Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Cincinnati — Your Quick Guide

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When I was trying to hone my skills in woodworking, I often faced the challenge of finding the right instructors. But here in Cincinnati, I’ve discovered four fantastic classes that cater to both beginners and those at an intermediate level. Let me guide you through what I’ve found.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in Cincinnati

1. Conover Workshops

Conover Workshops

Conover Workshops is an organization based in Parkman, Ohio. Run by Ernie and Susan Conover, two expert woodworkers whom I hold in high regard, it offers a tailored learning experience. They meticulously curate classes, allowing eager learners like us to immerse ourselves in lessons that align with our individual learning desires and goals.

Their classes cover beginner and advanced topics, as well as an introduction to woodworking tools. Students can schedule classes and access various resources on their websites.

2. Shopsmith Academy

Shopsmith Academy

Shopsmith Academy focuses on providing classes and resources to woodworkers. You can find video tips, audiobooks, and even pdf resources on their website. 

Shopsmith Academy also offers the best online woodworking classes Cincinnati. Students can join group sessions and follow along, or arrange private classes for a more focused learning experience. The courses range from creating complex joints to using tools like ringmasters.

3. Wave Pool

wave pool

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Wave Pool firsthand, and I must say, it’s a vibrant hub of creativity and connection. Through its invigorating space, artists like myself can foster meaningful connections and collaboratively contribute to various community projects. Every visit, whether to attend exhibitions, volunteer in social initiatives, or participate in physical events, has always welcomed me into an atmosphere brimming with creativity and warmth.

Students can also learn various crafts from Wave Pool, like woodworking and ceramics. As a community, it supports its members by offering non-art classes like how to do your taxes and financial planning.

4. Arts Connect

Arts Connect

Arts Connect incorporates as many art forms as possible into its programs. The organization teaches blacksmithing, picture framing, metalworking, and of course, woodworking. The woodworking classes Cincinnati are focused on beginners looking to learn the ropes.

Arts connect also offers a workspace for students in its Cincinnati [1] workshop. It gives you a chance to connect with other woodworkers and pick up extra knowledge.


I highly recommend these classes in Cincinnati to enhance your woodworking skills. These courses have earned a special place in my professional endorsement.

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