Who Makes Bauer Tools and Where are They Made?

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Bauer tools are known for their affordability, and many beginners and DIYers prefer them over pricier options in the market. However, many woodworkers are in doubt about the tools’ reliability because not many know who designs and makes them.

As someone who has been in the industry for years,  I’ll aim to resolve these uncertainties and provide you with a comprehensive overview of who manufactures Bauer tools and where this manufacturing takes place. 

Who is the Manufacturer of Bauer Tools?

Bauer tools are sold exclusively through Harbor Freight, although we cannot entirely say that this company is manufacturing these tools. But Harbor Freight is in charge of marketing and distribution of the tools.

That being said, Bauer tools are being produced in the facilities of the leading power tool manufacturers through Harbor Freight.

Bauer tool

Harbor Freight

I’ve been tracking Harbor Freight since its inception in 1977, and I can tell you they’ve really expanded their reach. With nearly 7,000 tools on offer and over 1,100 locations spread across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, they’ve built an impressive footprint.

Most of these tools are in-house, and other non-in-house tools are sourced directly from other manufacturers.

Harbor Freight is known to have a large network of retail stores and e-commerce companies worldwide. It carries many exclusive brands, including Bauer. Its main office is located in Calabasas, California.

Where are Bauer Tools Made? Are They Made in America?

Bauer tools are made in the US. To achieve a reputation like Harbor Freight, it takes a lot of effort to build a strong partnership with manufacturers of tools.

Harbor Freight works closely with manufacturers who produce products for other big-name brands.

Bauer tool made

From an industry perspective, it’s clear that Harbor Freight’s approach to sourcing Bauer tools directly from manufacturers gives them a pricing edge. This strategy allows them to offer these tools at competitive prices. 

And when you put Bauer tools to the test against other respected brands, they definitely hold up in terms of quality.

Products and Tools Selection

Bauer tools are the most accurate and reliable tools, especially for DIYers and homeowners.

You can choose among Bauer’s reasonable and adaptable power tools, including drills, sanders, planers, polishers, grinders, saws, and impact drivers.

Exclusively available at Harbor Freight’s retail stores, Bauer tools are just as reputable as other well-known brands in the market. Renowned for their quality and performance, Bauer tools offer a reliable and cost-effective option for various DIY and professional projects.

Some Tools From Bauer

Here are some of the Bauer tools we think every DIYer and homeowner has for basic wood projects at home:

Bauer tool used on wood

Hyperman 20V Hex Impact Driver

The Hyperman 20V Hex Impact Driver comes with a 1.5Ah battery, bag, and rapid charger. This Bauer tool is designed to deliver superior performance and durability.

You can use its impact driver with a powerful 1,300-inch lbs. torque motor for your most demanding jobs.

The cordless impact driver has a 1/4-inch quick-change chuck for quick and easy bit changes. The Bauer 20V lithium battery is superb and last longer than expected.

You don’t have to worry about grip and comfort because the handle is texture molded. Also, it is designed to lessen fatigue while working with Bauer’s Hyperman 20V Hex Impact Driver.

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Bauer Forstner Drill Sets

In my experience evaluating tools, the Bauer Forstner Drill Sets stand out. They’re engineered with extremely tough alloys and an advanced design that gives them a longer lifespan compared to other bits on the market.

Forstner drill sets

It has two magnetic bit holders that prevent it from dropping or wobbling. The 3/8 inch is precise to fit best and has less stripping.

Diamond 4 Inches Turbo Cup Wheel

If you’re using an angle grinder regularly like I do, you’ll want to get your hands on the Bauer Diamond 4-inch Turbo Cup Wheel.

This product is designed for 4 inches angle grinders with a max speed of up to 13,000 RPM.

With this speed, you can actually get grinding and leveling jobs quickly. It has a heavy-duty steel body for maximum durability. Its body also has holes to allow continuous airflow for dust collection.

Diamond 4 Inches Turbo Cup Wheel


Depending on the tools you need, the price of Bauer tools varies. But compared to other notable brands, they are affordable.

In some cases, you can purchase Bauer tools that are being sold at half the price of some brands. Although affordable, you can claim a 12-month warranty and a 90-day return and refund otherwise [1].

Is Bauer Tools a Good Brand?

Yes, Bauer Tools is a good brand. You can rely on these power tools, including their accessories.

Harbor Freight continues to evolve its tools, including Bauer Tools. With its reputation at stake, the company innovates its products for higher quality and durability. 

Unlike the first versions of these tools, Bauer tools now offer a wide selection of products catering to professionals and DIYers. It assures that everyone can rely on Bauer Tools for every job for your wood project. 

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Advantages of Bauer Tools

After buying the Bauer tools, you have pretty much an idea of the advantages you could gain from using them. You can easily use the tools for either simple or complicated jobs. 

The tools passed the quality assurance, so you don’t have to worry about malfunctions and returns of the product. Despite being affordable, Bauer tools offer the same quality as other known brands.

Disadvantages of Bauer Tools

While you definitely get value for money in terms of tool performance, I must note that the warranty offered for Bauer tools doesn’t quite measure up to what’s provided by other brands in the same category. 

Other product lines tend to offer longer periods and more comprehensive warranties compared to Bauer.


What is the difference between Bauer and Hercules tools?

The difference between Bauer and Hercules tools is that Hercules offers premium quality tools while Bauer is considered a mid-level tool. Although Harbor Freight distributes both tools, you can only purchase a brushless impact driver from Bauer Tools.

Which is better, Bauer or Chicago Electric?

After trying out Bauer Tools, we tested Chicago Electric Tools, and we were surprised about the missing screws and bolts. Comparing its build and performance with Bauer, the Chicago Electric is not as sturdy and robust.

Can you use Milwaukee batteries on Bauer tools?

The cordless tools of Bauer support the lithium batteries of Milwaukee. So if battery compatibility is your concern on Bauer Tools, you can use the Milwaukee XC/M18 Red Lithium batteries.

But ensure you are using the original charger for M18 batteries, otherwise, it won’t work.

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Now that you know who makes Bauer Tools, you can now make an informed decision as to which tools to opt for your projects or your business.

Their products have proven to be reliable and affordable like Harbor Freight’s mid-range level tools. The company offers exclusive brands, which I have been tried and used before as well.

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