Where to Buy Wood for Woodworking? — Best Places to Get Wood for Furniture Making (2024)

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In woodworking, wood is essential. You need wood supply to make furniture and keep your business afloat. Unfortunately, buying wood is daunting, as most woodworkers don’t know where to purchase them. 

I find that it’s quite common for people to make less-than-optimal wood purchases when they’re not sure where to find the right materials for their woodworking projects. That’s why my team and I have put together a review highlighting some of the top places to source high-quality wood for your woodworking needs.

Where to Buy Wood for Woodworking

There are lots of places where you can buy wood for your woodworking business. It’s essential that you know where to get wood from to make purchases whenever you are down in supply.

So, below are reliable sources where you can always buy good wood for your woodworking business.

Know that shortage in lumber supply can be discouraging. That means you’ll have to put your business on hold. It results in loss of income and even potential clients.

Home Improvement Store

Home improvement stores are popular places where you can get wood and other tools that you need for your woodworking business. You can find these stores in almost every town, and the best thing about home improvement stores is that they are pretty close.

One limitation I’ve noticed with home improvement stores is their relatively limited selection of wood species. This can sometimes make it challenging to find the exact wood material you require. However, if you’re working with common wood species like pine, oak, or maple, these stores can still be among the best options for sourcing your materials.

The Home Depot

I’ve come across these types of woods in different sizes and lengths, usually ranging from 8 to 12 feet. Recently, I made a couple of purchases myself—an impressive 12-foot pine board and a sturdy 9-foot oak plank—from a nearby home improvement store.

Online Woodworking Shops

Ordering online is a norm and arguably the most popular way of buying goods. The internet is a large marketplace where you can make purchases from just the comfort of your home. 

The good thing about buying wood from online woodworking shops is that you’ll find all sorts of quality wood materials. From there, you can make your selection.

Although buying wood from online woodworking shops is convenient, you can’t see the actual piece. Plus, you’ll have to pay heavily for shipping, especially if you’re ordering bulk pieces. The only way to cut down on shipping costs is to order smaller or lighter wood pieces. 

Hardware Store

I’ve found that hardware stores share some similarities with home improvement stores when it comes to their limited variety of wood types. However, what sets them apart is their focus on selling uniquely distinct and specialized wood items. In some cases, you might come across different variations of oak or pine, making hardware stores a valuable option for those seeking specific wood varieties.

Local Mom-and-Pop Hardware

You’ll find wood materials that you may not see in home improvement stores and even megastores in hardware stores. Although they are small stores and deal more with specialized items, you may find appliques and other tools to improve your woodworking business[1].

Woodcraft Store

Woodcraft store is another popular place where you can buy high-quality wood material. Woodcraft stores sell lots of things ranging from tools to wood. However, not all woodcraft stores sell tools.

Like online woodworking shops, you can find several kinds of wood in woodcraft stores like basswood and other lighter woods. These materials are used for making crafty and small projects like a kitchen cabinet. If you’re looking for wood for such projects, this is the right store for it.

Lumber Yard

If you are looking for a variety of wood like construction grade hardwood, weather-treated wood, or uncommon wood pieces, check the closest lumber yard. The lumber yard is an excellent place to find these wood pieces.

The good thing about buying wood from a lumber yard near you is that there’s usually some exciting discount given if you are buying in bulk. You’ll find better pricing there than most big stores, and if you are lucky, you might be gifted some wood pieces.


While you’ll find most wood pieces in a lumber yard, you need to know that these wood pieces are exposed to weather elements. If this won’t affect your woodworking project, you can go ahead to purchase them.

Secondhand Stores

You can also buy wood from secondhand stores. There are lots of secondhand stores that you can find in your area. Some of them sell old furniture and pressure-treated wood materials at reasonable prices. You can find the right deal and purchase lots of wood at very low prices for your woodworking business. 


Where can I buy good wood for woodworking projects?

You can buy good wood for woodworking projects from home improvement stores, hardware stores, woodcraft stores, and online woodworking shops. Other places where you can buy good wood are lumber yards and secondhand stores. (You might want check the cheapest places to purchase lumber here!)

Where can I get wood for woodworking for free?

You can get wood for woodworking for free from Letgo and Craigslist. You can also buy used chainsaws sold on Craigslist. Letgo is an app that sells lumber for free and money. Like Craigslist, you’ll find lots of old furniture and lumber being posted at give-away prices. 

To buy lumbers using Letgo, download the app, create an account, and search for items you want. To buy on Craigslist, simply create an account and set up your password. Search for wood or lumber and browse through the listings.

Check these apps on a regular basis to see when they will lower their lumber prices so that you can get high-quality but low-cost lumber for your woodworking project.


Understanding the right sources for purchasing wood in the woodworking business is pivotal for its growth and sustainability. In this article, I’ve shared several dependable places where you can establish a consistent supply of wood for your projects.

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