Wood Pallet Prices — How Much Do Wood Pallets Cost?

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With the wide variety of pallet options out there, each having its own set of sizes and features, it can be quite a challenge to navigate the market and discover the perfect pallets that align with your requirements and budget.

Fear not, I’m here to offer you a comprehensive overview of wood pallet prices, focusing on the most commonly used standard sizes. Let me walk you through the alternative options to help you fine-tune your logistics strategy, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability.

How Much Does a Wood Pallet Cost? + Standard Sizes

The cost of a wood pallet can vary depending on various factors, such as the size of the pallet, the type of wood used, and the region where it is purchased.

Typically, a standard wooden pallet may range in price from $11 to $25, but there could be an additional cost for certain specialized pallets.

DIY Deck using Wood Pallet

As for standard sizes, the most common wooden pallet sizes are:

  • 48 x 40 inches (1219 x 1016 mm)
  • 42 x 42 inches (1067 x 1067 mm)
  • 48 x 48 inches (1219 x 1219 mm)
  • 36 x 36 inches (914 x 914 mm)

There are also other sizes available for specialized uses, such as half pallets or quarter pallets.

What are the Prices of Wood Pallets at a Pallet Recycling Near Me?

The average cost for recycled wooden pallets ranges from $7 to $13 per pallet, and the pricing depends on the condition of the pallets. If the pallets are in good condition or repairable, they will cost more than those that are damaged or unusable.

It’s crucial to remember that pricing can vary among recycling shops and according to local market conditions. Therefore, it is best to inquire about the cost directly from the shop to get an accurate quote.

Wood Pallet

The Cost and Disadvantages of Wood Pallets for Businesses

Not That Durable

Due to their construction with lightweight wood, stringer pallets possess relatively limited strength. Excessive weight, the movement of heavy machinery over them, or sudden shifts in the load can lead to their breakage. 

Thus, it is important to exercise caution and avoid placing excessive weight or subjecting stringer pallets to intense pressure to prevent potential damage or failure..

Limited Lifespan

Stringer pallets are not very strong because they are made from lightweight wood. They can only last about three trips before breaking, especially if made from softwood. So, if you want to buy used stringer pallets should know that they might not last much longer.

Wood Chipping Off

When pallet boards break, they can make sharp wood pieces that are dangerous. These fragments can hurt the things inside the boxes or packages on top of the pallets, and the splinters can even get inside the products.

This is a big problem for food companies because it can make the food unsafe. Wood pieces also make a mess in trucks and warehouses, which takes time and money to clean up.

Wood Pallet Price

Nail Hazard

Stringer pallets are combined with nails and screws that can come out when the pallets break. These loose nails can harm the things on top of the pallet and also cause problems with the machines that move the pallets around.

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Wood Pallet Alternatives to Consider

Wood pallets have been the most commonly used material for shipping and storing goods for many years [1]. However, there are several alternatives to wood pallets that are worth considering. Here are some of the most popular alternatives:

Wood Pallet Bed Frame


How much can I get for a wooden pallet?

The amount of money you can get for a wooden pallet varies significantly depending on your location In general, a standard 48″x40″ wooden pallet in good condition can fetch anywhere from $0.15 to $4 each.

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Wood pallet prices depend on their size, condition, and local demand. It’s important to research and ensure that pallets are in good condition and can handle your products’ weight and transportation if you’re buying or selling them.

However, wood pallets have some significant drawbacks, so businesses should consider safer, more sustainable, and more durable alternatives that could be more cost-effective in the long run.

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