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Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA) Review (2020)

WWGOA Review

It’s a place where woodworkers and woodshop lovers in America congregate together to share their love of the craft. It’s easily accessible online and is jam-packed with ideas, woodworking instructions and guides, as well as information. 

All of this is ready at your fingertips whether you are a member or not. Members do get to enjoy premium videos and more content around the site.

Is WWGOA (Woodworkers Guild of America) really worth it or can that knowledge be found in published books online? We’ll break it down in this WWGOA Review.


  • Offers up to 72% discount coupon for membership
  • Access to 100 hours of instructional videos
  • Content is always updated
  • Offers mini classes for real-time learning
  • Offers discounts on videos and plans downloads
  • Offers an 'Ask an Expert Program'
  • Has actual experts and professionals that can provide reliable tips


  • Shipment of products are only limited to the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India, Western Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, and a few others.

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How to become a member

If you wish to join WWGOA, there is naturally a membership fee attached to your account. You can go by both annual memberships or the monthly option. Both memberships start from the day you register (so we would suggest registering early on in the day) and end either a full year or 30 days later.

To make things easier, your membership will automatically renew with the card you used to register with and can be canceled at any time. Enjoy uninterrupted access to all the videos and information in this treasure trove as payment will be taken 5-10 days prior to the end of your contract (depending on monthly or yearly memberships).


  • Access to all Premium Videos
  • Access to Woodworking Plans and Projects Library
  • Video Downloads Discount (50%)
  • For Annual members only: 2 Video Downloads (Over 70 minutes of instructional videos)
  • For Annual members only: 2 Plan Downloads
  • Will receive WWGOA’s Weekly Newsletter

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  • Access to all Premium Videos
  • Access to Woodworking Plans and Projects Library
  • Video Downloads Discount (60%)
  • Plan Downloads Discount (20%)
  • WWGOA Academy Classes Discount (20%)
  • Non-Video Store Products Discount (20%)
  • 8 Video Downloads (Over 75 minutes of instruction each)
  • Access to 3 WWGOA Academy Classes
  • Access to 7 WWGOA Woodworking Plans
  • Access to 4 WWGOA Academy Mini-Classes
  • Access to Ask the Expert Program
  • Will receive WWGOA’s Weekly Newsletter

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Becoming A Member On WWGOA

Products you purchase from their site will can be shipped internationally to several countries around the world. Other than the USA and Canada, you can receive products in the following countries as well: Australia, Brazil, India, Western Europe, South Africa and New Zealand to name a few.

Fear not, if you live outside of these countries you will still be able to receive and purchase digital content.

Other than receiving products, you can enjoy unlimited access to all the creativity in the woodworking world including videos, projects, articles and more. Get more in-detail step-by-step videos and a library of professional woodworking plans is also available.

The content is updated often and if you do decide to purchase packages or products, you could enjoy additional discounts.

Whether you choose gold or premium memberships, you will be happily working away and trying out new techniques and ideas you have learned through the ready-made videos. You will learn from the very best and also at your own pace. Day or night, your teachers are available with a simple click of the mouse.

With your new learnings, you can share your knowledge with your kids. Even the really young ones only need a wood building kit and they’ll be borrowing your tools in no time.

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Use coupon code: GOLDSAVE72


If you decide on the premium membership, then you will gain access to premium only videos. Get inspired by over 100 hours of woodworking instruction. If you are struggling on coming up with ideas for your next project, the library of plans will assist you and get the gears turning.

woodworker working in shop

You can also download all your favorite videos to keep for FREE! Members only discounts can also be applied to purchases and classes for gold members (yes, they offer classes!). Aside from classes, there are even professionals that will readily answer any questions you have and solve obstacles along your journey.

The WWGOA mini classes are offered in real-time where instructions and questions are given and solved immediately.

If videos are not so much your thing as text on a page, there are also plenty of articles for you that are guaranteed to help you hone your skills and become a better woodworker.


All in all we end up this Woodworkers Guild of America Review at the big question. Is WWGOA worth it? The answer is a loud and resounding YES! Aside from instructions, plans and ideas that we all know we can get from books or articles circulating on the Internet, the ones offered by WWGOA are backed up with professional advice and guidance.

There is only so much the pages of a book can offer. WWGOA’s website and their group of experts constantly update the information and keep up to date in the industry. If you can dream it, you can build it!

woodworking in dark

Premium level and gold level members have access to different content. The gold level package pretty much gives you the entire site with instruction videos, classes, downloads, newsletters and more!

One of the best things about being a member is the person-to-person relationship. Get all your questions answered by a qualified professional and feel a sense of togetherness and sportsmanship as fellow woodworkers help one another.


Books and videos only have so much to offer. Have you found yourself stuck on a certain project with nowhere to turn to for advice?

That will never happen to you as a member of the WWGOA. Feel supported by the experts and never run out of ideas and inspiration. You have access to the entire site as a gold member for a very reasonable price.

Make the most out of your membership and download all your favorite instructions, videos and plans. If this gets you excited, then a membership with the WWGOA is definitely worth it!

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Use coupon code: GOLDSAVE72

Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA) Review (2020)
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