Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In California — Your Quick Guide

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California is home to several woodworking schools. However, only a few options offer vast woodworking courses for all skill levels. For this reason, our team of experts has come up with the woodworking classes in California review to provide you with excellent options.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In California

1. Essick Woodworking School

Essick Woodworking School

Essick Woodworking School firmly believes that learning from an experienced and passionate tutor is the best way to become proficient in woodworking. Essick teaches students modern techniques with innovation to become self-sufficient.

They offer a 5-day class for beginners to advanced students with courses like Sawdust 101. This class introduces students to woodworking and how to use hand and power tools safely. Private classes are also available for students that prefer to have one-on-one coaching.

2. William NG School of Fine Woodworking

William NG School Of Fine Woodworking

William Ng’s teaching philosophy revolves around precision, accuracy, and efficiency, and these principles are instilled in his students. The instructors prioritize making the learning process straightforward and enjoyable, ensuring students gain valuable skills engagingly.

This school offers studio classes on the fundamentals of fine woodworking, making custom cabinets, etc. Each of these classes has different durations and schedules, and the fees are one of the most affordable around. They also offer online classes that teach woodworking.

3. Allied Woodshop

Allied Woodshop

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced woodworker, Allied Woodshop has courses tailored for everyone’s skill level. All you need is to sign-up for the class that suits your level of experience.

The best part is you can become a resident if you want to start your career in California [1]. However, the woodshop must find you passionate, committed, and skilled in the crafts. As a resident, you can access your bench space, tools and sell your wood projects in their store.

You can also choose to learn privately, as they have several courses available for private classes. However, the fees are a tad expensive.


Though you can be a little confused on which woodworking classes in California to sign up for, these options reviewed here by our experts will ease your selection process. These classes are flexible and will develop your skills immensely.

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