Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Austin — Your Quick Guide

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Having honed my woodworking skills through countless classes, I understand the importance of finding the perfect course. However, in a place like Austin, where opportunities can be limited, mastering the craft can seem daunting. After a thorough review, I’ve identified some outstanding woodworking classes in Austin that I personally recommend.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Austin

1. Austin School of Furniture & Design

Austin School Of Furniture & Design

Austin School of Furniture & Design is an excellent woodworking school focused on raising the next generation of professional woodworkers. With their great learning environment and superb world-class instructors, learning the techniques is easy.

Classes are super fun and exciting, with each of them tailored to teach traditional and modern craft-making concepts to all students of varying skill levels. They offer part-time, full-time classes, and online woodworking classes on a wide range of topics.

2. Woodcraft of Austin


Woodcraft of Austin is another amazing woodworking school where the best techniques and tricks of making wood projects are taught. With flexible class schedules, you’ll find it difficult to miss any class.

One of the most impressive things about Woodcraft of Austin is that they have all the woodworking tools, machines, and materials you need to create the perfect project. When you sign up for any of their classes, you get most of these tools for free.

3. ATX Hackerspace

Woodworking Austin - ATX Hackerspace

ATX is a vibrant community of passionate makers and skilled professionals committed to providing its members access to tools and empowering them to pursue woodworking as a career.

They offer courses on several topics, and you can learn anything, whether it’s lathe use, custom cabinetry, or cutting board. They offer online classes, and it’s easy to sign up as well.

4. The Contemporary Austin

The Contemporary Austin

If you are a beginner seeking to understand woodworking rudiments, I suggest The Contemporary Austin[1].

This school offers classes that cover woodworking basics, from learning the wood properties to safe usage of power and hand tools. The classes also cover the processes of sanding, clamping, veneering, and finishing adequately.


You can get started with learning woodworking by signing up for any of these four woodworking classes Austin for the best learning experience.

I also curated a list woodworking classes and carpentry schools in these areas: 

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