What Size of Drill Bit Do I Use for a 6mm Tap?

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If you are new to drilling and are confused about what size drill bit to use for a 6mm tap, you might end up going over budget or wasting expensive material. 

To avoid this, you should be able to determine the right drill bit size for your tap, and we are here to help you with that.

What is the Drill Bit Size That Corresponds to a 6mm Tap?

To drill a hole for a 6mm tap with a 1.00 tap, you’ll need a bit with a diameter of 5.2mm.

Tap Size

Drill Bit Size

Decimal Inches




A tap size of 6mm corresponds to a drill bit size of 5.2mm that is measured out to .2047 in decimal inches.

Hardwoods require a more compact approach than softer woods, so choose a smaller size accordingly. As a result, you need to be precise when making pilot holes in hardwoods.

How to Properly Utilize a 6mm Tap

Invest in a tap and drill set if you don’t already have one. Check that the 6mm tap and other common drill bits fit. You should also consider the type of tap you intend to use.

You could jeopardize the success of your plan by selecting the incorrect drill bit size for a 6mm tap. Whatever you’re fastening it with, a bolt or a screw, you want it to fit snugly.

A vise or C-clamp is necessary. You’ll get a better, more precise hole if it’s solid. When working with metal, even the slightest movement might cause the hole to shift when working with metal, making it difficult to align the bolt or screw properly.

Tap sizes

Remember that you’ll need to use a special drill bit instead of a regular one. Cobalt or titanium [1] tap drill bits are superior to standard drill bits on metal because of their increased durability and ability to drill through tough materials like steel.

Utilize center punch to make pre-drilled holes in the metal, especially if you are inexperienced with working with metal. You can then be determined the location of the holes you intend to drill. 

Pre-planning the locations of the holes for the screws and bolts is a good idea whether you’re making hinges or putting together a steel frame.

There’s also the matter of oil drilling, which you must not overlook. The work will go much more smoothly by applying lubrication to the holes, whether pre-drilled or not. When putting in screws or nuts, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible.

drilling a hole

When Should You Use a 6mm Tap?

It is recommended to use aluminum and steel for a 6mm, since metalworking is the only application for a 6mm tap or even any tap.

There are now cobalt and titanium taps available for your selection. The former is favored by many because of its longevity and high heat dispersion rate.

Drilling tiny holes that need to be threaded for bolts and screws can be made with a 6mm tap.

Other Considerations to Know

A portable drill is the best tool when working with little metal objects. You can get along just okay with a cordless or corded version. Though it might not need significant power, it should move quickly enough to form threaded holes.

Use screws with a 6mm diameter or search for M6 x 1.25 or M6 x 1 screws, as these are the most similar to the sizes needed to secure threaded holes.

After you understand the nature of the project and the amount of time you can reasonably expect to devote to it, you will know what drill you can use for your 6mm tap.

Black & Decker Cordless Drill

What to Do Before Using a 6mm Tap

Given that you will be working with metals, you must don appropriate protective clothing before utilizing a tap. Thin metallic shavings could have sharp edges and present a hazard. If there are any particles in the holes, remove them.

Before you put any screws or bolts in, use a small wire brush to sweep the threads. It will guarantee an effortless and trouble-free setup.


Make sure you know what size drill bit to use for a 6mm tap to finish your desired plan quickly. Knowing your drill bit size will help you determine the drill set you should purchase. 

However, do know that this will still depend on what kind of project you intend to work on.

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