If you’re looking for classes in DC where you can turn your passion for woodworking into a blossoming career, then you’re in for some luck. Our team of experts has compiled a list of woodworking classes DC that you can sign-up for.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In DC

1. Nova Labs

Nova Labs

Nova Labs comprises a community of passionate, experienced makers and craftspeople who work together to help hobbyists and beginners build their woodworking skills. It boasts one of the largest makerspaces in DC to accommodate all kinds of wood making, so there’s a space for everyone.

Nova Labs offers one of the best woodworking online classes for people who aren’t staying nearby to attend. Classes have flexible schedules to suit students’ convenience. They also sell tools and machines, and each participant would have to take a class on each tool they want to use before advancing.

2. Woodworkers Club

Woodworkers Club

Woodworkers Club specializes in teaching beginners and passionate wood makers to become better craftsmen. Whether you are a teen or an adult, Woodworkers Club has a place for you.

With several class offerings, you can find the ideal one for your skill level. The club offers Kumiko classes, Beginning Woodworking for Teens classes, Japanese Woodworking Classes, Introduction to the Lathe Classes, etc. Classes are open from Mondays until Sundays. Woodworkers Club also offers various exotic wood selections, from Lumber and Slabs to Veneer at great prices.

3. Board and Brush Fairfax

Board and Brush Fairfax

Board and Brush Fairfax give you the liberty to create and work at your pace. The experienced tutors allow you to combine your creativity and willingness to learn new skills. They provide you with the materials and act as a guide every step of the way until you attain perfection.

Signing-up for a class is easy. Classes are fun, and our team was impressed with their interactive method of teaching. 


If you reside in DC [1], finding a suitable woodworking class to hone your skills won’t be a problem. With the various woodworking classes DC discussed here, our team guarantees the best learning experience.

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