Free DIY Table Saw Workbench Plans and Ideas (2023)

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Workbenches are necessary workshop equipment. However, premade ones can be expensive and may not appeal to you. The best alternative is to design your workbench, but there aren’t many easy-to-understand table saw workbench plans available to aid your construction. 

Want to build a table saw workbench but don’t know how? The following free plans and ideas recommended by our woodworking pros will get you started.

1. Classic Workbench Plan

Classic Workbench Plan

The interesting thing about this plan is it’s from a fellow DIYer called Pete. It contains free and detailed steps on building a remarkable table saw workbench with ease and accuracy. 

One good thing about this plan is its versatility. Not only can you use it with table saws, but with other tools like circular saws and planers. Since the workbench comes with wheels, it will enhance portability.  

2. Workbench on Wheels

Workbench on Wheels

Unlike the classic workbench, this design is relatively large. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of because it is also easy to move. So, size isn’t a hindrance in the end.

This plan contains clear instructions on constructing a solid and movable workbench. The design will have a large surface area where you can secure table saws and other tools. Besides, it comes with storage compartments, which is incredibly beneficial. 

3. Easy Build Workbench Plan

Easy Build Workbench Plan

This simple and free workbench plan is ideal for beginners and amateur DIYers. It contains step-by-step instructions, materials, and tools required to make a reliable table saw workbench. It even features extra tips from the creator, Kreg. 

It is also compact and built with tires for easy movement. While the compactness and portability are commendable, the design won’t accommodate many tools. It has no compartments or shelves for storing extra tools. 

4. Bench with Drawers

Bench with Drawers

This plan is perfect for those in need of a spacious workbench with drawers for storing many tools. The Bench with Drawers from Shopnotes offers detailed instructions for building a beautiful and long-lasting bench with drawers and storage shelves while maintaining compactness. 

The storage compartments will slow down the building processes and might even make it complicated for beginners. However, you will be utterly satisfied with yourself when you see what a beautiful product your hands have built.

5. Large Workbench Plan

Large Workbench Plan

This Large Workbench Plan from DIYer Shanty2Chic is another plan ideal for woodworkers in search of gargantuan workbenches with shelves for storage. This free plan contains dimensions for a large top and bottom shelf and instructions on how to build them.

The document contains supplies, materials, and directions for building the workbench. The instructions are straightforward, and even the required materials will cost you little. It is also portable because of the wheels. So, you can take it wherever you want. 

6. Sturdy Workbench

Sturdy Workbench

Blueprints, materials, tools, and everything you need to construct a robust workbench are contained in this Sturdy Workbench Plan by Ana White. Photos of finished workbenches are also provided to guide the user.

This plan will build a portable and compact workbench with a proper height and limited storage capacities. It means that there would be an absence of shelves or compartments for storing more tools. Nevertheless, this is another fantastic free plan that will build you a simple but robust workbench in under a few hours. 

7. Modular Design Plan

Modular Design Plan

Modular Design Plan from FamilyHandyMan will give you the flexibility and freedom needed to create a versatile workbench. The plan features five stations that you can integrate for various purposes.

The advantage this plan has over many on this list is you can construct your workbench to suit your style. You can design it with any dimension to fit your space, and the purpose won’t be defeated. The plan is for table saws, circular saws, and other tools in the workshop [1]

8. 3-in-1 Plan

3-in-1 Plan

The 3-in-1 plan shares similarities with the Bench with Drawers plan. It’s particularly suitable for individuals with multiple tools that require secure attachment to the workbench at the same time.

It contains instructions for building a design that accommodates around three separate tools. If you are worried that it won’t fit into your workshop, we guarantee that it is compact enough for most spaces. 

Tip: If you want to add drawers or compartments, or opt to customize the design, we suggest layouting your woodworking plan first before starting the project.  


Learning to construct a workbench as a DIYer will save you the costs of purchasing a premade one and improve your woodworking skills. The simple table saw workbench plans recommended by our team would help you make a sturdy and reliable workbench to maximize productivity. 

Note that each plan varies in costs of supplies and completion time. So, you need to choose carefully. 

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