The Shop Fox w1824 is a Hybrid Tablesaw that is light-weighted and includes an interchangeable true riving knife. While it is a very useful tool with some great features, it also comes with some ups and downs, just like with any other similar product.

Depending on where you’d purchase the Shop Fox w1824, prices will vary anywhere between $960-$980. This price for a table saw is quite competitive compared to some of the other more expensive table saw on the market, like the Shop Fox w1811 10-Inch which will cost you about $4,000 to buy. Since many people may not have the funds to purchase a more expensive table saw, this one would be good enough to get the job done.



If you like the idea of having a table saw that is dual in cutting options; such is the option with the true riving knife for projects that don’t require a complete cut through on woodworking projects then you may also be interested in some of the other aspects of this useful tool.


The Shop Fox w1824 is quite similar in comparison when it comes to the design of the model to other table saw on the market. You will find that the powder white-coated, a cube-shaped base that this model acquires is one that can be found in about 95% of the other table saw models that are available on the market.

Just taking a first look at the w1824, you will realize that there isn’t very much of a difference in the parts that are included in the designs. The majority of table saws include an extension table. What allows the w1824 to stand out from the rest of them is the burgundy color of the extension table surface. The rest of the surface area of the table is deep gray. The colors incorporated into this model aren’t too bold or bright; they’re considered earth tone or base colors.

The hazard labels and functions are placed on areas of the machine that are easy to find which contributes to the machine is a great hybrid tool for first-timers, as they won’t get easily confused with the functions. This model allows you to make use of the combination of contractor style and cabinet style. Get more ideas for top-performing hybrid table saws for both professionals and big jobs.


True Riving Knife

The true riving knife for this table saw, works basically with the same purpose as the spreader. It prevents the piece that is being worked on from pinching the back of the blade which can cause kickback. However, the difference between the spreader and the riving knife is that the riving knife mounts below the highest point of the rotation.

The height difference is necessary in order to allow the workpiece to pass over the blade when it is not necessary for it to be cut. However, when cuts that need to be made without cutting completely through the wood are necessary, this method is quite useful.

Precision Cast Iron Table

The cast iron table that this hybrid table saw is equipped with gives it the sturdiness that it requires in order to perform heavy-duty woodwork tasks. 

Cast iron is one of the sturdiest metals available for heavy-duty tools. This means that wear and tear won’t come easy for this machine, and you can expect it to last for many, many years.

Cast Iron Trunnions

The trunnions on the w1824 are also cast iron to allow extra sturdiness and ease of use for the joints of the table saw. If the trunnions were made of materials any less sturdy then there would be obvious signs of quick wear and tear on the pivoting points of the machine. With that being said, it is quite necessary for the trunnions to be made of a material like a cast iron.

Low – Friction Composite Extension Table

The low friction extension table allows for the table to glide back and forth with ease while working on projects. The low friction is quite important in the fact that when items glide together regularly, damage can occur, which in return can reduce the quality of the glide when friction is too high. So the fact that the friction is low is very useful for a tool that will be used repetitively.

Quick Release Blade Guard

The Quick Release Blade comes complete with Independent lifting sides and retractable pawls. 

It’s main purpose is to help with reducing injuries that could occur while you are operating the machine.


What is the HP of the motor?

It is a 2HP motor, like the Shopfox W1837.

Can the dust port be moved to the opposite side?

No. There isn’t an opening for mounting a dust port on the other side of the machine. A dust port wouldn’t be able to function properly on the opposite side even if an opening was created on the opposite side.

Shopfox W1824 Review Conclusion

The Shop Fox w1824 is one of the least expensive models of table saws on the market to purchase. You get a decent amount of features and a quality product at an affordable price.

While it may have a few cons, it also has its pros which outweigh the cons, so all in all this would easily be one of the best investments that you make for your future woodworking projects.