Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In North Carolina — Your Quick Guide

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If you have finally decided to take your passion for woodworking seriously by enrolling in a class, you have come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of great woodworking classes in North Carolina to help get you started.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In NC

1. Penland School of Craft

Penland School Of Craft

Penland School Of Craft, nestled in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, provides a diverse range of workshops from 1 to 8 weeks. Taught by experienced visiting instructors, these workshops take place in well-equipped studios that cover a wide array of topics, including furniture design and construction, wood sculpture, joinery, boat building, and wood carving. The school caters to students of all levels, offering classes from beginner to advanced and residency opportunities. In addition to woodworking, Penland School Of Craft also gives workshops in various other mediums, such as clay, iron, glass, and metal.

2. The North Carolina Furniture School

The North Carolina Furniture School

NCFS, located in FarmVille, NC, offers 1-day classes, 2-day workshops, 3-day masterclasses and a one-week woodworking intensive for skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. There are classes in woodturning, furniture making, and DIY woodworking. As the only woodworking school in the country with a complete range of equipment, wood, and supplies, you are bound to receive proper hands-on tutelage.

3. The Woodwright's School

The Woodwright's School

Located in Pittsboro, NC, this school offers classes in joinery, cabinet making, carving, whittling, woodturning, etc. At the moment, they permit voluntary-level pricing to allow home-schoolers and others to participate. Classes are currently being run online but they hope to reopen physical classes by August 2023.

4. John C. Campbell Folk School

John C. Campbell Folk School

They offer a wide range of classes from basket weaving to painting to welding. Their carpentry classes cover woodcarving, woodturning, and woodworking. Located in Brasstown, North Carolina [1], their classes are small, handled by independent contractors. You can opt for a weekend or week-long class at the beginner or expert level.


North Carolina is a great state with lots of opportunities for woodworkers. Grab one of these classes to improve your skills and knowledge. However, if you’re looking for the best woodworking classes in the country regardless of location, you might want to take a look at these online woodworking classes.

For more classes intended for both beginner and seasoned woodworkers, you can check these areas too!

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