Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Minnesota — Your Quick Guide

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Lovers of woodworking in the Minnesota state rejoice! Our experts have created a trustworthy list of woodworking classes in MN. It can be hard to trust what these online classes can provide, but each one included on our list can hone your skills and develop your talents as a woodworker.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in MN

1. North House Folk School

North House Folk School

North House Folk School offers hands-on DIY classes that exceed just woodworking with options in categories such as food and jewelry-making. They also offer comprehensive woodworking classes in MN that include small projects such as tables to large ones that require a ton of commitment such as cabins.

The school is dedicated to enriching the lives of their students by providing assistance for their interests. They pride themselves in creating a lifelong learning environment that you can be a part of.

2. MPLS Make


As recommended by the Woodworker’s Guild of Minnesota and our team, MPLS Make, or offers an impressive roster of available classes for the hobbyist or professional. Whether you want to take a day to create your very own cutting board or to enhance your skills at knife making, MPLS Make has you covered.

If you sign up for their membership, you will get perks like storage and unlimited access to the tools they provide and the equipment.

3. Mike Siemen’s School of Woodworking

Mike Siemen’s School Of Woodworking

Mike Siemen himself is the instructor of his namesake woodworking school. Not only can you create the small projects of your dreams, but Mike Siemen also takes a different approach to regular woodworking classes and offers knowledge on how to maintain and sharpen your tool. Our team found this to be extra helpful for workshop maintenance.


All of the woodworking classes above have been thoroughly enjoyed by members of our team in Minnesota [1]. From each class we were able to learn new skills and create new projects that far exceeded ones before. If you want to know whether they are offering topnotch online woodworking classes, their websites are readily available for queries. 

There are woodworking classes in other cities, as well. Find out here:

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