Used Riding Lawn Mowers for Sale Under $500 Near Me

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Many are aware that heavy-duty lawnmowers are designed to tackle extensive grass fields, but their price tags can be quite substantial. The good news is that there’s a cost-effective alternative: purchasing a pre-owned riding lawn mower that’s still in good working condition.

If you have reservations about this option, I’m here to provide you with valuable tips to ensure a safe and satisfying buying experience. 

Is Buying a Used Riding Lawn Mower Worth it?

The reliability of lawnmowers, brand new or old mower, isn’t a matter that anyone in the industry can dispute. However, finding used riding lawn mowers under $500 nearby isn’t as easy as some may think. 

riding a troy bilt zero turn mower

It’s true that you can purchase them at a lower price and save some money, but it’s only worth buying if you got yourself some good deals. Keep in mind that getting a used garden tractor means you’re betting on a machine that’s been operating for quite some time. 

And while it’s not impossible to score cheap riding lawn mowers in good working condition, you have to be wary of cutting tools with defects that need costly repairing. 

Price of Used Lawn vs. Brand New Lawn Mowers

Whether you’re searching for the nearest tractor seller or thinking of going online shopping, brand-new lawn mowers will not come at a cheap price. 

Its cost may vary depending on the brand, but its average price can range a bit over $1000. In fact, a tractor with a bigger mower deck and zero turning radius could even reach up to $15000. 

You may think this example pricing is outrageous, but I would like to note that these machines aren’t just pushing mowers you typically use near the house or in your family garden. 

This machine is highly capable of handling an extensive grass cutting job that can take hours to deal with, so its expensive cost is justified. 

eXmark mower

If you want a cheaper deal, you can buy an old riding lawn mower from its previous owner. Like a new tractor, its pricing may vary on brand. The only difference is you should consider a bunch of problems like having a Cub Cadet mower’s belt issue when pricing used tools. 

But regardless of their usage history, seller reputation, or deck and engine condition, a secondhand riding lawnmower is definitely sold cheaper than a new one. 

For a precise cost comparison, I’d suggest exploring online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. These platforms offer a wide range of options, including both brand-new and pre-owned riding lawn mowers, making it easier to make an informed decision on pricing.

How to Find a Secondhand Riding Lawn Mower Under 500 Dollars Near Me


Finding a pre-owned riding lawn mower for sale doesn’t require leaving the house; it’s a task you can easily achieve by searching the internet. 

Numerous online listings offer a variety of tools for lawns and gardens, saving you time and effort. Here are some recommended options:



For those who don’t know, eBay is an online shopping site similar to Amazon [1]. Even without entering the website’s URL, you can find a decent pre-owned lawnmower by using related keywords or terms on your preferred search engines. 

The fun part is you just need to wait for a bit, and the search results will lead you to multiple options. It’s very likely that you’ll find riding lawn mowers that may be already used, but are still in good working condition. 

Besides that, the site has strict seller policies. If anything goes wrong, the owner of the riding lawn mowers for sale listing will automatically grant you a refund.


Another possible source of used riding lawn mowers for sale under $500 is Craigslist. But with many scammers roaming around the platform, you may need attentiveness to identify unreliable sales and listings. 

If you search through Craigslist’s system, it can be difficult to find ones under specific pricing, so I suggest using a search engine instead. 


There are also riding lawn mowers for sale on FB Marketplace. However, unlike Amazon or eBay, refunds and product quality are not always guaranteed. 

But if you ask some experts, the task of finding a reliable lawnmower is more achievable on FB than on Craigslist because the sales list on the site is more versatile.

Facebook Marketplace


I’m sure you already know this, but Amazon still belongs to the best websites to find a decent used lawnmower. This platform is very comprehensive and includes all the tools you’ll need to take care of lawns.

Stores and Dealers

If you’re not accustomed to buying tools for lawns online, it’s still better to go to the store and meet with actual dealers. This way, you’ll have more peace of mind away from possible scammers.

Used Riding Lawn Mower Under $500 Buying Guide

Engine Condition

You can check if the riding lawnmower you’re buying is in great condition by examining if there’s a knocking sound in the engine. If it’s consuming too much oil, it could signify you’re being offered a mower that’s about to retire. 

Certain engine issues can indeed be remedied. Nonetheless, to avoid potentially expensive repair bills down the road, invest in lawnmowers equipped with functioning engines.

Mower Usage History

It doesn’t matter if you bought the mower from friends or online. Knowing where and how frequently it was used can help you assess if it’s worth buying. If you’re looking at online lawnmower listings, don’t forget to read the product description. 

mowing lawn with Cub Cadet XT1 LT42” Riding Mower

Warranty Coverage

Let’s face it. Not all used mowers in the market come with a warranty. But if it does, grab the chance. An outstanding warranty will save you from repair hassles, especially if you’re buying from a stranger. 

It also guarantees that you can use your riding mowers for an extended period of time

Maintenance and Repairs

When talking to sellers, ask them if the mower has been repaired before and the maintenance routines it requires for its battery, engine, or blade. As the new owner, you need to be aware of handling these tasks to avoid inconveniences. 

Blade Height and Condition

The blade’s condition is crucial for a lawnmower. So if you’re planning to buy a pre-owned mower, ensure that the blade’s adjustability works just fine. Prioritize the height settings over the blade’s condition because you can always sharpen or buy new blades. 

Buyer Reputation and Rating

For platforms like eBay, there’s a feature called merchant’s reputation. I recommend checking this out to ensure that the sellers are trading fairly on the website. If you can, look at the merchant’s feedback from past buyers to gauge their authenticity. 

Test Drive

Going on a test drive can be a stretch for internet transactions. But if the merchant agrees to it, testing the lawnmower could give you an insight if the unit has a problem with its battery, engine, or any parts.  

old man in a riding lawn mower

Document Transfer

If the mower has an existing warranty policy, you’ll need more information on how you’ll be able to access that customer privilege through document transfer or other ways. 

Top Riding Lawnmowers to Consider

John Deere Lawn Tractor

You may not know, but John Deere has the most expensive lawnmowers globally. You will hardly encounter a defective John Deere mower that fails to start, thanks to its excellent construction. 

It was made popular due to its premium materials, so buying a pre-owned under this manufacturer is a great deal. 

Craftsman Riding Lawnmower

As a well-rated lawnmower company, buying a second-hand Craftsman model isn’t a bad idea, but if you have a budget to buy a good riding lawn mower for under $800, then go for it. As long as the unit condition is great, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Honda Riding Tractor

Upon searching the market, you’ll some pre-owned Honda being put up at lower prices. Given that it’s a known branding, buying these units should save you time and funds.

Kobalt Lawnmower

If you’re a new user, consider a Kobalt lawnmower as it has easy maintenance and controls. It’s also not that expensive to begin with, so its pre-owned models are priced lower than most.


When you’re in the lawn care industry, the quest for affordable, pre-owned riding lawn mowers under $500 can be both a game-changer and a potential gamble. If you’re determined to explore this avenue, hopefully, this guide will assist you in identifying key considerations and ultimately guiding you towards a more reliable, second-hand mower option.

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