Woodworking Projects for Two as Relationship Therapy

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Many studies have been conducted to explore the concept that couples who share a common interest are more likely to have prolonged relationship success. While there is no one absolute reason why one marriage fails while another one prevails, there does seem to be a correlation between couples who can bond over a common interest and those that cannot.

Even something as simple as a TV show can provide a foundation. If you and your partner get invested in a TV show together, you are working on an essential part of the relationship: common ground and compromise. It might seem like a stretch, but finding common ground with the little things could help you find common ground when it matters the most.

The more you are able to see the world from your partner’s point of view, the more able you are to understand one another and resolve tension in the long run.
woodworking by couple

So what does woodworking have to do with that? Everything. Woodworking can be a wonderful way to practice productive therapy. You will get the opportunity to put your hands to work, make something beautiful and functional, while also problem-solving as a couple.

If shared interests don’t seem like enough to salvage a problematic relationship, some couples may move on to therapy. Attending therapy can help many individuals and couples, and one piece of advice they may receive is taking an interest in each other’s hobbies.

Woodworking can be relaxing and rewarding, plus it requires the patience and attention that parallels the patience and attention your relationship deserves. In this article, we’ll talk about some of our favorite woodworking projects you and your partner can try to increase your healing process.

First Things First...

Before you begin your project, you should take a few things into consideration.

Are you willing to spend money on a certain type of wood? Do you have access to the necessary tools? Have you discussed your desired project? Do you know where your finished product will go in the house? Would you rather gift the final product? Are you both willing to split the workload?

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Have a few conversations with your partner beforehand to ensure that you are on the same page. A relationship should have 2 project managers. Communicate, compromise, and set yourself up for the chance to have fun. Remember, this is supposed to be therapeutic. Neither of you is expected to be a woodworking master. Do the necessary homework so that you can just enjoy the process.

(If you want to dig deeper about the topic, we also have a dedicated page about woodworking for couples here

8 Great Woodworking Projects

Listed below are some projects that vary in time commitment, skill set, and equipment necessities. Talk with your partner about the type of project you would like to embark on, and find one that you both are equally excited about.

1. Coffee Table

wooden Coffee Tablewooden Coffee Table

While this project is a bit larger, it is not necessarily more challenging in creation. Plus, it can be incredibly rewarding to work on home woodworking project that will be a staple furniture piece for your household.

2. Wine Rack

wooden wine rack

If you and your partner usually have a good variety of wine in the kitchen, consider making a wine rack from scratch is also a good woodworking project for beginners like you! Whether you prefer one that mounts on the wall or one that can sit on a sideboard, your wine rack will be just as special as each dinner party and movie night.

3. Picture Frames

picture frame

When you move into a new space, you have a brand new opportunity to decorate! Take the opportunity to put your photographs into handmade frames. That way, you can ensure that your frames will always be consistent and fitted precisely to any size you need. Picture frames are also great wood and resin woodworking projects that you can try. 

4. Shelves

wooden Shelves

Another easy, fun woodworking project is making shelves. You can have stylistic freedom to decide what type of shelf you want, how you’d like to mount it, and what purpose it will serve.

5. Bookshelf

wooden bookshelf
You can never have too many books, and with a lot of books comes a need for a bookshelf! This project is likely a bit more time-consuming but is especially precious.

6. Headboard

wooden Headboard

If you enjoy a rustic style of interior decorating, consider making a wooden headboard for your bed frame. You can mount it against the wall or screw it into the bedframe. With this project you and your partner will have something you can appreciate every night.

7. Towel Rack Ladder

wooden Towel Rack Ladder
A simple but cute upgrade for your bathroom can be a towel rack ladder. It can serve as an organized way to showcase your towels and an easy drying rack. Just be sure to finish the ladder with a waterproof coat to keep it protected!

8. Birdfeeder

wooden Birdfeeder

If you live in an area that is populated with birds, consider making a birdfeeder! Not only are you making something cute and simple with your partner, but you are also creating a brand new hobby for the two of you to share. It is a common starting point for small woodworking businesses as well, so you might end up having this wood project as a product to sell, if you’re both up for it.

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