Stihl Pole Saw Prices: How Much Do They Usually Cost?

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Whenever there’s a need to trim those pesky out-of-reach branches around my home, I turned to Stihl pole saws for their reliability. Yet, I was taken aback by the Stihl pole saw prices in the market. If you’re also considering this pole saw brand, here are the best deals and options for you!

What Types of Pole Saw Does Stihl Offer Today?

Stihl is a prominent saw brand that customers trust. The company offers various pole saws to suit customers’ styles and budgets, such as;

man carrying a Stihl Pole Saw

Battery Pole Pruners

Battery or cordless pole pruners are preferred due to their portability, versatility, and eco-friendliness. They have zero smoke emissions and offer exceptional performances.

Homeowner Pole Pruners

Homeowner Pole Pruners are used exclusively around the home. These pruners come in handy if you have difficulties completing your trimming chores. They are well-constructed, start easily, are transportable, and offer good performance.

Professional Pole Pruners

As the name suggests, these pole pruners are for professional use. These fuel-efficient models have additional powerful features to make difficult cutting easier without draining your budget.

person holding a Stihl HTA 85

Pole Pruner Accessories

These are attachments that enhance your cutting job. They include arboriculture saw attachments and a protective pruner head cover.

How Much Should I Pay for a Stihl Pole Saw + Factors to Consider

Type of Trimming Job

The cost of pruners depends on whether you need them for professional or light pruning purposes. Light pruners are generally less expensive compared to professional pruners as they are less powerful and often have a limited reach.

Power Source

Pole saws are gas or battery-powered. Gas-powered pole saws are more efficient than their battery-powered counterparts and have incredible cutting prowess. However, they are priced higher than battery-powered options.  

Stihl Pole Saw gas tank


The cutting capacity, pole reach, and power influence the price of a Stihl pole saw. That’s why gas-powered pole saws are the most expensive options. 

Usage Frequency

If you plan to use the pole pruner often, you should choose a higher-quality option. These options will handle anything thrown at them while maintaining efficiency. 

Top 5 Stihl Pole Saws Today and Their Prices

1. HT 103 (Ergonomically Made)

When you hear of gas-powered pole saws, you think of efficiency. This is what defines the HT 103 Pruner.

Stihl HT103

Aside from efficiency, it has an incredible reach for tackling higher branches, making your trimming job more comfortable. The telescoping design extends easily and locks into position for precise cutting.

Though it’s fuel-powered, it is made with an improved emission engine technology to reduce fuel consumption[1].

2. HT 56 C-E (Fuel-Efficient)

Fuel-efficient, lightweight, and convenient to start, the HT 56 C-E pruner is the ideal choice for those overgrown branches in your backyard. It has a guide bar and mounting system that offers a better cutting view. 

Stihl HT 56 C-E motor

The two-piece shaft build makes the tool easy to move around and store. It means this pruner can make a great travel companion.   

3. HT 133 (Ultimate Telescoping Pruner)

The HT 133 is the ultimate telescoping pruner for inaccessible branches. This Professional Pole Pruner has a squared shaft that cuts limbs accurately with 30% less fuel.

HT 133 (Ultimate Telescoping Pruner)

Using this pruner for the first time, I was blown away by its power. It’s got this low-emission engine that tackles heavy-duty tasks with such ease. 

And the cutting? Absolutely top-notch. But what to admire the most is how comfortable it is on the hands! Using it for hours, it never tires me out – truly a game-changer!

4. HTA 85 (Battery-Powered)

HTA 85 is the best battery-powered Stihl option available today. This pruner features a 12-inch telescopic pole, low vibration, brushless electric motor, good battery runtime, and zero-exhaust emissions. 

cutting tree branches with Stihl HTA 85

Due to the absence of an engine, maintenance is minimal. This tool will make a great addition to your trimming arsenal, considering the features and low price.

5. HT 131 (For Professional Use)

After trying this Stihl HT 131 pole saw, and I can’t recommend it enough for professional tasks. It’s powerful, thanks to its 4-MIX engine, and the cutting ability is top-notch. 

Plus, you’ll love how it stretches up to about 11.5ft. If you’re in the market for a reliable pole saw, this one’s a keeper!

trimming a tree with HT 131

It isn’t the lightest Professional Pole Pruner, but most adults won’t have issues carrying it. For optimal efficiency and to prevent clogging, the tool has a slotted sprocket to clear out sawdust.


What is the longest pole saw that Stihl makes?

One of the longest pole saws that Stihl makes is the PP 800 Telescoping Pole Saw.

How far does a Stihl pole saw extend?

A Stihl pole saw can extend up to 12 feet, depending on the model. 

What is the best gas Stihl pole saw?

The best gas Stihl pole saw is HT 133. This pole saw can trim your trees to perfection. 


After diving deep into the world of Stihl pole saws, you now know how incredible their value is. Stihl crafts some truly top-notch saws without breaking the bank. Whether sprucing up your backyard or taking on professional projects, you can’t go wrong with choosing this brand. 

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