What Size of Drill Bit Should Be Used For a 3/16 Tapcon?

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If you don’t know what size drill bit to use for a 3/16 Tapcon, you may not finish your project on time, or worse, you’ll spend more than you intended to due to damaged materials. Avoid that situation by looking for a drill bit that corresponds with the screw you need to use.

What Drill Bit Size Corresponds to a 3/16” Tapcon?

A drill bit with a diameter of 5/32 inches is necessary to install a 3/16 inch Tapcon. Depending on the hole depth, a 3.5″, 4.5″, or 5.5″ drill bit may also be required.

Tapcon Size

Drill Bit Size



There are three distinct sizes for a 3/16″ Tapcon. We’ve included a handy depth chart below to help you select the appropriate drill bit for your project.


Diameter X Length

Drill Depth


5/32” x 3-½”



5/32” x 4-½”



5/32” x 5-½”


How Do You Use a 3/16” Tapcon Correctly?

Whether or if a 3/16″ Tapcon serves your DIY purposes is up to you. Find the proper screws, as Tapcons are typically used in masonry. 

It’s always wise to re-check that the screw’s length is correct. Make sure the carbide is the correct size (5/32″) by measuring it. After the dimensions have been verified, there are still a few items to check.

3-16 Tapcon close up

Check to see if the bit complies with ANSI requirements so that you’ll be sure that it may hold the drilled holes to the required tolerances. Put the screw in place once you’ve double-checked everything else, and you’ll be good to go.

When to Utilize a 3/16” Tapcon

For masonry work, a 3/16″ Tapcon is ideal, and it doesn’t matter if it’s blocks, brick, or concrete.  

A hammer drill is essential when dealing with 3/16″ Tapcon drills, especially when trying to bore a hole through tougher substances. 

drilling hole in wall
  1. After a hole has been bored to the right depth, it must be readied for the Tapcon screw. Make sure that there is no dirt or dust anywhere by thoroughly cleaning.
  2.  Scrub the hole’s interior with a wire brush. You must ensure that the brush is the same size as the hole you made. Clean the hole with a vacuum using a twisting and turning technique.
  3. Repeat the steps as necessary. Compressed air is an option,[1] but it may degrade the quality of air in your neighborhood. Using a vacuum throughout this preparation phase will yield the best results.
  4. To use, simply drill a pilot hole and insert the Tapcon into it once it has been cleaned. You may gently screw it in using a rotating drill. In this case, a gentle touch should suffice.

Other Things to Know When Using a 3/16” Tapcon

It’s also worth remembering that several types of drill bits exist for tougher materials. 

drill bit size chart

SDS and straight shank bits are among them. Jacobs-style chucks require straight-shank bits. These have round or flat edges, making them ideal for use with a chuck.

Hammer drills that feature a quick-disconnect chuck are compatible with SDS and spline drive systems. This bit will serve you well when you need to pound more forcefully with your drill.

What to Prepare Before Utilizing a 3/16” Tapcon

To get the most out of your 3/16″ Tapcon, you need to have a well-thought-out strategy for the work you intend to undertake. You should also have a hammer drill, wire brush with the same diameter as the drill hole,  and vacuum on hand.

The drill bit you use will also depend on your operating surface. An SDS bit, which can endure significant force, is the superior choice for any potentially difficult project.


How much weight can a 3/16 Tapcon screw hold?

A 3/16 Tapcon screw can hold 400 pounds of shear strength, providing it has a minimum embedment of 1 inch. However, long screws of up to 1-3/4 inches embedment, are recommended for ultimate strength for other less dense or softer materials.


To make your job much easier, you should know what size drill bit to use for a 3/16 Tapcon, including the lengths involved and if they comply with ANSI standards. Remember that a well-planned and prepared project is guaranteed to succeed.

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