Who Makes Blue Max Chainsaws and Where are They Made?

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Blue Max chainsaws are currently making a mark in the market as a creator of affordable saws, ideal for professionals and homeowners. 

But, you might wonder who makes Blue Max chainsaws and how this particular brand emerged on the market. So, let’s learn more about the brand and assess if it’s really worth investing in.

Who is the Manufacturer of Blue Max Chainsaws?

The name behind the Blue Max brand is North American Tool Industries (NATI). The company manufactures Blue Max chainsaws as well as products for industrial brands Speedway, Yard Dog, Professional Woodworker, and Egergin. 

NATI has been in business for more than 50 years now. Currently, they are known as one of the staple brands for budget tools and equipment. They are a partner of OverStock, Home Depot, and Sears in providing power tools across the United States. 

Where are Blue Max Chainsaws Made?

Blue Max chainsaws are made in China. While these models of chainsaws are made with affordability as a priority, they are also modeled with dependability and quality in mind. 

Blue Max chainsaw

NATI guarantees to deliver user-friendly saws with the same specs as expensive brands. 

Where Can You Buy Blue Max Chainsaws?

If you’re interested in purchasing any Blue Max chainsaw model, you can go to the nearest hardware store. 

For your convenience, we recommend checking out Blue Max saws online. You can purchase online through eBay, Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Sears.

Top Blue Max Chainsaws in the Market Today

1. Blue Max 8902 | 45cc Gas Chainsaw

Blue Max 8902 45cc Gas Chainsaw

The Blue Max 8902 is perfect for anyone looking for a great deal. Aside from a premium case, it also comes with various accessories. These include a pair of blades and chains.

We really like this gas-powered model because of its powerful 45cc (cubic centimeters) single-cylinder and 2-stroke engine. 

Its 45cc engine is powerful enough to run the saw, even for tough cutting jobs. Also, it’s covered with a 1-year warranty. 

2. Blue Max 52cc Chainsaw

Blue Max 52cc Chainsaw

The Blue Max 52cc gasoline chain saw features an adjustable chain oiler and a quick stop chain brake system. Its Eco Boost engine helps reduce emissions and increase power while reducing fuel consumption. This powerful tool has a modern and practical design.

Blue Max 52cc chainsaws boast an idling speed of 2,700-3400 rpm (revolutions per minute) with a max speed of 10,500 rpm [1]. Also, it is center-balanced, featuring an anti-vibration handle for ultimate control. 

Why Should You Choose Blue Max Chainsaws?

Blue Max chainsaws appeal to potential buyers like you due to their low price and attractive design compared to competitor brands. The Blue Max’s solid construction and smooth-cutting surface also attract potential buyers. 

This company makes various popular models, such as the Blue Max 52cc and Blue Max 8902. Blue Max models feature long guide bars and high-performance engines. 

Also, it comes with an automatic oil feed system for the saws’ chains and bars, similar to other popular models.

person operating a Blue Max chainsaw

These chainsaws can cut trees and firewood safely as it is lightweight and easy to handle. So, with all the good specs Blue Max chainsaws offer, it comes with a low price tag compared to other brands with the same specifications. 

In short, you get good performance you want at such an affordable price. 

Blue Max Chainsaw Problems

While Blue Max chainsaws look really good at first glance, you may find the product too simple and the materials cheap for moderate to heavy-duty tasks. 

If you’re into the quality of materials, you may find this brand overrated. The casing is not made using quality materials. It may easily melt with too much heat. Melting is possible as the exhaust system of Blue Max is not designed with the most top-notch materials and is reported to get hot easily. 

Blue Max 57cc Chainsaw

Also, as with other chainsaws, you’ll need to check the chain lube system for leaks and chains for tightness from time to time to ensure it works properly. 

Additionally, you might deal with this saw not starting or running in some instances. So, you better know how to troubleshoot if that happens. 

Where to Buy Blue Max Chainsaw Replacement Parts

If you need to replace your Blue Max chainsaw guide bar, you can purchase a replacement online or visit Home Depot and Sears stores. Before purchasing a replacement part, make sure to measure your chainsaw guide bar.

assembling Blue Max chainsaw

Also, if the chain is worn out or literally damaged, you better purchase a replacement chain. You can find a replacement chain in stores through Home Depot, Sears, or even online. 


Now that you know who makes Blue Max chainsaws and other important information about the brand, you can now decide if it’s worth the bucks or not. 

After all, it’s quite a good deal considering the manufacturer’s effort to deliver a good-performing tool at an affordable price. So, if you’re looking for a relatively commercial grade saw, Blue Max chainsaws surely fit the criteria. 

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