Grizzly G0715p Review

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The Grizzly G0715p is one of the hybrid tables saw options that you will find available to purchase. You will find that this table saw is complete with so many different features that you can make use of when you are performing your woodworking projects. 

While it can be a challenging task to find the right table saw, you should know that Grizzly creates some of the most reliable models of this type of machinery, and they are a trusted, and well-known company by loyal woodcarvers from all over the world.

grizzly g0715p

What We Like

What We Don't Like

While looks can be a factor in the type of woodworking tools and machine that you purchase, many wood carvers have been led wrong by thinking just because a piece of machinery looks nice, means that it works superbly, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

With that being said, it is quite important that you read more about the quality as well as the capabilities of the machinery up for consideration before you make that big purchase.


The design of the Grizzly G0715p is quite comparable to the other models of this brand. Upon taking a first glance at it, you may not see that there is much of a difference at all compared to some of the other models of the Grizzly brand, but it does have the perks that allow it to stand out from the rest. 

The model is mostly made up of a bright white paint for the base stand, with a green bottom trimming that displays the Grizzly brand website. Other warning and hazard labels are easily visible on the front middle of the base piece of the machinery. The tabletop is a gunmetal grey color, which is the basic color that you will see for the majority of models and brands.

Grizzly G0715p

All of the components play a key role in creating some of the most precise cuts in your wood pieces. The tabletop area is quite spacious, and you won’t have any issues with the amount of space you have for multiple different wood projects of various sizes. You have good structure miter gaurs and T-glide fence; these parts are all quite stable and reliable.

Don’t expect this machine to be quiet when operating, but it is quieter than some of the other competitor machinery that is available on the market. You can be grateful for the serpentine belt because it is responsible for the quieter than the usual operation of this machine.


Interchangeable Riving Knife

The interchangeable riving knife is known to be one of the favorite and most useful features of this hybrid woodwork table saw. It is one of the safety features that keep you safe while the nation through operations is being performed. 

These tasks require you to take the blade guard completely off. The anti-kickback mechanism is also utilized during this process and it is positioned in a way that it works quite effectively. The anti-kickback is a feature that is included with pretty much every hybrid table saw model because it’s used for safety when performing heavy-duty projects.

Speaking of heavy-duty projects, let’s see how Grizzly units compares with Shop Fox models

Grizzly G0715p fence

The On/Off Switch

The machine’s on and off switch is designed with a larger size, making it easily noticeable and accessible for quick shut-offs.

Dust Collecting Port

The dust collecting port, which you will commonly see with pretty much all woodworking machine benches (they are very necessary to have), is quite useful in collecting that dust that is left while you are in the process of cutting your wood. 

While many other models acquire the dust port for aesthetics mostly, the G0715P’s works surprisingly well. Keep in mind that you don’t need to purchase a very expensive vacuum. One that is affordable will work just fine to hook up to the port; it will get the job done.


Is the trunnion mounted on top of the table or is it mounted to the cabinet?

Since it is a hybrid saw it is mounted to the table saw.

What’s the distance from the edge of the table to the front edge of the blade?

It’s 12” from the very front of the table to the front edge of the blade. Of course, this would also depend on the height of the blade. If you are including the rail where the fence mounts, then add another 3 inches.

Grizzly G0715p Review Conclusion

If you are in search of a high-quality table saw as the ones on this page, then this model might the right choice for you. This machine pretty much has everything that you will need in a good woodworking machine. 

The machine can process wood of any density precisely. Just like any product, it might have its cons, but the pros (which largely outweigh the cons) of it are how affordable it is, as well as how efficient it is.

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