Where Are Laguna Table Saws Made? All You Need to Know

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If you are a woodworker, a professional, or a DIYer, surely you’ve heard about Laguna Tools. They are regarded as one of the best in the industry, operating for over three dozen years and gathering a cult following among professionals and hobbyists alike.

But, where are Laguna table saws made? Here, our research team and engineers answer the question.

Where Are Laguna Table Saws Manufactured?

Laguna table saws are made in Texas. At least, its recent products are. The company’s headquarters used to be in California. In 2020, Laguna moved its new manufacturing plant and showroom to Grand Prairie, Texas.

The reason for the move is it has already outgrown its California facility. It was impossible to expand it in the city due to scarce industrial space. Therefore, Laguna saw it fit to move to another city and state.

Laguna Fusion F2 Table Saw

While the manufacturing facility is in Texas, Laguna still has a facility in California. Its staff moved to Huntington Beach in a new space with a large showroom for their customers on the West Coast.

Meanwhile, Laguna also has a distribution and training center in Columbia, South Carolina, for its East Coast customers. While the headquarters is in Texas, it is unclear where all Laguna Tools are made since nothing was mentioned explicitly on their website.

Are Laguna Table Saws Any Good?

Anyone who likes woodworking knows the importance of quality and reliable tools [1] for their work. It’s why they tend to be loyal to the particular device and brand that has served them well, and Laguna Tools is one of those brands with a good following.

Many of the reviews given to the brand and its table saws are positive. On Amazon, ratings show mostly 4-5 star ratings on the various Laguna table saws available. 

On a side note, Protoolguide.com reviewed Laguna Fusion 36-inch Hybrid Table Saw with 4.8 stars out of 5.

Laguna Table Saw Fence

Based on 13 customer reviews listed on Amazon, the woodworking and DIY website rated the Laguna table saw highly. Over 80% of users awarded it a 5-star score, with the remaining giving it a 4.5-star rating. This indicates the overall quality and satisfaction level of Laguna table saws.

Where Are Other Laguna Tools Products Made?

As we said before, the manufacturing plant of Laguna is now in Texas. It is safe to say that its table saws are made there now. However, some Laguna Tools are said to be manufactured in China and Europe.

All marketing materials state “European Style Machine.” This gives you the inkling that Laguna Tools are also made in Europe. However, this could also only mean that the machines have a European design though many believe it is merely a marketing tactic.

There is a lack of transparency regarding where Laguna products are made. Nothing is mentioned on the website other than its manufacturing plant is now in Texas. There is a good chance that some of its tools are actually made overseas.

Are Laguna Tools Made In China?

Some customers believe that some Laguna Tools products are made in China. However, Laguna is vague about it, so there is nothing to confirm whether it is true. Nevertheless, Laguna table saws and other tools are known to have excellent quality.

Laguna Table Saw

Who Owns Laguna Tools?

One of the vague information about Laguna Tools is the company’s owner. Nothing says on its website about its origin aside from being founded in 1983 in Laguna Beach, California. According to the website, its founder is Torben Helshoj.

The website says he created Laguna Tools because his custom woodworking shop desperately needed quality, precise and safe woodworking machines. It was mentioned he founded the company, but whether he remains to be the owner is unclear.

The most recent information available, dated 2016, says that Laguna Tools was bought by Hudson Ferry Capital, a private equity firm in New York. However, some websites list Laguna Tools as a partner of Hudson Ferry Capital.


Now, you know where Laguna table saws are made. Our team’s research revealed that the likely answer is Texas, where their manufacturing plant is. 

However, some tools are also likely made in Europe or China. Either way, Laguna table saws are among the best table saws in the market

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