Who Makes Bad Boy Mowers and Where are They Made?

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Bad Boy mowers have gained a strong reputation for their durability and quality, earning the trust of millions of customers, myself included. Yet, it’s interesting how the company responsible for these impressive machines somehow remains enigmatic to many.

That’s why I wanted to share this post, shedding light on the creators of Bad Boy mowers and the places where they come to life. This way, you also gain understanding about their mower production and other offerings.

What Company Makes Bad Boy Mowers and Tractors?

Given the durability, efficiency, and popularity of Bad Boy mowers, it’s no wonder that many are curious to find out the maker. The maker of Bad Boy Mowers and Tractors is Bad Boy Inc., an Arkansas-based company. It is run by Scott Lancaster.  

Bad Boy Mowers: A Quick History

How Bad Boy Mowers came into the picture is an exciting story that still leaves many wodering. Though debatable, many people have accepted this classic tale as a success story and reference point for emerging startups.

Bad Boy Mowers Plant Batesville, Arkansas

Bad Boy Mowers was founded by Phil Pulley and Robert Foster. The idea to manufacture this brand of mowers was born in a garage when the above founders experimented on zero-turn mowers.

The founders started production in 2002 in a 20k sq. ft. facility in Batesville’s Industrial Park. By 2014, the company had expanded into a larger facility with more than 400 workers. 

News reports that the company plans further expansion to accommodate the growing demand. 

Where Are Bad Boy Mowers Made?

As our team previously noted, Bad Boy Mowers are made in Batesville, Arkansas. 

Bad Boy Mowers Manufacturing Plants

Bad Boy Inc. has one manufacturing plant located in Batesville, Arkansas. The facility measures over a million sq. ft.

Are Bad Boy Mowers Good?

Bad Boy Mowers Plant

Bad Boy Mowers are manufactured by engineers and development teams with a high technological acumen. The engineers use brute force technology and efficient methods to make zero-turn mowers and tractors that stand the test of time and are cost-efficient.

In my years of testing and researching mower products, Bad Boy mowers are of top-notch quality and are comparable with today’s top mower producers. With their excellent value and reasonable cost, they have become a popular choice among consumers.

Best Bad Boy Lawn Mowers Today

Throughout the years, I’ve come to appreciate the number and variety of mowers Bad Boy has released. They come in different sizes and have unique features tailored to meet almost anyone’s needs. 

If you’re considering buying one, here are some of the best options available today.

1. Bad Boy MZ Magnum

The MZ Magnum is one of the best zero-turn mowers for residential use for several reasons. First, it arrives in a robust body construction that can make it survive any circumstance. 

Bad Boy MZ Magnum

Second, it comes with a powerful Kohler engine, capable of getting rid of tall grasses in the shortest possible time. The engine accompanying the mower can come in three forms – 726cc FR651V, 725cc KT725, and 725cc Kohler KT740. 

Admittedly, the MZ Magnum might lean towards the higher end of the price spectrum. However, this hefty investment is rewarded with exceptional value. The performance, durability, and efficiency you’ll experience with this mower make it worth the investment.

2. Bad Boy ZT Elite

I had the chance to dive into the revamped Bad Boy ZT Elite and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. This latest version has been meticulously re-engineered to deliver unparalleled durability and ergonomic comfort compared to its predecessor.

Bad Boy Mower ZT Elite

It is also fuel-efficient and produces far less noise than its older version. However, it is only ideal for small lawns due to its limited engine capacity and speed. It’s still one of the best buys for low-budget buyers.

3. Bad Boy The MZ

Bad Boy The MZ is an excellent option if you want the ease of zero-turn mowers but don’t want to spend heavily. This mower allows for convenient lawn cutting in the most fun way.  

When it comes to performance, the MZ doesn’t disappoint. It glides through the grass precisely and smoothly, leaving your lawn expertly manicured. What really stood out to me is how effortlessly it handles, making the chore of mowing feel like a fun activity rather than a task. 

Bad Boy Mower MZ

The MZ cuts expertly and smoothly. Besides, it’s less complicated to use, given its well-labeled and large parts. The tires tend to deflate after use and will require some maintenance before the next job.

Where to Find Bad Boy Mowers Near Me

You can find more than a hundred Bad Boy Mowers dealerships in Arkansas[1]. Below are a few dealers selling this product.


What engine does Bad Boy Mowers use?

The engine Bad Boy Mowers use is Kohler and Kawasaki. 

Does Kubota make Bad Boy Mowers?

No, Kubota doesn’t make Bad Boy Mowers but they create one of the best diesel zero-turn mowers.

Do Bad Boy Mowers have Kawasaki engines?

Not all Bad Boy Mowers make use of Kawasaki engines. The mowers use Kohler engines sometimes.


Now that you know who makes Bad Boy Mowers, their zero-turn mowers are undoubtedly a popular choice by distance for various reasons. 

They’re efficient, built sturdily, and provide great value for the money. The brand’s long-standing reputation in the industry speaks volumes – people continue to trust and use these top-notch products. I’ve spoken to many engineers, and they consistently praise their performance.

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