What Is The Best 2 Story Gambrel Shed Plan? — Build Your Own With These Handy Roof Plans

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Building a shed without the right plan could be disastrous. However, with several woodworking plans available, it’s tough to pick a Gambrel plan that is both sound and cost-effective.

Therefore, I have come up with these 2 story gambrel shed plans that can give you both and save you time on your research.

Reviews of the Best Plans for 2 Story Gambrel Sheds

1. 20 x 24 Gambrel Barn Plan With Loft Construction Blueprints

The ability to combine aestheticism and cost-effectiveness is what defines this Gambrel Barn plan. It contains every detail required to construct a high quality and durable barn.

This construction plan is straightforward that even a newbie can use it to erect a 2 Story Barn successfully. The plan is well-detailed with easy to follow instructions. Furthermore, finding barn wood to purchase to build this plan is a simple task.

The Gambrel plan offers a material list that you need to get accurate dimensions of the cutting wood. 

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2. 24 x 32 x 10 Gambrel Garage Plan With Loft Construction Blueprints

This impeccable gambrel plan is an affordable 2 story shed plan for your spacious garage. Our team loves how understandable and easy it is as you don’t need any high-level skills to execute it.

The book is highly detailed, with clear diagrams, aiming to create an outstanding construction with low expenses. This makes costly mistakes less likely.

Furthermore, it comes with material listings and construction blueprints, such as floor plans, foundation plans, elevation plans, windows, and framing plans. From my expert perspective, the construction process is refreshingly straightforward. Additionally, it’s worth noting that these plans are conveniently suitable for permit applications, which is certainly a valuable bonus.

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3. 20 x 24 Gambrel Roof Barn Shed Plan

If you are looking for a detailed and accurate shed plan for a ventilated roof,  the 20 x 24 Gambrel Roof Barn shed plan is the ideal choice.

This Gambrel Roof Barn shed plan comes with a transparent construction blueprint to make building your roof project convenient. From my expert perspective, this plan is refreshingly straightforward, eliminating the need for professional services during construction.

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There are dimensions for large doors to make it easier to move items. Furthermore, there is a well-laid-out plan for the windows to enhance ventilation.

Our team of experts was satisfied with its convenience and the ample space it created.

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Buyer's Guide for Gambrel Shed Plans

What’s Included in the Shed Plans

When you get any of the plans above, you get a detailed, step-by-step guide, diagrams, vital listings, several woodworking plans needed to give your shed an outstanding design [1]. To get the best designs and measurements, you can use the best woodworking software in 2024 along with these shed plans. 

The gambrel shed plans will make purchasing construction materials easier by providing a directory of suppliers in the guide.


The prices of shed plans depend on the construction’s style. Overall, I’ve found that these plans tend to be quite budget-friendly when compared to other options in the shed plan market.

Difficulty Level

I found the shed plans to be straightforward to comprehend. Each plan is accompanied by comprehensive instructions that are simple to follow, along with all the necessary materials and listings you need to initiate your construction process.

Our Top Pick: 20 x 24 Gambrel Barn Plan With Loft Construction Blueprints

I have concluded that the 20 x 24 Gambrel Roof Barn is the best 2 story gambrel shed plan on our list.

It is a comprehensive, well-detailed plan that includes everything you need for successful construction. Furthermore, it’s straightforward to understand. You don’t need to have high technical know-how to execute the plans.

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