Stihl MS 200 T Chainsaw Review: Top Pioneer Hand Saw Specs, Price, & More

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The Stihl MS 200 T, which debuted alongside the MS 191 T in 2002, is an exceptional arborist chainsaw. It is a top handle saw with 35cc, 2.1 horsepower, and 7.9 pounds of features. Stihl produced the 200T from 2002 to 2012 until the MS 201 T took its place.

However, the 200 T still prevails as an excellent saw with sustained demand while having a premium price point. Many people have dubbed it the most topping or climbing saw ever built and our pro woodworkers can see why!

Stihl MS 200 T Chainsaw

This model is newer compared to Stihl 026 chainsaw in the 90s. It was through 2002 to 2012 when the Stihl MS 200T was manufactured. During the time of its debut, Stihl referred to it as the ‘Ultimate Arborist Saw’, and it rapidly became a hit. 

The 200T’s significance in the community was acknowledged in the site’s description soon before it was canceled.

Stihl MS200T
Due to high demand, it might be challenging to obtain it even though there are many units in circulation. The 200T is considered one of the most excellent top handle chainsaws As a result of its popularity, there have been several clones on the market that tried to replicate its features. For one, Farmertec Holzfforma chainsaw offers a model named the G111.

Stihl MS 200T Specs


35.2 cubic centimeters

Engine Power


Weight (Powerhead Only)


Capacity of fuel

370 cubic centimeters

Capacity for Chain Oil

240 cubic centimeters

Oilomatic chain

Three-eighths of an inch PMC3

Guide Bars Available

30 to 40cm

While the core specifications of the MS 200T chainsaw haven’t changed much over a decade of manufacturing, there might be minor variations depending on the location and time of production.

Stihl MS200T

MS 200 T specs

It has an excellent power-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for professional climbing chainsaws.

The following are the features included:

Stihl MS200T motor

The Stihl chainsaw includes a pro saw from that period in addition to all the other standards.

MS 200T Price And Parts

The cost of Stihl MS 200T range from $300 to $1000 if they are in good functioning order. Even if a brand new Stihl MS 201 T will set you back a mere $699, it’s not out of the question that you’ll wind up spending more for a used older model. 

As a well-known model comparable to Stihl 028 chainsaw, the 200 T commands a premium price, and there is never a shortage of those interested in finding one.

Stihl MS200T back view

An extraordinarily well-kept replica is being sold on eBay for $800, while other non-functioning versions are being sold for $200. While OEM [1] parts might be hard to come by, there are a plethora of aftermarket and clone options available.

MS200T parts may be found in the following stores and online platforms:

Note: Many parts from the 020T base model may be used in the MS200T.

Stihl MS 200 T Review

The MS 200T and the MS 201 TC have a higher cutting speed but have less horsepower than the 201 TC.

Additionally, there are a few other differences:

Stihl MS200T close up view

The earlier 020T is very identical to the MS200t, while the newer 020T AV S is an entirely new machine. Almost no parts are interchangeable, and it is significantly heavier as a result (020T 9.7 lbs vs 020 AV S 11 lbs).

Most people believe that the Stihl MS 200 T is superior to the MS 020T and MS 201 T, however, and that they are all equally good and have no preference.

MS200T Pros

MS200T Cons

Stihl MS200T: Conclusion

The Stihl MS 200 T is one of the greatest arborist saws ever invented in our opinion. No matter what, if you see one posted for sale at a reasonable price and in good shape, don’t hesitate to get it before someone else does.

If you’re looking for an alternative, chainsaws from ECHO are an excellent option. The CS-355 T, for example, is a superb saw with comparable power. The ECHO CS2511T is likewise a fantastic product. The 25cc engine makes it the least powerful top handle saw on the market. 

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