Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Dayton, Ohio — Your Quick Guide

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Having explored Dayton, Ohio extensively, it’s clear that its reputation goes beyond just aviation wonders. For those passionate about craftsmanship, particularly in woodworking, Dayton offers excellent opportunities. 

I’ve personally vetted some top-notch woodworking classes here that cater both to beginners and seasoned artisans. If woodworking intrigues you, Dayton is a hub worth exploring.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Dayton, Ohio

1. Woodcraft of Dayton


Established in 1928 in Boston, Woodcraft Supply, LLC has become the country’s largest provider of woodworking tools and supplies. Woodcraft of Dayton, Ohio, offers comprehensive classes and workshops for woodworking enthusiasts.

It provides future woodworkers with knowledge and technique in woodworking. Aside from classes, a subscription to their membership gives interested crafters a range of resources and discounts to further develop and improve their craftsmanship.

2. Western Ohio Woodworkers

Western Ohio Woodworkers

The Western Ohio Woodworkers is a non-profit organization that provides a learning experience to those interested in woodworking since1982.

 Beginners and advanced students can both sign up in WOW meetings and workshops to learn new techniques in woodworking. WOW also encourages learners to subscribe to their club so that they can be part of an open and approachable community for craftsmen and woodworkers.

3. Little Miami Handiworks

Little Miami Handworks

Little Miami Handiworks is a woodworking school located in Bellbrook, Dayton, Ohio [1]. It is centered on traditional hand tool techniques wherein the instructors pride themselves on the preservation of traditions by working on wood with hand. 

At LMH, the classes are intentionally kept small to ensure thorough supervision and guidance for interested crafters. This approach allows students to experiment with a diverse range of tools from reputable brands, helping them become well-acquainted with various woodworking instruments.

If you are looking for more interesting and worthy woodworking classes, you can also check the following areas, too: 


Woodworking is more enjoyable especially with a community to guide and encourage you. I hope this list of woodworking classes Dayton, Ohio can help determine which class is suitable for you. If you prefer to stay at home, you may check the best online woodworking classes here.

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