Who Makes Icon Tools and Where are They Made?

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If you are a beginner or a home mechanic looking to purchase quality tools, you might want to consider Icon Tools. They are one of the market’s most popular and affordable brands today for various industrial tools. 

To help you determine if this brand is the right fit for you, I’ve personally led our research team to dig into the details of Icon Tools, including the manufacturer behind them. Let’s start!

Who Manufactures Icon Tools?

Harbor Freight produces Icon Tools. Originally established in 1977 as the Harbor Freight and Salvage Company, it began as a small family-owned mail order business.

Icon Tools

As the business flourished, the company changed its current name. The company is currently based in Calabasas in California, USA. 

They’re one of the early adopters of mail-order catalogs to distribute their products nationwide in the construction along with Acme.

Quick History: Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight exclusively distributes Icon Tools. The company introduced Icon Tools in 2018 by launching their introductory essential items, two Icon Torque wrenches. 

After their initial success, they introduced a full line of high-quality hand tools and specialty tool kits in the year 2019. 

They are the sole proprietors of more than a thousand stores across 48 states. In addition, Harbor Freight sells low-priced, high-quality, and affordable tools in several physical shops. They also have an online store, the Harbor Freight website, which has a huge inventory of tools.

Where are Icon Tools Made?

Icon Tools are manufactured and made in Taiwan. 

Icon Screwdrivers

People have this general misconception regarding the quality of tools manufactured in Taiwan and China. However, currently, Taiwan and China are known to produce high-quality electrical tools and similar products based on international ranking. 

Professionals who make Icon Tools ensure high quality, durability, and performance in all assembled tools.

What are the Products that Icon Tools Make?

Icon Tools are responsible for producing various high-quality and premium hand tools and storage units. 

Icon mechanic tools

Their product selection includes hand tools, torque wrench, tool cabinets, tools safe, special automotive kits, and tool storage units. Here are some pertinent details for each product line:

Icon Screwdriver Set

The set is praised for its ergonomic grip, polished S2 steel shank, easy to clean, and chemically resistant handles. Each unit comes with a screwdriver’s shaft bolster to ensure more torque. 

Furthermore, the screwdriver set also features precision machined magnetic tips and a premium storage tray. This is one of the most common among the Icon line tools. 

Icon Ratchets

Icon ratchets are considered automotive specialty tools which are popular among professional mechanics. 

Their ability to withstand significant levels of torque, even in challenging situations, makes them invaluable for accessing tight spaces. Moreover, I appreciate the variety of sizes available in the Icon ratchet lineup, offering versatility to cater to different needs in the automotive field.

Icon Tools Ratchet

Icon Sockets

Icon Tool sockets are made from premium chrome vanadium steel. These tool sockets have a high polish finish, which results in a pleasing overall look. These sockets are considered one of the best in the market. 

The product design of the sockets consists of six points to achieve maximum torque for every use. A set includes different socket sizes and a premium storage tray for its organization.

Icon Wrenches

Icon Tools makes wrenches in different lengths and designs. They are made from premium chrome vanadium steel. The Icon wrenches are easy to clean, has a non-slip grip, and are made from corrosion-resistant materials. 

Icon Wrench Set

I’ve noticed that Icon wrenches excel in precision. Each tool comes pre-calibrated and includes calibration certificates within their storage cases. Additionally, the 12-point box ends on these Icon wrenches facilitate quick fastener engagement and make accessing tight spaces much easier.

Each item has a click to let you know if you are over-torquing. The set also comes with a premium storage tray for easy tool organization.

Icon Toolbox or Tool Set

Icon brand tool boxes give high-quality and durable items, whether high specialty tools, storage units, or hand tools. 

Icon Toolbox

There are several features which include unlimited expansion options, strong frames, strong drawers, an advanced locking system, an internal power station, a slide-out worktop, and strong casters, among others. 

Harbor Freight launched the full Icon Tool line in 2019. 

Icon Torque Wrenches

Icon Torque wrenches come with a 90-tooth gear mechanism, allowing you to use it within a smaller arc wing. These units are pre-calibrated. An Icon torque wrench also comes with easy to read markings and a click to prevent the unit from over-torquing.

Icon Storage Systems

Icon Storage systems are more durable and affordable compared to similar brands of units. Its modular design gives users maximum flexibility and allows them to modify these professional roller cabinets when their toolsets expand. 

Icon toolbox workstation

Furthermore, these units are built with precision reinforced welds and double wall steel frames to achieve maximum strength to last a long time. It also has an integrated power system which allows the user some ease when using the powered tools. 

The Icon tool storage systems come in four available colors which are red, blue, black, and green. 

How Much Do Icon Tools Cost?

Icon Tools’ offers are relatively affordable. 

Their products sit at a lower price point that won’t break the bank. They are categorized as mid to high-end in terms of price. The general lower price point of their items makes them a sound choice for consumers looking to buy tools of high quality. 

Icon Tools in store

Harbor Freight Icon Tools range from 19.99 USD for a pocket set and around 199.99 USD for a complete wrench set. The Icon storage units for overhead cabinets start at 799.99 USD, whereas the end cabinets begin at 1,199.99 UDS. 

Furthermore, they offer free delivery on all Icon storage units. If you shop using Harbor Freight’s website, you can avail of the 20% off coupon on any available storage unit. They have various payment methods, including direct payment or payment in installments at your convenience. 

Warranty Coverage

Icon Tools endeavors to produce quality items. They are highly confident in the quality and durability of their tools. Therefore, they offer lifetime warranties for their Icon Tools set. 

The warranty is also honored for all Icon Tools with free replacements without hassle or questions. 

User Reviews

I’ve come across several online Icon Tools reviews that consistently reflect a positive and satisfying customer experience. 

What’s particularly impressive is the unanimous praise for the tools’ quality and performance, often highlighting the lifetime warranty as a significant advantage—arguably the best warranty a tool brand can provide.

Icon tool cabinet

However, like other brands, Icon Tools also face criticism from users where several professional mechanics have a mixed reaction to their products.

Are Icon Tools Any Good? Is it a Good Brand?

Icon Tools are most definitely regarded as a good brand. Icon hand tools have the reputation of being durable and are considered better tools compared with other companies and tool brands. 

They are ergonomically designed and made not only for professionals but for beginners as well. Icon Tools are considered professional status tools considering the quality, cost, and lifetime warranty. 

Are They Worth the Money?

Icon products are worth the money. All the tools from their Icon line are well-crafted hand tools that are proven to be better than hand tools from other brands. They are less expensive compared to Snap-On tools. 

Icon 73in roll cabinet

But what exactly makes Icon Tools worth the splurge? The product selection’s quality, together with their lifetime warranty [1] makes their offers a good deal.

Are Icon Tools Right for Me?

The selection of tools entirely rests on your cash reserves, a.k.a. budget, and what you will be using it for. These tools are excellent for mechanics who are looking for excellent quality tools

For someone like me looking to enhance their collection of tools and storage with Icon products, their selection is a solid choice. However, if you’re just starting out, it may be worth considering more affordable options like the Pittsburgh Pro line from my experience.

Where To Buy Icon Tools

Icon Tools can be purchased from Harbor Freight stores. A thousand physical local shops are located in 48 states across the US. You may also purchase from their online stores; however, storage units are exclusively available in-store.

Icon Professional Mechanics set

The Best Icon Tools Today

  1. Icon 36 in. x 25 in. Professional Roll Cab
  2. Icon Professional Hollow Shaft SAE Nut Drivers, seven (7) pcs. 
  3. Icon ½ in. Drive SAE Professional Deep Impact Socket Set, thirteen (13) pcs.
  4. Icon Stubby Professional SAE Combination Wrench Set, ten (10) pcs.
  5. Icon SAE Professional Flex Ratcheting Wrench Set, eight (8) pcs.


Does Snap-On own an Icon?

No, Snap-On does not own Icon. It is actually Harbor Freight that owns and manufactures Icon Tools. 

Did Snap-On sue Harbor Freight?

No, Snap-On did not sue Harbor Freight. The company have disagreements with Harbor Freight, but none has led to legal disputes.

Are Icon torque wrenches any good?

Yes, Icon torque wrenches are good. They are known to be of high quality. These units come pre-calibrated and packaged in a protected storage case.

Are Icon Tools Made in China?

No, Icon Tools are not made in China. In fact, Icon Tools are made in Taiwan. The company is confident with the quality the manufacturer produces compared to other products manufactured in China. 

Where are Icon sockets made?

Icon sockets, like other Icon Tools, are made in Taiwan. All the tools manufactured in Taiwan are guaranteed marksmanship quality. 

Why are Harbor Freight tools cheap?

One of the main reasons why these tools are cheap is because of the absence of middlemen. They directly work with manufacturers resulting in affordable costs. 

But is Harbor Freight Tools the maker of Bauer Tools? Let’s find out next!

What are some expansion options for Icon’s storage units?

Some options for Icon’s storage units include end lockers, end cabinets, overhead storage, top chests, and work centers.

How does Icon compare to Snap-On’s storage units?

Icon’s storage units provide more drawers and have a larger weight capacity than Snap-On’s storage units. Furthermore, the Icon’s storage units have an adjustable force drawer and external power feature, which is unavailable on its competitor’s storage units. 

What’s the best alternative to Icon Tools products?

There are other tools that can serve as alternatives to Harbor Freight Icon Tools products. 

Some brand tool alternatives that an early-career mechanic, professional mechanic, or hobbyist can opt for include Dewalt toolboxes, Tekton, GearWrench Steel toolboxes, Craftsman steel toolboxes, and Akro-mils Pro Toolbox.

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If you are looking for your next go-to tools or considering to upgrade your existing tools, fret not! Harbor Freight makes Icon Tools and storage kits known for their premium quality tools compared to other brands. 

Not only professional mechanics but also hobbyists have the option to purchase high-quality and affordable hand tools and storage needs that will serve you for years. 

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