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Best Table Saws Under $1000

Pieces of heavy woodworking equipment like table saws often cost quite a bit of money, but mid-range models with more affordable price points are becoming more and more common. In the past, it would have been challenging to find a table saw under $1000 that was worth it, but now, there are plenty of table saws to choose from.

In today’s article, we’re going to review five of the best table saws under $1000, and we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about them. From their specifications to a complete overview of their performance, it’ll be a lot easier to pick out the best table saw under $1000 when you know what to expect.

Read our reviews of each model below:

The Best Table Saw Under $1000 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1 – Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw


  • The 15 amp motor saw has a maximum output of 4 hp and 3650 rotations per minute (RPM)
  • Has 25-inches of ripping space
  • Cast aluminum top improves durability without increasing weight
  • The Gravity-Rise stand is easy to set up and helps improve portability
  • The Smart Guard System lets you see what you’re doing while still protecting you, with the guard assembly preventing blade contact
  • Has a SquareLock rip fence and miter gauge


We’re starting our reviews with this table saw from Bosch Power Tools. It’s among the most user-friendly products on the market, and it’s the perfect choice for both advanced and beginner woodworkers. The most crucial feature in this table saw under $1000 is the Smart Guard System that makes it easy to get accurate cuts while remaining as safe as possible.

The first part of the Smart Guard System is the adjustable riving knife, and that’s accompanied by a device that prevents kickback and provides additional protection so the saw won’t kickback the wood or other materials on you. The riving knife is also called a splitter. The final part of this system is the barrier device guard, which protects against blade contact. This saw also features an arbor lock and blade wrench onboard, making blade changes easy and safe. All of this comes together to make for one of the safest table saws available.

The work surface of this table saw is made out of cast aluminum, and it has been machined precisely to ensure that it’s as flat as possible. There is even an optional table extension that allows you to expand the surface so that you have more room to work on larger pieces while keeping them stable.

The table on this model is relatively compact, and it’s mounted on a support frame that has wheels, keeping it as mobile as possible. The wheels are complemented by the lightweight design of this table saw, ensuring that you can move it around the work area as easily as possible. The table has a rip capacity to the right side of the blade. Between the blade and the fence, there’s a 25″ space that allows ripping 4-feet wide sheets in half.

Another feature that sets this table saw apart from other best saws is its SquareLock rip fence. The fence is made of machined aluminum and it slides effortlessly so it’s easy to fix new positions in place. It’s easy to cut wood and other materials evenly with the rip fence in this model.

Despite being so compact and portable, this best table saw is also built to be as reliable as possible, and each of the components is solid. You won’t have any trouble with rattling blade guards or poorly-assembled parts when using this table saw, and that’s what made it one of our favorites.

2 – DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw


  • The telescoping rack and pinion fence system makes it easy to do adjustments
  • Has a rip capacity of 32.5 inches
  • The stand has both legs and wheels for adequate portability
  • With a dust collection port for simpler cleanup
  • The storage system allows you to stow accessories when not in use


If you’re looking for the best table saw under $1000 that can deal with harder types of wood and other materials, this model from DEWALT is an excellent choice. It features a 15 amp motor with higher torque than many of its competitors, ensuring that you can cut through lumber that has been pressure-treated as well.

With a telescoping rack and pinion fence system, you won’t have to worry about everything getting thrown out of alignment when you make any adjustments. This also makes the table saw a lot more user-friendly for customers that have never used a tool like it before. As such, it’s best for beginners.

There are even some smaller quality of life features that help put this table saw a cut above the rest of the products you’ll come across. Things like the 2.5-inch dust collection port help make it easier to clean things up when you’ve finished working with this table saw.

The Dewalt DWE7491RS table saw has a cast iron table top. Cast iron is an ideal material as it helps eliminate vibrations. If you want a super stable working area, choosing a cast iron top is a good decision. The stand is also impressive, and it has both legs and wheels for the perfect mix of stability while you work and portability when you need to move it around. There is even an onboard storage system that makes it much easier to keep all of this table saw’s accessories organized when you’re not using them. Furthermore, the dust port helps to make sure your workspace is clean.

If you need the best table saw that can cut through nearly any kind of wood without any trouble, then you’ll appreciate the inclusion of a high-torque powerful motor in this product. The only thing that let us down was the relative lack of accessories for this table saw when compared to other table saws under 1,000 dollars.

3 – Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw


  • The 15 amp motor results in a maximum RPM of 4800
  • Blade is 10″ long
  • Has a tool-less blade guard that’s simpler to adjust
  • The Smooth Operating Guide Rail allows for more precise cutting
  • Has a max rip capacity of 25 inches
  • The aluminum diecast table is precision machined for superior flatness and precision
  • Includes carbide tipped blade, blade guard, rip fence, riving knife, and miter gauge


This next best table saw under $1000 is from Makita. It’s one of the more high-end options on this list, and the main difference is that this one doesn’t come with a portable stand. The Makita 2705 instead sacrifices portability for superior quality, especially when you compare it to other table saws under $1000 that do come with stands. The best table saws from this type are usually more expensive.

Much like every other table saw in its price range, this one has a 15 amp motor which gives it more than enough power to cut through most kinds of wood. This table saw from Makita also implements some impressive safety features that aren’t as obstructive as on some of the competition. Safety features are an important aspect in any saw.

For example, the blade guard is transparent and allows you to see that material that’s being cut directly without potentially endangering your fingers. Since the blade guard system is modular, it can also be customized to your liking, and the tool-less adjustment makes it much easier to set up the blade properly.

This table saw also provides a Smooth Operating Guide Rail which ensures that your cuts will be straight and consistent. Keep in mind that this is a more compact table saw, and it has a max rip capacity of only 25 inches, so you won’t be rip-cutting huge planks of wood.

While this saw doesn’t come included with a stand, it does have an optional one available, and you can make it a lot more portable if you decide to invest in that as well. Keep in mind that this is one of the more expensive saws on this list, so you’ll need to be willing to spend a little more on it. Still, you get what you pay for because it’s one of the best.

4 – Milwaukee 2736-20 M18 Fuel ONE-Key Table Saw


  • Features a powerful motor with 15 amp power and a max RPM of 5800
  • The ONE-KEY app allows you to monitor performance and track the tool
  • Rack and pinion fence makes it easier to cut precisely and make adjustments
  • The battery can perform 600 linear feet of cuts per charge
  • The all-metal frame helps improve durability for long-term reliability
  • Has a rip fence


The next table saw in our reviews is this model from Milwaukee, and it’s slightly different from the rest of the competition in that it’s cordless. If you need a table saw that you can take with you anywhere and still get running, then this is the best one you can get your hands on.

This table saw has a 24.5” rip capacity, allowing you to rip relatively long pieces of wood, though it can’t match its competitors with over 30” of space. A lot of the features on this table saw are tool-free so that it can be as user-friendly as possible, including the blade guard and riving knife.

Even when you need a tool to adjust something, you’ll only need one of them. You can swap out the blade on this table saw with a single wrench. For improved versatility, this model is also compatible with all of Milwaukee’s M18 batteries.

The battery that comes included with this table saw can perform 600 linear feet of cuts before it dies, providing you with plenty of power to get the job done. Since you can swap out the battery for another M18 cell, you can use one with higher-capacity if you expect to be working for longer than that.

As for keeping the space clean, this saw can be hooked with a vac through the dust port at the back.

To ensure that this table saw lasts for as long as possible, it features a frame that is completely made out of metal, letting it put up with harsh job sites. Finally, this table saw is compatible with the ONE-KEY app, which allows you to monitor performance and use theft-prevention features. Overall, this is one of the best table saws in the market.

5 – Delta Power Tools 36-6020 10” Portable Table Saw


  • 15 amp motor gives enough power
  • The tubular frame provides extra stability while retaining lightweight
  • Features a retracting blade which simplifies cleanup
  • The one-piece frame helps improve overall stability
  • Equipped with onboard storage so that you don’t lose your accessories
  • Features a folding stand that transforms into a dolly
  • 30-inch rip capacity allows for longer rip cuts
  • Has a dust port for easy use


The final table saw under $1000 in our reviews and buying guide is this table saw from Delta Power Tools, and this is one of the most affordable products on this list. While other budget table saws under 1Nbek are too unreliable to be worth the money, this model features superior construction quality that puts it a step ahead of the rest of them.

Much like other mid-range table saws, this one is equipped with a 15 amp motor that gives it sufficient power for almost any woodworking task. This table saw also features an impressive rip capacity of 30 inches, allowing you to rip longer planks than with some of the pricier models we’ve already covered.

The work surface on this table saw is made out of aluminum, and it’s machined to be completely flat. It also comes included with an optional table extension that makes it easier to work with larger pieces of wood. When you’re done working, the blade can fully retract so that the table is easier to clean off.

This table saw from Delta Power Tools is equipped with a tubular frame that helps make it a lot more portable than other table saws under $1000. Despite the frame’s relatively lightweight, it’s designed to be as sturdy as possible, and the folding design means that you can deploy it with no difficulty.

There is even room underneath this table saw so that you can store accessories when they’re not in use. Unfortunately, when compared to more expensive models, this product simply lacks extra features, and it’s a little less user-friendly, so it’s more suitable for experienced customers.

Buying Advice

Type of Table Saw

You should also know the categories that table saws fall into. This helps you to determine the best match for your needs. There are three categories: cabinet, contractor, and hybrid table saws.

  • Cabinet Saws. Cabinet saws are heavier, larger, and significantly more expensive compared to other table saws. The reason why it’s called a cabinet saw is because its motor is enclosed within a cabinet. The motor of a cabinet saw usually generates 3 hp to 5hp, while the cabinet saw table is heavy at up to 600 pounds. A cabinet saw is generally used for heavy-duty work, and it’s usually found in woodworking shops. Cabinet saws have several advantages including minimal vibration, increased durability, and improved dust collection due to the cabinet. Cabinet saws usually have a cast iron top. Furthermore, cabinet saws have a replaceable insert around the blade to reduce tears.
  • Contractor Saws. These are usually used on a job site, so they’re more portable and lightweight. There are some affordable ones and more expensive ones. But since they’re more portable, power and accuracy are sometimes compromised.
  • Hybrid Saws. Basically, top hybrid table saws combine the performance of a cabinet saw and the portability of a contractor saw. These are widely used because of the wide range of applications.

Knowing the difference between cabinet, contractor, and hybrid saws let you choose which one suits your needs the best. If you need something heavy-duty and permanent, you should use a cabinet saw. But if portability is a priority, contractor saws would be better. Most of the items listed above are contractor saws, but cabinet saws and hybrid table saws offer a different specialization.


Whether you choose a contractor, cabinet, or hybrid table saw, the first thing and the most crucial factor to look for in your next table saw is a sufficient degree of reliability. A reliable table saw is one that will last you a long time, and that can help save you money in the long run, since you won’t have to replace your equipment as frequently.

A more reliable table saw will also be less likely to fail on you part way through a critical job, and it will be a lot easier to use. Instead of having to work around a part or component that has failed (which can be a safety hazard), a reliable table saw won’t have to deal with failures in the first place.

Ease of Use

The next thing that you should consider when you’re buying your next table saw is whether or not it will be user-friendly enough. Of course, you want something that’s easy to use — regardless of whether it’s a cabinet, contractor, or hybrid. You can have the most powerful table saw in the world, but if it takes 15 steps to turn it on, then it’s unlikely that it will ever see any use. Look for important features such as a miter gauge, anti-kickback pawls, and riving knife. Safety features like a blade guard are important too. But also, practice basic safety rules such as not retrieving material from the saw table when the blade is spinning.

A dust collection system must also be in place so working will be easy.

A table saw that’s easier to use will see more frequent use, and things as simple as button placement can make a huge difference. Features like one-step stand deployment, a large power switch, and more can make the difference between two tables saws that are otherwise similar in every other way.


You’ve seen this aspect discussed in our reviews, so you should look at what a table saw has to offer. Let’s look at a few things you should consider to find the best table saw under $100.

  • Motor. You can tell how powerful the motor is by looking at the RPM or rotations per minute. If you’re cutting harder materials, you should have a motor with a higher RPM. Additionally, look at the horsepower (hp) the motor generates. Generally, 3-5 hp would be a good choice.
  • Blade. An all-purpose blade is usually included with a table saw. However, you might want to replace this blade if you want finer and more accurate cuts. Also, look at blade guards as it’s one of the safety features in a table saw.
  • Dust collector. Having a dust collection system is one of the best things you can have in your table saw to keep your area clean and to keep the model running longer.
  • Rip fence. A rip fence helps in creating accurate cuts.


We hope that we’ve been able to help you choose the best table saw for your needs. Picking the best among the many table saws in the market is hardly ever a simple matter, but if you know what to expect, you can at least make things a little bit easier.


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