As a resident of Oklahoma, woodworking and carpentry classes are all around the corner. To help you get started, our team listed some of the best organizations that will equip you with the necessary skills and rudiments on the art of woodworking.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In OKC

1. Woodcraft of Oklahoma City

Woodcraft of Walpole

This organization was established in 1928 so you can be assured that whatever you will learn from them has been tested by time already. Like their other store locations, they also offer open shops to tour and introduce woodworking enthusiasts and cultivate their blossoming passion.

Classes, both paid and free, are available at the store on a scheduled basis so it is best to visit their sites. Their pool of instructors are also quire known in the field.

2. Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Francis Tuttle Technology Center

This institution located in Oklahoma City [1] offers carpentry and cabinetry classes to high school students as well as adults who want to go back to school. They offer hands-on learning process with the use of the latest tools available in the market. Students from this school are highly recommended to industries looking for hardworking and creative employees. 

3. Moore-Norman Technology Center

Moore-Norman Technology Center

This institution also offers carpentry as a long-term program for individuals interested to hone their skills in the said niche. The center promises to build skills not only in the assembly and design of woodworking materials but also on the management order and estimation of the needed materials. It also offers hand-on training on the installation of finished products to clients stores or homes.

4. Oklahoma Forestry Services

Oklahoma Forestry Services

A foundation course on woodturning is offered by Oklahoma Forestry Services. This free class is offered to all ages and promises to give hands-on experience in woodturning as well as provide connections for lasting mentorship even after six-day classes. Since these are free classes, pre-registration is no longer needed.


These tried and tested schools and organizations will surely give you a solid return of investment in the craft. Attending face to face or online woodworking classes will provide you all that you need, for your hobby or business.

These places have great woodworking classes and carpentry schools, too: