Who Makes Hart Tools and Where are They Made?

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Are you ever in a jam when you need the perfect tools for your DIY projects? That’s where Hart comes in. You’ve probably heard of them before – they’re a big deal when it comes to DIY tools.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering which tools to pick, stick around and check out this guide. Let me assist you in the world of Hart tools – who makes them, where they’re crafted, and our expert opinion on whether they’re worth your while. 

Who Manufactures Hart Tools for Walmart?

Hart has established itself as one of the leading American tool brands. Since 2007, however, it was assumed by the Techronics Industries Group (TTI) and has been manufactured overseas. 

Its headquarters is presently in Hong Kong, while its manufacturing facilities are in China, Vietnam, Mexico, and some parts of Europe and the US.

History of TTI

Hart undoubtedly holds name recall when it comes to household and outdoor power equipment. Established in Los Angeles in the 80s, this brand has offered an extensive range of products for your DIY projects, from framing hammers to cordless tools.

TTI innovation center

In 2007, Hart became a part of Techtronic Industries Group (TTI) Limited, another household brand for common tools and home improvement merchandise. 

It was established in 1985 by Roy Chi Ping Chung and Horst Julius Pudwill and has facilities in the US, Mexico, Vietnam, and parts of Europe.

What Other Brands Does TTI Handle?

TTI has a range of brand portfolios specializing in electric appliances, including Hart, AEG, Hoover US, Vax, Dirt Devil, Ryobi, and Milwaukee tools, among many others. The vast line of products from this manufacturer is available worldwide for customers.

Where is Hart Tools Made?

Hart Tools has expanded over the years, so it is only inevitable that some of its production does not take place in the US. 

While its distribution and marketing are still targeted in America, its large manufacturing process takes place in China, as well as Vietnam, Mexico, and some parts of Europe.

control panel of HART riding mower

Where is Hart Tools Designed?

Hart is a homegrown brand from America. It started in Los Angeles and was later adopted by TTI. Although most of its original line materialized from the US, its manufacturing is now being outsourced to other regions.

Hart Tools Product Line

From automotive to cleaning tools, Hart offers an extensive line of product tools that would assist you in your times of need and could even make a perfect tool gift for your handyman dad. Below are some of our experts’ top recommendations:

#1: Hart 20V ½” Impact Cordless Wrench

Cordless tools are highly convenient, especially on mobile. This automotive impact wrench is your handy power tool with a torque of up to 350 ft. lbs and is one of the must-have Hart hand tools.

Hart 20V ½” Impact Cordless Wrench

#2: Hart 20V 10-Inch Buffer Kit

If you wish to have a buffer kit that gives a premium feel to your vehicle, then this may be for you. Not only does it add aesthetic value, but its D-handle design and elastic pads make Hart tool ergonomic and boost easy control.

lady using HART orbit buffer

#3: Hart 20V Pressurized Vehicle Cleaner

A definite must-have outdoor power equipment—its 20” siphon hose, 3-in-1 nozzle, switchable modes, and cordless design make Hart 20V Pressurized Vehicle Cleaner a cut above the rest. This tool is helpful for washing your vehicle or cleaning your outdoor patio furniture.

Hart 20V Pressurized Vehicle Cleaner

#4: Hart 20V Spot LED Light

A portable work light will always be handy, especially in low-visibility areas. A 20V battery LED light that lasts 10 hours would be perfect in any situation. 

With its pistol-grip design and strong workability, the Hart 20V Spot LED can light up to 600 yards and is a must-have in your Walmart Hart Tools.

Hart 20V Spot LED Light

#5: Hart 20V Workshop Blower

This workshop blower can work wonders in maintaining your car from dust particles caused by leaves and falling debris. Its optimum reach of 173mph and q02 CFM and scratch-resistant rubber nozzle make it a must-have for your cordless power tools kit.

HART workshop blower kit

Are Walmart’s Hart Tools Any Good?

Walmart is known to cater to various brands for your DIY projects and general home improvement. Down to the littlest tape measure to exclusive pro tools, Walmart is easily the go-to place in search of the right tools for most hobbyists and professionals. 

Hart Tools being one of their premium choices cement the question of whether it is good enough.

Moreover, Hart’s quality is in no way subpar to its other competitors like Black and Decker and would surely be able to assist you in your general projects. Although not as high-end as professional contractor equipment, Hart will go all out to serve you well for other purposes. 

To reiterate—Are Walmart Hart Tools good? Yes, they are. Its quality and years of service will not fail your expectations.

Pros and Cons of Hart Tools

Hart has an excellent and extensive home improvement product line that is suitable, may it be for DIY projects or go-to power tools. 

HART tools on working table

You will not have to worry about its reliability as this has been a household name, and its OEM [1], Techtronic Industries Limited (TTI), has been around for a couple of decades and has produced top-quality brands like Milwaukee tools, among many others.

Now, when it comes to the downsides, many folks out there might think that Hart tools are a bit on the pricey side compared to other brands. But let me tell you, it’s all about looking at the quality you’re getting. 

See, Hart isn’t just any run-of-the-mill tool brand – it’s like the MVP of power tools, revolutionizing the home improvement scene. So, if you decide to invest in Hart tools, you’re not just spending money; you’re making a smart move to get the most bang for your buck. 

How Much Do Hart Tools Cost?

The Hart Brand may be quite pricey compared to other tool brands, but its build and efficiency beat other generic hand and power tools at Walmart. 

Additionally, they are one of the store’s premium brands, which means they are widely available and have premium deals now and then.

HART spot cleaner

There are many tools in the market, and many are affordable. However, we cannot vouch for their brand quality and longevity. While other tools may be disposable, Hart Tools are there for the long run.

Warranty of Hart Tools

Hart Power Tools offer a standard warranty on their products. Most of their lines are under a 3-year warranty and cover the basics, such as factory defects outside the buyer’s scope. 

Some of their outdoor tools and 40V batteries have 5-year warranties. Meanwhile, a limited lifetime warranty covers all their Hart hand tools.

Where to Buy Hart Tools

As of 2024, TTI has an exclusive deal with Walmart, a US multinational retail corporation that runs a chain of grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount department stores. Walmart is the sole retail partner of Hart Tools in America and may be purchased in-store and online.


Is Hart the same as Ryobi?

No, Hart is not the same as Ryobi. However, both brands have Techtronic Industries (TTI) as their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

More for you:  

Are Hart Tools made in the USA?

No, not all Hart Tools are made in the USA. As TTI is a large company that caters to different brands, they have outsourced their manufacturing overseas.

Are Hart Tools made in China?

Yes, Hart Tools are made in China but are designed in the US.

What batteries are Hart Tools compatible with?

Hart Tools have a dedicated battery platform that includes 20V and 40V rechargeable batteries sold in Walmart stores. Note that third-party batteries are not compatible with Hart hand tools.


Hart stands out as a top choice for DIY enthusiasts. They offer a wide range of tools to cover all your needs. While they might be a tad more expensive, I can vouch for their durability and excellent quality. If you’re wondering about the folks behind Hart Tools, they’ve been under TTI’s wing since 2007, and you can find their products at Walmart across the US. 

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