Who Makes Remington Chainsaws and Where are They Made?

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If you’re scratching your head about which chainsaw brand to go for, have ever heard about Remington? Actually, it’s a budget-friendly choice for both homeowners and pros. 

But if you’re curious about their reliability? I’ve got the scoop on who makes Remington chainsaws and a bit about their background.

Who Manufactures Remington Chainsaws?

Remington Power Tools manufactures Remington chainsaws.

Remington chainsaw and operator's manual

Since 2016, Remington chainsaws have been manufactured in China by Zhejiang Pioneer Machinery and Electron Company. These chainsaws were then imported to the US and distributed by MTD Southwest, a company based in Tempe, Arizona.

History of Remington Power Tools

Remington Power Tools is an American brand that sells industrial tools established in 1921 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by Arthur Mall.

It was formerly known as The Mall Tool Co., named after its founder. At that time, the company thrived as a well-known manufacturer of gas and power tools, employing over 2,000+ employees.

Remington 46cc gas chinsaw

Eventually, Remington Arms Corp. acquired the company in 1951, thus the Remington proprietary name we all know today. Its Tool Division has since been sold and acquired and now forms part of MTD Products.

Remington evolved from a gas and electric-powered saw maker to now a manufacturer of various tools and equipment. They now offer various yard products, including lawn mower units, pole saws, blowers, trimmers, cultivators, log splitters, and vacuums.

December 2016 Chainsaw Recall

A few company products will experience issues every now and then, and Remington is no exception. In December 2016, the company recalled its gasoline chainsaw units. Their units were recalled due to the possibility of fuel leakage, which can result in a fire hazard.

Person holding a Remington chainsaw

Thankfully, the said risks were not extreme, and the company addressed the issue thoroughly. They went above and beyond to protect their customers. At the time, approximately 8,000+ chainsaws were recalled.

At that time, the chainsaws were made available at Mid-States Distribution Company, Lowe’s, Farmer’s Furniture, and Bi-Mart. They were also widely distributed on Amazon and Lowe’s.

Where are Remington Chainsaws Made?

Before, Remington chainsaws were manufactured in the United States. Today, their units are manufactured and assembled in China and Mexico.

Even though Remington chainsaws are manufactured in China and Mexico, this shouldn’t discourage users from purchasing products from the brand. A number of power tools today are manufactured in these countries. 

Remington electric chainsaw

The company assures its users that they are constantly monitoring the quality of their products [1] and honor warranties and guarantees should products fail to work or meet certain standards.

Where are Remington Chainsaws Sold?

Remington saws are available at all major retailers and online. They are available on Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and even Target.

Remington is also not a newcomer to the chainsaw industry. A quick eBay search will turn Remington chainsaws for sale in new, used, and vintage condition. eBay is an excellent site to find used chainsaws for sale.

Is Remington a Good Chainsaw Brand? Should You Buy One?

Although the brand committed made a few mistakes in the past, it should deter you from purchasing Remington chainsaws.

Remington gas chainsaw

The company’s chainsaws are generally good, and the prices are reasonable. The chainsaws’ retail prices are competitive and are easy to find as they are sold nationwide.

You shouldn’t have to go too far to find what you’re looking for. You can avail them both in-person and online. Just make sure to be aware of recalls, and your newly-purchased unit should be fine.


Remington offers a range of chainsaws, with most models priced under $200. While they may not be suitable for everyone, they can be beneficial for certain users. 

If you’re in need of an affordable and reliable saw for occasional use, you won’t be disappointed with a Remington chainsaw.


Remington chainsaws are covered with a two-year limited warranty. However, do note that you need to confirm all details with the dealer from whom you purchased the saw.

Remington bar and chain adjustment

You have the option to register your Remington product for prompt customer support as well as safety information, including product recalls.


Amazon is the most popular and convenient place to buy Remington Chainsaws. Amazon carries the entire line of Remington chainsaws and pole saws, including gas and electric-powered. There are myriads of product reviews on various models and sizes. 

They have also made it a point to answer potential questions from buyers. It’s most likely the best place to buy a Remington Chainsaw because it has the most information. 


If you want to see the units personally before buying, Remington chainsaws are widely available in most stores, including Walmart, Target, True Value, Factory Direct, Tractor Supply Co., Northern Tool, and Menards.

Although most stores don’t carry all of Remington’s chainsaw line, the brand is working to make units more accessible.

Where to Find Remington Chainsaw Parts

Remington Chainsaw parts are widely available on Amazon, Home Depot, and most major retailers and online stores. Remington chainsaw parts are also highly affordable; they range from $10 to $100.


If you’re after a budget-friendly and reliable saw for occasional use, I’d recommend the Remington. It’s done wonders with smaller tasks.

Whether you want to go with something with a more reliable reputation like Stihl, Husqvarna, or Craftsman, it all depends entirely on your budget. For me, you can rely on Remington for light work around the house and yard.

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