufactured products. There’s no wonder most professionals prefer this brand over Sidchrome.

Kinchrome impact crew driver set

Although Sidchrome also has decent products of great quality that can last long. For instance, the Sidchrome tool kits undergo Real Tool Count, an assurance that the tools that should be included in the kit are of professional quality. 

Winner: Kincrome


Sidchrome uses advanced technology in its products. One of the remarkable innovations they use for their products is the RINGSTOP GOTHRU System, a patented ring on the ratchet that stops the spanner from slipping off the fastener. 

I find it very helpful, especially when you’re working on bolts or when there is limited access to the fastener. Unlike other brands’ traditional features, RINGSTOP is very versatile.

Meanwhile, Kincrome also innovates to provide top-quality products. For instance, I am impressed with their LOK-ON technology, which prevents the rounding of fasteners. This sets a new standard for professional quality tools in the industry today. 


Now, Sidchrome is relatively cheaper compared to Kincrome. That’s likely why it resonates so well with beginners and DIY enthusiasts. Even though they produce their tools in China, I’ve always felt they offer solid value for the investment.

Kincrome tool storage

On the other hand, Kincrome is marketed as high-end and targets most professionals, hence the higher price. Also, it can be attributed to where it is manufactured as their products are made in Australia and undergo thorough quality checks.


Most of Sidchrome’s products come with a remarkable lifetime guarantee that covers faulty material and workmanship. This is a true testament that they built products that can last a lifetime. 

However, not all products come with this coverage. So, check the detail on the warranty [1] section on their website to ensure that the product has a lifetime guarantee.

Similarly, Kincrome also offers a lifetime warranty on some of its products. Although most of its products come with 2-year and 1-year warranty coverage. 

operating a Kinchrome range lift

However, there are exclusions from the warranty, so I suggest you double-check the warranty coverage available on their website. 

Customer Support

Sidchrome has numerous platforms that you can use to reach their customer support if needed. You can call them directly or send a message on their website. There is also a service-support chat feature on their website that you can use anytime.

I had my fair share of experiences with different companies. I must say, Kincrome’s customer support really impressed me. If you ever need help, just visit their website and submit an inquiry with your contact details

Then within the day, a customer representative will contact you to provide answers to your question and guide you accordingly. This is customer support’s real essence, and Kincrome delivers it.

Winner: Kincrome

Product Comparison

Now, let’s take a closer analysis of Kincrome vs. Sidchrome products as we go through the different categories below:

Sidchrome PCE plier and adjustable set

Socket Set

Sidchrome noticeably focuses on producing socket sets. In fact, there are more available socket sets than individual sockets on their website. 

Also, they offer a huge discount when you buy them as a set so that you can save more rather than an individual purchase. 

On the other hand, Kincrome has a wider range of socket sets available on their website for professionals and DIYers. But they are relatively more expensive than Sidchrome. 

However, Kincrome socket sets are more premium, with heavy-duty metal materials. So, if you’re leaning more towards durability than the instant big savings, I suggest you purchase Kincrome socket sets.

Winner: Kincrome


Between the two brands, Kincrome has a wider selection of spanners sold as either individual or set compared to Sidchrome. And when it comes to heavy-duty tasks, I’ve found Kincrome spanners to be consistently reliable and up to the challenge.

Sidchrome spanner set

However, Sidchrome is way cheaper than Kincrome. Also, Sidchrome spanners are decent enough for light-duty projects. So, if you’re a DIYer or beginner, I suggest you purchase Sidchrome spanners. 


I’ve noticed that Kincrome has a more extensive range of screwdrivers than Sidchrome. And to be honest, I’m more drawn to the craftsmanship and design of Kincrome’s screwdrivers than those of Sidchrome.

For instance, their TorqueMaster Phillips Screwdriver incorporates innovative technology, such as a Tri-Lobe design, allowing a tight and easy grip. It’s also made of precision machined alloy steel blades that ensure durability. 

However, the trade-off is that Kincrome is generally pricier than Sidchrome, a factor you might want to think about if you’re on a tight budget. 

KINCROME Precision Screwdriver

Meanwhile, Sidchrome has a decent selection of screwdrivers as well. They offer a solid selection, and the quality? Quite commendable, too. What I appreciate most is their ergonomic design—it’s made handling them much more comfortable, saving my hands from blisters.

They used high-quality materials from chrome vanadium which ensures maximum durability and strength. Overall, they are tough screwdrivers suitable for professional use. 

Winner: Kincrome

Pliers and Wrenches

Sidchrome pliers are suitable for both light-duty and heavy-duty work. They are handy with ergonomic and molded grips, so they are comfortable enough for repetitive use

Meanwhile, Kincrome offers limited pliers which are more expensive than Sidchrome.

Winner: Sidchrome 

Tool Kits + Boxes and Storage

What impresses me about Sidchrome tool kits is their intuitive organization. It streamlines the process of locating the right tool when you need it. Plus, having worked with them firsthand, I can vouch for their durability and the ergonomic design that eases the strain during repetitive tasks.

They are also easy to maintain since the trays are built with EVA foam that can withstand most fluids and chemicals. This helps maintain your tools in the highest-quality condition. 

Sidchrome top chest kit

On the other hand, Kincrome has an overwhelming selection of tool kits and storage. But the good thing is you’ll most likely find the tool kit suitable for your projects here. 

Their tool kits and storages are of different sizes. The biggest has more than 600 different tools inside. They offer a flexible range that can suit your every need in a workshop. 

Most of their tool kits are on promotion and you can avail big discounts. However, they are still more expensive compared to Sidchrome.

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Our Top Recommendations from the Brands

1. Sidchrome 1/4 Inch Nano Socket Set with Rotator Ratchet 38 Piece Set

This socket set is a multi-service screwdriver and a socket tool set suitable for all-around use at home or in your workshop. 

Each comes with a premium ratchet, and the screwdrivers are designed with an ergonomic handle that allows a firm grip and ultimate comfort when used.

What I Liked

What I Didn't Like

2. Kincrome Lokon Socket Set 1/4" 45 Piece Metric

Kincrome Lokon Socket Set 1/4 45 Piece Metric

This Kincrome socket set comes with a LOK-ON feature that allows the sockets to loosen up to a maximum of 85% rounded. Also, the storage is made of high-quality stainless steel.

What I Liked

What I Didn't Like


Buying tools requires careful and thorough research, whether you are a beginner or a professional. For one, tools are not cheap so you may want a brand known for durable and reliable products. 

Having compared Sidchrome vs. Kincrome for you, I hope this detailed breakdown helps steer you toward the right choice between these two trustworthy brands.

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