Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Chicago — Your Quick Guide

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Chicago is an excellent city for a woodworker. There are a host of woodworking classes in Chicago, but with more choices come more risks. Our experts are here to make sure you make an informed decision and pay for a class that will be useful to your skills rather than wasting your money.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in Chicago

1. Chicago School Of Woodworking

Chicago School Of Woodworking

For woodworkers craving more education, The Chicago School of Woodworking is an excellent choice for professionals and hobbyists. You can find furniture making classes or specialty classes designed to target specific projects.

Our team also appreciates the specialty seminars offered by seasoned professionals that will add to your woodworking knowledge.

2. Make! Chicago

Make! Chicago

Make! Chicago offers classes for woodworking lovers as well as professional services. From woodturning to welding, Make! Chicago has a team of experts ready to impart their knowledge.

They also teach you how to take discarded pallets and create unique pieces while helping the environment by recycling. Make! Chicago is a fun place to try if you want to have fun but also build relevant skills.

3. Evanston Art Center

Evanston Art Center

The next woodworking school on our experts’ list is Evanston Art Center. This school has a dedicated woodworking department that teaches woodworking to beginners or veterans. You can find a wide range of classes that will target your specific needs.

You can trust Evanston Art Center as their department has over 20 years of experience in the field and their workshops are fully equipped with the tools and equipment you need to work on your projects.


Like we said, a woodworking class in Chicago [1] is easy to find, with many of them offering a diverse range of courses and some have the best woodworking classes offerings. The ones our experts listed are tried and true, to help potential students build necessary skill sets and polish their existing abilities.

For other reliable and highly reviewed woodworking classes, you can check the following: 

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