Stihl Chainsaw Bar and Chain Size Chart +Guide

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Replacing those worn-out bars and chains on a Stihl chainsaw isn’t always straightforward. Every model is unique, so it’s easy to grab the wrong part from the store.

If you’re thinking of handling the replacement on your own, take a peek at this Stihl chainsaw bar and chain size guide to help you get the right fit.

Stihl Chainsaw Bar & Chain


What Stihl chainsaw has a 25-inch bar?

The Stihl chainsaw that has a 25-inch bar is MS 391 25. This model is a high-powered cutting tool known for its extensive run times and reduced emissions. It also has an anti-vibration technology that prevents user fatigue during cutting operations. This 25-inch Stihl chainsaw bar is too short in comparison to Stihl’s longest chainsaw bar, which is 72 inches.

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What do the numbers on a Stihl chainsaw bar mean?

The numbers on a Stihl chainsaw bar mean product identification.
These codes represent the required number of links, gauge thickness, and overall pitch measurement.

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