What is the Best 8×12 Shed Plan?

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When I was in the process of purchasing a shed plan, I encountered several challenges. It can be really frustrating due to the abundance of fake sellers out there who claim to offer genuine products but end up delivering shed plans of low quality or with inaccurate dimensions.

As part of my expertise in this area, I personally took the time to evaluate the best 8×12 shed plans available. This evaluation is aimed at helping you get started with your shed-building project with confidence.

Best Overall
Office Shed Plan 8×12
Best Budget
Storage Shed Plan DIY 8×12
Office Shed Plan 8x12
Storage Shed Plan DIY 8x12
This Office Shed Plan 8×12 is everything, from style to comfort. Its unique construction and easy, laid out instructions make it easy to get a comfortable shed for different purposes.
With almost zero experience, you can build the Storage Shed Plan DIY 8×12 in your garden. It is an affordable choice if you want to build a high-quality shed without spending so much money and time.
Best Overall
Office Shed Plan 8×12
Office Shed Plan 8x12
This Office Shed Plan 8×12 is everything, from style to comfort. Its unique construction and easy, laid out instructions make it easy to get a comfortable shed for different purposes.
Best Budget
Storage Shed Plan DIY 8×12
Storage Shed Plan DIY 8x12
With almost zero experience, you can build the Storage Shed Plan DIY 8×12 in your garden. It is an affordable choice if you want to build a high-quality shed without spending so much money and time.

Reviews of the Best Shed Plans 8x12

1. Office Shed Plan 8x12

This office shed is everything you need for a comfortable office feel while at home. It can serve as an art workspace or a studio workspace. The shed design is flexible enough to allow you to install windows or not.

I found that constructing the backyard shed was a straightforward process, thanks to the clear and user-friendly instructions provided. Even if you’re relatively new to building, these instructions are designed to be easily comprehensible. Additionally, the included material list simplifies the shopping process for lumber and other supplies. The use of numbered sections in the plans makes it convenient to identify the right fit for each component.

Also, there is a free PDF for this 8×12 shed project that you can print at the comfort of your home.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

2. Storage shed plans DIY 8x12

This Storage shed plan 8×12 is a perfect choice whether you have experience in woodworking or are a novice. The plans have laid out the step by step description for easy construction of the shed frame, floor frame, and everything else you need to install.

It comes with material listings to allow easier budgeting and purchasing lumber and material from the store. The plan’s construction is also flexible — that’s if you love to add a window (or windows, even) to your shed. 

Also, this 8×12 garden shed features split doors and side windows, which is the perfect way to get easy ventilation in the space. This makes for a great breezy environment for whatever you decide to put in the shed. After purchase, the plan is emailed to you so you can start work on your shed immediately.

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Best Shed Plans 8x12 Buyer's Guide

What's Included in the Shed Plans

Before buying a shed plan, it is essential to know what’s included in the plan. This makes purchasing lumber, finding tools, and shed construction easier. 

Most 8×12 shed plans come with step by step directions, diagrams, and material listings to make it easier to build the garden shed for the space. The project materials should include everything you need for the walls, roof, windows, rafters, and everything else, from the kind of weather-resistant lumber to plywood sheets to wood glue

I also appreciate that these plans offer various equipment ideas that I can use to enhance the appearance of my 8×12 garden shed. A good shed project plan should provide clear instructions on things like marking lumber cut lines, fitting wall frames, building floor frames, securely attaching adjacent walls, installing rafters, indicating where to drill pilot holes through the bottom plate, ensuring flush edge alignment, assembling the back wall frame and side walls, specifying the appropriate door opening size, and covering all aspects from the ground up to the roof.

Some 8×12 shed plans even go as far as giving you the best foundation options to use as well as door plans. Other listed details include the shed floor load, roof pitch, roof load, roof overhang siding, wall plans, and rafters, among other shed components.

Also, remember to check your local codes before you buy lumber and install anything. In many states, you need a building permit to add a shed to your property. The codes can be different, though. In California and Texas, you don’t need a building permit for sheds that are less than 120 square feet. On the other hand, storage sheds in Atlanta and Florida require a permit from the zoning department before you can add them to your property.


Organization is another crucial aspect when purchasing your 8×12 shed plan. Your garden shed organization should be in line with what you’re using it for, whether it’s garden tools or extra space to store items. Also, determine if you need more light inside, especially if you’re storing large items on the shed floor and the back of the shed as well. Most sheds have enough wall space where you can install wall organization to hang items, too. You can even attach items behind the door — especially if the shed has double doors.

In my expert opinion, an 8×12 garden shed or lean-to shed that’s well-organized is the optimal choice for convenient access to all your storage needs.

For a basic shed, ensure that most of the items are placed on the shelves or cabinets. And you can store small items in jars if you make use of smaller materials. You can also use of magnets and other materials that can lift items from the floor to get more space.

Having a gable shed arrangement that requires less stocking of items on the floor gives room for more storage space and movement inside the shed. Thankfully, our listed 8×12 storage shed plans come with a flexible building structure to make organizing items easier.


The prices of plans vary due to the various styles available in the market. You’ll find 8×12 gable shed plans or lean-to shed plans with large double doors or a sole shed door. There may also be different sizes for the front wall frame and the door frame. It can also depend on how the roof, walls, doors, and windows are constructed. For instance, you can opt for a gable roof for your shed.

However, most 8×12 garden shed plans come at a very affordable rate, especially if it’s a compact shed with minimal storage space. So if you’re on a tight budget for this DIY project, you can still get the job done and end up with a professional result. Still, you can opt for premium plans, too.

Difficulty Level

In my experience, the difficulty of these 8×12 shed plans is determined by the time and technicality involved in completing the garden shed project. Depending on the specific structure I choose to build, the sheds can range from easy to intermediate or even more challenging.

If you have basic woodworking skills, you can go for shed styles and frame designs that need less professional skills either easy or intermediate projects. However, the best 8×12 shed plans we’ve provided in this review requires basic to intermediate carpentry skills to build them. Whether your project is a lean-to shed, gable shed, or basic shed, use good lumber like cedar or pine.

To give a basic overview on building an 8×12 shed frame, here’s how to do it:

  1. To build the floor, cut the joists at the right dimensions. You should then drill pilot holes through the rim joists and insert screws. Next, attach skids to the floor of the shed. You can use rafter ties here, and it lets you lift the shed off the ground.

  2.  Attach plywood sheets to the floor frame and secure the sheets into the joists. Make sure you leave no gaps on the floor sheets and keep the edges flush.

  3. Now, let’s proceed to the front wall frame of the shed. Once you’ve marked the cut lines and got the components you need, drill pilot holes through the plates and insert screws tightly. Remember to place the studs according to plan and make sure the corners are square.

  4. Next, build the side walls of the shed. Place the studs every 24” on center and make sure the corners are square. Then, assemble the back wall for your shed. Going back to the floor of the shed, fit and attach the wall frames and use a spirit level to plumb it. Next,  you need to drill pilot holes through the bottom plates and insert the screws into the floor.

  5. Now, all you need is to secure the siding sheets to the back wall and side walls of the shed, and secure with 6-8d nails to lock the sheets into place tightly. Make sure you install the walls with the correct measurement from the top plate and align the edges flush. Don’t forget to install the door.

Of course, there are additional instructions and tools on the plan, especially if you want to install a gable shed, a lean-to shed, or a custom backyard shed. You may also opt for a double door, a side door, a pre-hung door, barn doors, extended side wall area, a painted front wall, window placement, or you can install asphalt shingles on a gable roof. These projects vary greatly depending on the space as well. On an end note, don’t forget to check your local building codes to know the legal regulations when building sheds.


How much does it cost to build an 8x12 shed?

The cost to build an 8×12 shed is about $1200 or more. It varies, depending on the style, materials, and the function of the shield. It also depends on whether you are getting a custom made plan, building from a DIY purchase plan, or assembling from the kits you purchased.

How do I organize my 8x12 shed?

To organize your 8×12 shed, use storage tools like wall hooks, pegboards, shelves, or hang on hooks because they consume less space. In doing so, it will be easy to locate items when the need arises.

Our Top Pick For An 8x12 Shed Plan: Office Shed Plan 8x12

The office shed plan 8×12 is everything you need to have a fantastic backyard office experience [1]. Aside from office use, the shed can also serve as storage.

Projects like this are suitable to be built with a wood skid foundation, concrete, pier, or concrete slab, depending on what you can afford. The shed also comes with a residential home door design, and you can install window panels.

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