Free DIY Wooden Box Plans and Designs to Try This 2024

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Working with wooden boxes, they’re great for holding cherished items like keepsakes, toys, and jewelry. While it might seem simple to create one, trust me, you could end up with a box that’s less than perfect without the right plan.

So, I’ve gathered some top-notch wooden plans to guide you. Read on!

1. DIY wooden box centerpiece

Wood box tabletop centerpiece

Here is an easy-to-follow DIY plan. It can help you create a beautiful centerpiece out of select panels and boards of wood. You can utilize any kind of wood for this project. 

A simple box is one of the most versatile boxes. It can fill up various items such as bottles, flowers, miniatures, and candles to enhance the centerpiece and room.

2. Wooden toy boxes

Wooden toy boxes

DIY wooden boxes are projects you can spend a few hours on that can lead to something worthwhile. One of which is the creation of toy boxes that kids love. 

Creating a wooden toy box will help keep and contain your kid’s growing toy collection. This can also serve as a mini woodworking toolbox, containing miniature chainsaws and other woodworking toys to entice your child to get involved in woodworking as well. 

For this project, you can use different types of wood, such as solid wood and plywood. 

This project may need basic power tools to help you cut the bottom panel and attach some of the box features, such as a hinged lid or rope handlebars. Make sure to use a reliable belt sander to smooth out rough surfaces easily.

3. Storage box

Making wooden boxes, specifically your storage box, not only helps you save money, but you can also have the freedom to fashion them into your desired box size. You can also craft multiple pieces of the same size box. 

Or you can also craft different-sized boxes to help you store and organize different-sized items and place them on shelves or in storage rooms. 

Like any other project, ensure hand tools are ready for this project before anything else. There are several box-making plans and other woodworking plans that are free, which you can follow during your creative days when you are ready for your next woodworking project.

4. Deck box

Deck box

This is another DIY project where you can create wooden boxes that instantly add character to your property. There are a lot of designs you can choose from when building this kind of box. 

I suggest drawing your woodworking plan first to get a clear view of the design you want to make. 

If you are up for it, you can make more than one box to place around your property, adding a rustic feel. However, it is best to choose quality materials for this particular project, especially since deck boxes are consistently exposed to outdoor elements compared to other boxes.

5. Jewelry box

wooden jewelry box

This is another box-making project with carefully selected materials to help you create unique boxes for yourself or a loved one. 

Making a jewelry box is a perfect gift for that special someone in your life. You can customize it based on your giftee’s style and interest. Follow the link, and you will find that these free box-making plans are easy to follow. 

You might craft a box better than you can search and find in the store. Depending on your plans, some may have a lid, a small handle, or blunt corners. Either way, this is sure to be a great gift.

6. DIY wooden crate

DIY wooden crate

Making boxes such as a wooden crate is an excellent project to help you organize your items. You can also use it as home decor. Make sure you have your materials ready. Prepare your power drill, miter gauge, wood screws, and wood glue

Also, before starting this project, ensure that the wood you get from the store is cut in the desired dimensions as indicated in the plan. Make sure that all the pieces are ready for use and assembly. 

These boxes are excellent for additional storage or as home decor, which is of better quality than what you can search and find in shops. 

7. Keepsake box

Keepsake Box

Here is another item you can make out of wood that can store small items or side pieces that are precious and dear to you.

 An elegant box with a mitered corner or beautiful joinery found on its edge is a wonderful addition to your home. Also, these boxes have a lid to keep memorabilia [1] of various sizes. 

Wood materials or the cutting list for this project need not be highly expensive. You can choose among different sizes and choose whether it is big enough to fill a drawer or small enough to be placed on top of a shelf.

8. DIY card box

wooden card box

There are a lot of events to celebrate, and these events may include birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries. There are a lot of unique and quirky ways to remember these events. 

One way is by making it where your guests can simply slip messages and greeting cards during that event. Following these different DIY plans, you can dress up boxes to hold these cards and messages. 

You can also arrange boxes, especially ones with a lid, to create a card box that can secure your guest’s messages.  

9. Wooden puzzle box plan

Wooden puzzle box plan

Making puzzle boxes will help you improve your woodworking skills. The attention to detail and the design is a sure way of making a puzzle box that is sure to be a brain-twister that can reveal a treasure or treat in the end. 

Making this box does not require a lot of wood or lumber, and you can even use scrap wood for this project. Not only can this DIY project improve your craftsmanship skills, but you are also left with a decorative box you can place on pieces of furniture in your home.

10. Wooden book bin

Wooden book bin

A lot of DIY projects can look daunting and complicated. Fret not! This easy-to-follow DIY wooden book bin will surely change your mind. 

The wooden book bin is a good project to help you create a book bin to organize your kids’ books and showcase your collection at home. This can also become a decorative box to add to your living room or your kids’ bedroom. 

You can upcycle old wood shelves for this project or buy pieces of wood at a hardware store near you.

11. Rolling Blanket Storage Box

Rolling Blanket Storage Box

This easy-to-follow project will help you create a box to keep blankets, towels, sheets, and throw pillows that can be found lying around in your living room or bedroom. 

This fixture can add a rustic feel to your room, adding character. Furthermore, this project can be made from upcycling bifold doors that you may no longer use in your home. These dated doors and intricate designs will give character to your rolling blanket box. 

12. Custom box dividers

Custom box dividers

You can optimize your storage boxes and free up space by creating custom box dividers. These dividers will help you organize the contents of your storage boxes, making it easier to find and access items. 

Personalize them by adding decorations or a layer of paint to suit your style. Follow the link below for a simple tutorial on creating box dividers.

13. Planter box

Planter box

A vegetable garden is a great way of growing your food and sprucing up your plain backyard. It can be very rewarding, adds value to your property, and lower your environmental footprint. 

Making your planter boxes creates raised garden beds making it easier to tend to your plants. In addition, you can create planter boxes in your desired size, depending on the area of the yard. Instead of buying planter boxes from the store, follow the link below to create your own.

14. Crate coffee table

Crate coffee table

Upcycling crates and boxes create beautiful, elegant, and rustic furniture that will spruce up your living room or porch. 

This is also convenient support for drinks, magazines, books, decorative objects, and other items in your house. Furthermore, choosing and making your furniture will not only significantly defray costs but also create a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of the fixture. 

15. Wooden crate dog bed

Wooden crate dog bed

Purchasing a bed for your fur babies from the store can be very expensive. Not only is it expensive, but you are not assured of its quality, where some of these pet beds are easily ruined and tattered with constant use. 

Making your own pet’s bed is ideal, budget-friendly, simple, and easy to make. You can make the bed by the size of your dog and design or paint it to whatever color pleases you. 

16. Wooden tool box

Wooden tool box

Making your wooden toolbox with families like your son or daughter is a good bonding activity. Not only will it enhance your woodworking skills as a team, but it has the potential to become a precious memory to look back in the future. 

This toolbox will help you give you and your kid a simple project to work on and a toolbox to store and organize future tools. Follow the link to create your very own wooden toolbox.

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If you are ready to try woodworking-based projects, these free plans on wooden boxes can be simple and not as complicated as you think. These free wooden box plans are simple and can add beauty to your home

I recommend starting with a simple wooden box project. Once you get the hang of it, you can try more challenging tasks. Trust me, even working on side panels and different wooden items can really help you hone your skills. It’s amazing how much you can learn from these projects!

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