Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Columbia, Missouri — Your Quick Guide

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Becoming a skilled woodworker entails attending ideal classes. The various woodworking classes in Columbia, MO can make it difficult for a beginner to choose the most suitable class for them. For this reason, our team of experts decided to come up with this review to make your choices more straightforward.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Columbia MO

1. Sawdust Studios

Sawdust Studios

Sawdust Studio is a community workshop that addresses the challenge of expensive rental spaces and access to high-end tools for woodworking projects. Recognizing the difficulties in finding a suitable place to learn woodworking, Sawdust Studio offers a solution by providing a dedicated space equipped with professional-grade tools. This enables aspiring woodworkers to pursue their craft in a more accessible and straightforward manner.

Sawdust Studios also offers affordable classes to members of all skill levels. Class sizes are limited, and each member has access to all the tools in the woodshop, provided you present a receipt of payment.

2. Traditions In Woodworking

Traditions In Woodworking

If you’re interested in improving your skills and learning more about cabinet making in Columbia, Traditions In Woodworking provides you that opportunity [1]. It’s one top-notch source for all your woodworking needs.

They have world-class cabinetmakers committed to teaching you the techniques and skills required to thrive in the business. You can learn to make end tables, clocks, shelves, etc. Plus, you can purchase several exotic wood pieces of hardwood flooring at reasonable prices.

3. Takelessons


Takelessons is an amazing platform where you can learn woodworking techniques conveniently. Whether you are a busy parent or a 9-5 individual, Takelessons offer flexible and affordable lessons tailored for your skill level.

They offer easy woodworking courses online and in person, so you have the freedom to choose whichever way you want to learn. The interesting fact is you can hire an expert teacher that suits your needs in no time. Each of these teachers is well experienced and has undergone a background check to guarantee hassle-free learning.


With the right classes, fulfilling your dreams as a woodworker is easy. Thanks to these woodworking classes in Columbia, MO by our team, you will have no hassle signing up for the ideal class that will take you to the next level of your woodworking career.

If you are looking for the most suitable woodworking classes and carpentry schools for you, here are some of the best areas to consider: 

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