Stihl MS440 Chainsaw Review: Specs, Parts, Prices and More

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Working with countless tools over the years, the Stihl MS440 Magnum really stands out. With its robust 70.7 cc engine, there’s a reason it wears the “Magnum” label – and for those scratching their heads, there isn’t a non-Magnum 440 version out there.

Now, let’s dive deep into this exceptional chainsaw and uncover its features. 

Stihl MS440 Magnum

This Stihl chainsaw is a popular choice among residents. This model was retired in 2012 after being phased out with the launch of the MS441 after being in production since 2001. 

Stihl MS440 Magnum side view

If you’ve seen it referred to as “the finest saw ever,” “the hog,” “the beast,” “the beauty,” or “a bomb of a saw,” you’re not alone. These terms are reserved for the best saws.

Stihl MS440 Specs


70.7 cubic centimeters
Engine power 4.0kW
Weight (powerhead only) Flush cut 6.3 kg
Artic 6.5kg
Wrap Handle 6.6kg
Capacity of Fuel 780 cubic centimeters
Capacity for Chain oil 275 cubic centimeters
Oilomatic Chain Three-eighths of an inch RM2 or RSC3
Guide Bars That are Available 40 to 80cm
Stihl Rollomatic 

In the professional saw market, the MS440 is a top seller just like the powerful Stihl MS 200 T. It is hailed as powerful for falling, buckling, and cutting down trees simultaneously. 

The following are the Stihl MS440 Magnum’s specifications:

Although Stihl recommends using it with 16- to 32-inch bars, many people use ported 440s with 36-inch bars, which are not recommended by Stihl.

person operating Stihl MS440 Magnum

Stihl MS440 Features

Here are the standard features of the MS440:

Anti-vibration system, chain catcher, bumper spikes, handguard, easy-access air filter, and so on are all standard equipment on a saw of this era.

In the above specs table, you may have noted that the Stihl MS440 Artic variant (which weights a little more) is designed for colder climates[1]. This feature was given the VW designation.

cutting log with Stihl MS440 Magnum

The Artic saws come equipped with an electrically heated carburetor, which helps prevent ice formation in extremely cold conditions. The handles can be easily turned on and off to provide heat for added convenience. 

Additionally, the 440 model features a wrap handle version and an enlarged chip deflector on the sprocket cover.

Price And Parts

Similar to Stihl 026 model, this saw is no longer being sold brand new, but if you’ve been eyeing one on Facebook, eBay, or another online marketplace, it is worth buying up at a reasonable price if you can find one. 

MS 440 chainsaws are still available for purchase. What a used item costs depend on its condition and where it is being sold. For instance, a functional 440 powerhead sells for $580 on eBay, while a complete 440 is advertised for $147.50 for parts.

Here are the availability and pricing of Stihl saws and parts:

Stihl MS440 Magnum

Facebook chainsaw groups in your area are also a wonderful place to look for a functional saw such as the Stihl 028 model or a specific part.

Stihl MS440 Review

If you’re in the forestry industry or just need a powerful chainsaw for cutting firewood, the MS440 is an excellent mid-range professional chainsaw just like the Stihl 261 tool.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

The MS 440 Chainsaw: Conclusion

While the 440 isn’t the most powerful chainsaw in the Stihl lineup, it’s not far behind. You can use this saw regularly for tough hardwood and rely on it for many years to come. For a mid-range professional chainsaw, the Stihl MS261 is an excellent choice you can’t miss out. 

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