If you are looking for reliable and highly reviewed woodworking classes in Milwaukee, then you have come to the right place. Our team of experts know how important it is to find schools that won’t take your money for nothing in return, which is why we have created the list below about woodworking classes in Milwaukee.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in Milwaukee

1. Woodcraft


Woodcraft is an organization that has woodworking workshops in multiple cities. They don’t feature much information on their website, but you can call in or email the staff at Woodcraft to get an idea of the classes they offer and the times available.

In New Berlin, WI, the Woodcraft location is just a short drive away from the Milwaukee city center. Woodcraft offers classes for beginners and seasoned experts.

2. Rockler


Similar to Woodcraft, Rockler is also a retail chain that spans the nation. However, other than selling the equipment you need to create your dream projects, Rockler also offers workshops in different cities across the country.

Rockler provides different types of woodworking classes in Milwaukee areas that include focused group sessions, individual private lessons and general support.

3. The Bodgery

The Bodgery

Instead of a dedicated establishment that only focuses on woodworking, The Bodgery is a place where they foster communities and support people coming together to create, build and repair different things.

The workshop [1] in The Bodgery is filled with tools and equipment needed for a variety of activities, and you can find woodworking classes for women, and other fun events.


It’s a tad more difficult to find a specific woodworking online class in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas, but they exist if you look hard enough. The curated list above by our experts lists some of the most reliable spaces to develop your skills and you may even get the chance to impart some knowledge to fellow woodworkers.

Aside from Milwaukee, you can also check other exceptional woodworking classes here: