Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Kansas City — Your Quick Guide

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When it comes to enhancing your woodworking skills or embarking on a new hobby, taking woodworking classes is an ideal choice. From my professional standpoint, I can recommend five exceptional organizations in Kansas City where you can enroll for woodworking classes.

These institutions stand out due to their commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a deeper appreciation for the craft. Having engaged with these organizations, it’s evident that they provide a conducive environment for learning and mastering the diverse aspects of woodworking.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in Kansas City

1. The DIY Woodshop

The DIY Woodshop

The DIY Woodshop prides itself on teaching regular people the art of woodworking. Whether you’re trying a DIY project or looking to start a career in woodworking, the DIY woodshop can help. Through their woodworking classes Kansas City, they teach both kids and adults topics like working with tools, workshop safety, and of course, creating furniture.

2. Mike’s Woodworking Projects

Mike’s Woodworking Projects

Mike’s Woodworking Projects offers woodworking classes offered online to people in the Kansas City [1] area. I’ve frequently browsed their website, which is a treasure trove of resources. From detailed step-by-step guides to invaluable tips and tricks, they’ve got it all. 

And if you ever need some expert advice? Just reach out to Mike, the man behind it all. I’ve interacted with him a couple of times, and he’s always eager to help and address any questions or challenges you might face on your woodworking journey.

3. Schutte Lumber Co

Schutte Lumber Co

Schutte Lumber Co has existed since 1880, and it offers Woodworking classes Kansas City in its large workspace. The lessons are centered around teaching students to fix and build things around their homes. As a student, you’ll learn everything including the fundamentals of woodworking, cabinetry, decor, and even woodwork construction.

4. Bastionhead Woodworks

Bastionhead Woodworks

Bastionhead Woodworks offers individual classes to students. Their classes are meticulously tailored, aligning perfectly with your interests, skill level, and the tools you have on hand. It’s clear they’ve put thoughtful consideration into creating a conducive learning environment for every student. Presently, their offerings are exclusively online for those residing in Kansas City, mainly due to the absence of physical stores in the area. 

This approach, from my perspective, ensures that enthusiasts in Kansas City still have a golden opportunity to learn and hone their woodworking skills. However, the organization is constantly growing, and they have plans to open a woodwork shop in Kansas.

5. Metro Hardwoods Inc.

Metro Hardwoods Inc.

Metro Hardwoods Inc. offers one on one classes, as well as group sessions. The organization teaches you to create simple projects, and you pick up the woodworking basics as you go. Some of the popular projects include kitchen cabinets, raised panel doors, and arts and crafts bookcase.


If you’re keen on honing your woodworking skills or even starting from the very beginning, these classes are precisely what you need. Trust me, they offer the right balance of guidance and hands-on practice.

I guarantee that these areas have the best woodworking classes, as well: 

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