Teak Wood Prices Per Board Foot — How Much Does Teak Wood Sell for?

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With the rising demand for teak wood and its limited availability, prices can vary significantly from one supplier to the next, leaving you uncertain about where to turn for reliable pricing information.

This can lead to costly mistakes, missed opportunities, and wasted time. So our pro woodworkers will provide a guide with up-to-date information on teak wood prices per board foot to achieve your woodworking goals.

Cost of 4/4 Teak Lumber

4/4 (1-inch thick) teak lumber can cost anywhere from $33 to $41 per board foot, with prices varying based on the grade and origin of the wood.

Higher-grade teak, such as First European Quality (FEQ), may command prices at the upper end of this range.

Teak Lumber

Cost of 5/4 Teak Lumber

5/4 (1.25-inch thick) teak lumber can cost anywhere from $37 to $44 per board foot. Higher-grade teak, such as FEQ teak, may sell at higher prices.

Cost of 6/4 Teak Lumber

6/4 (1.5-inch thick) teak lumber can cost anywhere from $34 to $41 per board foot. The higher the grade of teak, the higher the price can be.

Cost of 8/4 Teak Lumber

8/4 (2-inch thick) teak lumber may cost anywhere from $34 to $41 per board foot.

As with 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4 teak lumber, purchasing larger quantities of 8/4 teak lumber can often result in lower prices per board foot due to volume discounts offered by suppliers. Shipping and handling costs can also impact the overall cost of teak lumber.

Rough Cut Lumber

Teak Lumber cost

Rough-cut teak lumber refers to teak wood that has undergone cutting and shaping processes, yet it has not been planed or sanded to achieve a polished surface.

In addition, this type of teak lumber retains its natural texture, showcasing the raw and unrefined characteristics of the wood.

The price of rough-cut teak wood can be different depending on how big it is and how good the wood is. 

It can cost around $14 to $25 or more for each piece, which can differ depending on where you buy it from.


On average, teak flooring can cost anywhere from $6 to $24 per square foot, depending on the quality and thickness of the planks, the supplier, and the region where it is purchased.

As with other types of flooring, installation costs can also impact the overall teak flooring cost.

Teak Lumber flooring

Special Cuts

Teak lumber is a popular choice for special cuts, such as quarter-sawn or rift sawn, due to its exceptional durability and attractive grain patterns.

Teak wood cut in a special way can cost around $50 to $115 per unit, but sometimes it can be more expensive.

The price depends on different things like how big, how thick, and how good the wood is, and also where you buy it from.


Teak beams are often used for outdoor projects like decks and pergolas [1]. The cost of teak posts and beams can vary based on size, quality, and where it’s purchased.

Usually, they can cost between $16 to $50 per square foot. Teak is a high-quality wood and can be more expensive than other woods, but it’s very durable and can save money in the long term.

More about teak wood here:

Teak Lumber Beams


How much does 1 ton of teak wood cost?

The cost of 1 ton of teak wood can range from $1,500 to $2,500. However, the cost of 1 ton of teak wood can vary depending on location, quality, and availability of the wood. Additionally, the cost can also be influenced by the market demand and supply.

What is one teak tree worth?

The worth of a teak tree can vary greatly depending on the tree’s age, size, quality, and location.

In some regions where teak is highly valued, a mature teak tree can be worth several thousand dollars or more. In addition, different parts of the tree may have different values.


Overall, teak wood is a sought-after material for high-end furniture, boat building, flooring, and outdoor decking, among other applications.

Although its price may be relatively high, the investment may be worthwhile due to its quality and longevity. We always recommend researching and comparing teak wood prices from different suppliers to get the best deal.

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