What is a Rick of Wood? How Much is in it + Cost

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If you have never purchased your firewood from a local firewood dealer, you may be confused by the many titles of the various bundle sizes. To avoid getting tricked, don’t let the terms confuse you! Read our guide to help you understand more about what a rick of wood is and its associated terms.

A “Rick” of Wood, Explained

A rick of firewood is a fractional portion of a full cord. It is 4 feet tall and 8 feet long, though they may vary in widths depending on the supplier, location, local market, etc. A face cord is another common name for this arrangement.

A rick, or a face cord, can vary from 12 to 16 inches to 24 inches. All the logs in a given stack of firewood will be one of those three sizes. The standard size for firewood logs is 16 inches.

In contrast to the uniformity of a cord of firewood, which is 128 cubic feet, the rick or face cord might vary from location to location.

rick of wood

The word “rick” was borrowed from an obsolete English term for a stack or mound. Stack is a common term used on farms to describe a range of storage structures.

It arrived in North America over time and is now widely used for wood measurements, particularly in the Midwest of the United States.

How Big is a Rick of Wood? + How to Measure

Knowing the size of a cord of wood can help you understand what a rick of wood is. You can measure a rick of wood by its height, width, and length: 4 feet (48 inches), 4 feet (48 inches), and 8 feet (96 inches).

A rick of firewood is equal to a small fraction of a cord. If we say that a full face is 48 inches in width, the following presents the various sizes of firewood rick concerning that of a full cord.

Quarter Cord of Wood

Based on the calculations above, a rick of wood could have the following dimensions:

How Much is in a Rick of Wood?

How much wood is in a rick depends on the quality of cuts and stacking density; a face cord of firewood can include anywhere from 550 to 650 manageable pieces of seasoned wood logs. 

Therefore, the maximum amount a rick can hold is between 275 and 325 pieces of firewood.

loading rick of firewood on a truck

Let’s break down how many pieces are in a rick. Remember that every stack from different suppliers doesn’t contain the same amount. It may still vary based on the type of wood and supplier. But generally, these are the measurements:


Selecting high-quality, adequately seasoned firewood when shopping for firewood is important. If you don’t request green firewood, the material you receive will likely be dry and ready to use.
The wood should be weathered and appear gray with end breaks.

Chainsaw Winch Buyer’s Guide

green firewood

If the firewood you receive appears like it was recently cut down, it probably isn’t ready to burn. Properly seasoning wood takes anywhere from six months to a year, depending on the species.


Red and white oaks are at the heaviest end of the firewood weight spectrum; these types of wood weigh about 2.5 tons (5,500 pounds) per cord.

On the other hand, your spruces weigh only roughly 1.25 tons (2,500 pounds) per cord, making them the lightest of the bunch.

Generally speaking, the weight of a rick of firewood can change depending on the size you pick. It also is dependent on the kind of firewood you select.


How much does a rick of wood cost? Based on our buying experience, it varies widely depending on where you live, who you get it from, local availability, if it has been seasoned, kiln-dried, air-dried, etc. 

rack of forewood

The going rate for an oak rick or face cord can range between $150 and $250.

Maple, red oak, black locust, and so on are just some examples of the many different types of wood available, each with its unique characteristics and price range.

Having firewood transported ranges from $1-2 for each loaded mile. Some companies that provide firewood establish a minimum distance beyond which you must pay delivery fees to prevent the cost from spiraling out of control.

Whether you don’t want to stack the products yourself, check with your supplier to see if they add an additional cost for stacking firewood. Often, this is in the range of $20-$25. Thus, before buying firewood, you should ask the vendor if you can stack it.

Rick vs. Cord: How Many Ricks is in a Cord of Wood?

Firewood is measured in ricks, which are 4 by 8-foot stacks. What determines the rick’s breadth is the store where you purchase it.


The width numbers of a single rick of firewood, measured in face cords, can be anywhere from 12 to 24 inches. The lengths of the logs in a rick can vary from 12 and 18 inches, although the standard is 16 inches.

A cord of wood is a stack of 8 feet in length and has dimensions of 4 feet in height, 4 feet wide, and another 4 feet in length.

Due to their similar dimensions, a rick and a cord of wood are nearly equivalent in size. There are many ricks of wood in a full cord. Determining how much wood there is depends on the width of each rick. Therefore, the exact number of ricks in a cord of wood can vary.

How Much Will I Need?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem; it all boils down to your individual firewood needs.

You won’t need as much firewood to heat your home throughout the winter if you’re only using it for cooking and heating, but if you want to have a fire going in the fireplace all season long, you’ll need more to ensure you won’t fall short.

splitting a rick of wood

As a general rule, at least two ricks of wood are needed to carry you through the winter, and one rick is rarely enough (3 might be enough for a medium-sized house). In this case, purchasing a single face of firewood might be more cost-effective than three ricks.

How Long Does a Rick of Wood Last?

The answer, once again, is conditional on its intended purpose. For the argument, we’ll say that you need a lot of firewood to keep your home warm during the winter.

It takes six to ten weeks for a rick of wood to deplete. But you should always be ready to consume more, so stack up some extra firewood to ensure you won’t run out of heat until the weather improves.

How to Store a Rick of Wood (Holders and Ventilation)

There are holders and racks available to facilitate stacking. You can utilize the racks and holders if you prefer storing your firewood in a large shed or garage.

Row stacking is the most well-liked and widely used approach. Staking the ends of the pile or securing it with cross ties are viable options. It is also strongly suggested that you avoid stacking in or near trees. 

stacking and storing firewood

Single-row stacking is the most efficient way of drying the wood faster, while circle piling and heap piling can be used as alternatives.

When stacking more than one row high, provide ample clearance between units. It will ensure that the logs never get too wet by allowing adequate airflow.

The firewood must be stacked in a tight, orderly fashion whatsoever you choose. Also, make sure the wood remains dry, and store them in such a way that you can prevent rain from entering.

What and How to Burn

Burning only dry firewood is strongly advised. Greenwood typically produces more smoke than is desirable.

Remember that as you stack items. If you’re building a fire, you want to get to the driest logs as quickly as possible.

burning firewood

The idea of rotating is also sound. If you’re worried about the logs rotting over time, you could try burning some of the older pieces in the stack.

It’s vital to dry the wood before burning it, but it’s also important for storage purposes. There is a risk of increased humidity in your home if you bring damp wood.


How much rick of wood can be placed in a pickup truck?

In terms of volume, a rick of firewood is 128 cubic feet, and in terms of weight, it averages around 5,000 pounds. Trucks with short beds can only carry half a cord of wood, and larger trucks can carry more than one rick.

How big is half a rick of wood?

Half a rick of wood is 64 cubic feet [1] in size, with a volume of roughly 128 cubic feet based on their standard dimensions of 4 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 16 inches in height. As a generic word, however, the specific measurements can differ.

How much is a rick of wood in Arkansas?

A rick of wood in Arkansas can cost as much as $50, especially split-seasoned wood for pick up, and $70 or more for firewood delivered. 

As mentioned, you won’t know exactly how much wood you’re getting with this price, as it depends on the firewood supplier and how properly seasoned the wood is, plus a possible delivery fee.


We hope our guide helped you understand what a rick of wood is. Buying wood for a fire pit doesn’t have to be frustrating if you determine how much firewood you need and know how many logs are in an entire stack. 

You can even haggle with different vendors to get a discounted price, and they may also offer free delivery as long as you understand the terms mentioned earlier.

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