Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Olympia, Washington — Your Quick Guide

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To hone your woodworking skills, you need to sign up for the best classes. Olympia has great schools that offer woodworking classes, but for those new to woodworking, deciding can be tough. For this reason, our team of experts has come up with a review on woodworking classes in Olympia, WA to make your decision more straightforward.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Olympia WA

1. Olympia Woodworkers Guild

Olympia Woodworkers Guild

The Olympia Woodworkers Guild, an affiliate of the Arbutus Folk School, provides training and classes for members interested in woodworking and woodturning in Olympia.

OWWG ensures that members are knowledgeable in woodworking and given real-life experience, regardless of age or skill level. Student membership is based on a yearly subscription, and the price is affordable. As a member, you can buy wood products and tools at discounted prices from affiliated companies.

2. Takelessons


Takelessons offer personalized lessons to individuals who have complicated and busy schedules. Taking an online course on woodworking through Takelessons makes it more straightforward for you to learn at your pace.

Courses are affordable, and each student can dedicate a certain amount of hours they need to study. You can find tons of teachers here, and you are at liberty to hire anyone as you deem fit. You can browse through their work profiles and select the one that best fits your needs. 

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3. Puget Sound Woodworking

Puget Sound Woodworking

Puget Sound Woodworking has a mission to provide a world-class educational learning experience in a simple, fun, and interactive way to students willing to become the next generation woodworkers. Students learn woodworking fundamentals and skills that will enable them to start woodworking on their own.

As a reliable woodworking school, Puget Sound Woodworking offers classes customized for all skill levels. However, beginners would have to go through the introductory class to get familiarized with the woodworking power and hand tools. Our team of experts was impressed with their approach to teaching woodworking. 


It’s easier to become a woodworker with the right woodworking classes in Olympia, WA [1]. Before deciding, you must ensure that such a class suits your skill level and is fully equipped to make your learning experience worthwhile.

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