Sketchlist 3D Review — Is This Woodworking Software Worth it? (2023)

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You may not know, but advanced software like Sketchlist 3D can help you virtually design your next woodworking project. The only problem is these modern programs can be too overwhelming for technologically challenged users. 

To save you from all the confusion, here’s a brief Sketchlist 3D review conducted by our resident woodworkers. 

SketchList 3D

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Overview of Specifications

Device Compatibility: PC & Macintosh
RAM Requirement: 2 GB
System Requirements: Stable internet for signing up and updating
Library Objects: Unlimited Options
Design Features: Full designs
Created by: Sketchlist

Sketchlist 3D Features

Woodworking Design Features

Sketchlist 3D allows you to adjust its overall shape and thickness when creating your project design or drawing your woodworking plans. These design features can be handy for working on a workpiece with different thicknesses and swing configurations. 

designing cabinet with Sketchlist 3D

Some may say that there’s no way you can make a design prototype realistic in virtual software, but did you know that this program lets you add special features? 

The best example our testers and designers found is its capability to specify waterproof materials. Through this, we could determine the output’s appearance with protective features.


As long as you know how to navigate through a computer, it’s easy to learn how to use Sketchlist 3D. Upon opening the software, you must enter the project’s dimension and start working on your virtual prototype. 

The most convenient feature this design program can offer is its cloning function. Thanks to this, you don’t have to redo repetitive designs and just mirror them without the risk of asymmetrical outputs. 


SketchList 3D using spreadsheets and forms

And if you’re a beginner, our woodworking specialists highly suggest browsing through their video tutorials [1] to maximize the program’s usage, aside from watching woodworking TV shows

Accuracy and Visualization

It does not set unrealistic expectations regarding the material’s color or grain. If you’re a woodworking beginner unfamiliar with the appearance of different wood species, especially the exotic types of lumber, you can count on its visual presentation for accurate reference.

Import and Export

The program is also versatile in importing and exporting project files. It has an option that allows users to import images from the computer and apply it as a material texture. 

You can also export the file into a spreadsheet if you want to import its values to another modeling software. 


The things you can do using this software aren’t limited because its library includes a wide range of materials and designs. You’ll have access to varying images and patterns that you can align with your project’s requirements. 

With its intuitive interface and extensive library of customizable components, this software allows users to effortlessly design and visualize furniture, cabinetry, and other woodworking projects.

SketchList 3D for cabinet design

Professional and Personal Use

This program has easy CAD system integration, so professional users will find it convenient and useful. It also has a great visual presentation, which they can use to impress clients. 

Meanwhile, this program may appear too expensive for newbies and hobbyists. If they don’t handle regular woodworking projects, paying such a price isn’t the wisest decision. However, the software has more affordable versions suited for personal use. 

Pricing and Customer Support

The program’s market price is reasonably high, considering its features suitable for professional and commercial settings. You can purchase their Sketchlist 3D Hobby version if you want an affordable option. 

SketchList 3D for storage cabinet design

As for customer support, they have a team that responds to emails and calls. These representatives are well-versed in the software, so assisting you with any technical concerns won’t be a problem. 

Customer Reviews

If you scan several Sketchlist 3D reviews as our team did, you’ll notice that they’re often placed on top of the best CAD system software lists. Its user-friendliness and modifying options are highly praised. On top of that, people put their customer service in high regard. 


Is this program recommended for beginners?

Yes, this program is great for beginners because it’s user-friendly. It has reliable video tutorials on using the program and a customer support team that delivers expert solutions. However, it still has a learning curve. 

Will I be able to design my entire project with this software?

Yes, you can design your entire project with this software. You’ll have access to various joinery methods, unlimited library materials, contours, and many more. 

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Review Conclusion: Sketchlist 3D

Our resident woodworkers can say that purchasing Sketchlist 3D is worth every penny. Although its price range isn’t that affordable, we don’t doubt that the program’s design process and available elements can help professionals build a realistic virtual prototype.

Believe it or not, investing in good technology for your projects will allow you to perfect your craft and attract more clients in the long run.

SketchList 3D
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