Why Is Festool So Expensive? All You Need To Know

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You’ve probably heard the buzz about Festool – the brand synonymous with top-notch quality and impressive power. If you’re like me, you’ve likely wondered why Festool power tools come with a higher price tag. 

Well, together, we’re going to dive into the reasons behind that expense and whether it’s a splurge worth considering. So, let’s explore!

Why Are Festool Products So Expensive?

Let’s look at the following reasons why Festool power tools are expensive.

Brand Reputation

Festool, a company established in 1925, has earned the trust of its customers due to its strong brand reputation. Their machines are well-regarded for various purposes, catering to both business and home needs.

Top-of-the-Line Quality

Customers also purchase Festool power tools because of their product quality. It is also one of the reasons that make these power tools so expensive. Some woodworking tools are known for a cheaper cost. 

Festool dust extractor

However, they cannot match the quality tools. Festool woodworking tools are also excellent when it comes to durability and performance and can make excellent tool gifts for dads.

Design and Innovation

Festool is not only known for its good design. The company is also innovative and continually seeks to improve its products’ functionality. A Festool power tool is excellent for service compared to other brands.

Warranty Coverage

Festool power tool offers an excellent warranty coverage which does not apply to other companies’ tools. They provide a 3-year all-inclusive warranty for wear and tear parts. Additionally, they offer a 10-year spare parts availability. 

If the spare part is not available, you will receive a new item for free. 

Training and Customer Support

Customers are their next priority after the product’s quality. They provide training to ensure that they can save their customer from frequent repair and wrong usage. 

Festool drywall sander

If you encounter any issues with using the machine, you can contact their customer service for assistance. 

What Is So Special About Festool?

Aside from the product’s durability and top-notch performance, it is also proud of its unique features. These features are not found in other manufacturers. This power tool is focused on perfection rather than gaining more profit. 

However, because they use amazing materials to build their tools, which also cost a lot of money, the price of each product is also high. Look at the following qualities of these power tools to know what makes them unique from other tools.

Top-Notch Functionality

A Festool power tool can perform several functions, making it better than other cheap tools. If you buy Festool, you will spend less money than many different tools.

Superior Material and Build

Festool is a high-quality German power tool made from caliber materials. Consider these power tools if you want to buy a router, circular saw, or dust extractors. It is lightweight but strong enough to do its job.

Festool vac sys

Proven Durability

Festool tools will not be standing for several decades if they do not prove their durability. It is a game-changer when it comes to strength. If you are working for an extended period or on big projects, a Festool tool is a great piece of equipment that you can use.

Superior Performance

Another factor that makes Festool so expensive and unique is its superior performance. For example, a Festool drill can run effortlessly and make any material smooth. 

A plus factor is that the procedure is dust-free. It saves you the cleaning time after finishing the project. 

Where are Festool Products Made?

The Festool brand is designed in Germany and then produced in several plants. These tools are sold in different parts of the world through distributors and marketing departments. 

Festool Products Made in Germany and Europe

Germany and the Czech Republic are two of the primary creator and designers of Festool. They also have smaller operations around Europe. Here are their primary locations:

Festool Products Made in the USA

Festool Germany Plant

In 2017, Festool started to open its manufacturing sites outside of Europe. Some of its first non-European countries are Lebanon and Indiana. These facilities’ primary job is to make tracks for Festools’ track saws. 

Later, they also had their first manufacturing site in America, which was a big step for the company. 

Moreover, it allowed them to connect to a sophisticated manufacturing part of the world. They are also planning to expand their American-made Festool quality tools in the future.

Who Should Buy Festool Products

Festool is sometimes associated only with hobbyists who can buy expensive equipment. However, if you are working in high-level wood shops and customers who require quality and precision, you can consider working using Festool.

Festool miter saw

Quality tools also come at a price. It is a more expensive brand if you compare it to other renowned brands, such as Dewalt. Nevertheless, Festool is not overpriced. Its cost only equals its feature. The standard and functionality make Festool worth every penny. 

Who Shouldn't Buy Festool Products

Festool machines are not for everyone. If you are a woodworker on a budget and not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a single machine, a Festool product may not suit you.

That said, you should consider other brands on the market. This brand’s power tools are specifically created for professionals who require superior functionality, durability, and standard. 

So if you are just doing some menial woodwork that requires too much precision, you can settle with other brands. Some brands also provide excellent service at the right price. If you are a beginner, Festool may not be suitable for you.

Are Festool Products Worth the Money?

Festool makes sure that you can get the value for your money. It is not exactly cheap, but it is not just an ordinary item either. With its innovative design and unique features, Festool tools are worth the money. 

Festool sander

It is not worth buying Festool if you are new to construction or woodworking. Getting used to essential tools is necessary before investing in these high-quality products. There are also some valuable tools at the right price for beginners.

If you are a seasoned woodworker, Festool is worth every penny. Its functionality will also match your ability. 

What Tools are as Good as Festool: Good Alternatives to Consider

If you are not ready to purchase a Festool yet, there are some excellent alternatives that you can consider. Fein is one of them. 

It is also known as one of the best woodworking tool manufacturers, and it offers different tools as well, such as circular saws, track saws, router, and dust extractors.

If Festool woodworking tools are too pricy for your budget, Fein offers a cheaper alternative with good value. You can also check out and shop from Skil. 

Festool impact driver

It is another high-quality brand that produces excellent tools. Makita is another alternative if you look for circular saws, cordless drills, and other construction equipment. 

When it comes to other tool types such as a miter saw, you can trust DeWalt. Dewalt offers an excellent Festool items alternative at a great price. 

You don’t always need to pay so much money on amazing tools, so steer clean from Festool. Looking for a great alternative will save you money in the long course.


What companies does Festool own?

Festool owns Festool Group GmbH & Co. KG. Festool also owns a sister company called TANOS. The company produces system-based power tool designs using modular plastic containers.

Why is the Festool Domino so Expensive?

Festool Domino is expensive because of its standard. It has a greater glue area, allowing the woodworker to spread it equally. Festool Domino is portable and has an ergonomic design to help you work with it quickly [1].


There are several reasons why Festool tools come with a higher price tag. These factors encompass their stellar brand reputation, top-notch product quality, impressive functionality, and distinctive features. 

For those seasoned woodworking pros out there, Festool stands as a fantastic choice. However, if you’re just starting out or working with a tight budget, you can opt for alternative options. 

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