Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In New York City — Your Quick Guide

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In a city as vast and lively as New York, I often see people overwhelmed by the sheer number of craft-making courses on offer. Believe me, I’ve been there. Some courses are outstanding, while others might leave you wanting more. That’s why I’ve personally compiled these woodworking classes NYC reviews, aiming to simplify your search and ensure it’s truly rewarding.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in NYC

1. Mokuchi Woodworking


If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience, how about learning traditional Japanese woodworking procedures? Besides the actual craft-making process, instructors will walk you through the culture and history behind every project you’ll be making. You also get to try distinct tools not usually seen in shops, such as waterstone used for tool sharpening.

2. The DIY Joint

The DIY Joint

Woodworking is one of the oldest professions globally [1], and The DIY Joint made it their mission to spread its beauty by offering a diverse creating experience. With a vast selection of courses designed to inspire and educate craft enthusiasts, they got project plans suitable for every skill level. 

I’ve always been impressed with DIY Joint’s open-studio concept. It genuinely promotes enhanced creativity and collaboration. And trust me, when you enroll in any of their classes, you’re not just getting the materials; you’re gaining access to an extensive range of woodworking tools that can elevate your craft.

3. Makeville Studio

Makeville Studio

Along with the desire to encourage building rather than consuming materials, Makeville Studio continues to provide small classes to craftspeople who want to learn and enhance their skills in woodworking and carpentry since 2008. Their courses heavily lean on building foundations, so I’d highly recommend them for anyone just starting out in the DIY world.


Whether you’re trying to acquire a new skill or looking for a challenging project, signing up for on online craft and woodworking classes or any option in this Woodworking Classes NYC review requires careful consideration. While I’ve intentionally chosen unique classes to stretch your creative boundaries, I always advise considering your own skill level before diving in.

I also listed more woodworking and carpentry classes in these areas, too: 

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