Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Orlando — Your Quick Guide

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Have you always wanted to learn woodworking but couldn’t find a class in your area? You’re in luck because there are three classes in the Orlando area that can offer classes to everyone, regardless of skill level and expertise.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in Orlando, FL

1. Florida School of Woodwork

Florida School Of Woodwork

The Florida School of Woodwork inspires students to create art despite their busy schedules. It offers courses that teach specific woodwork projects from start to finish. You can learn router essentials, an introduction to wood bowl making, and other exciting topics.

The organization also provides apprenticeship opportunities for individuals seeking an immersive experience. These apprenticeships last two weeks and offer valuable on-the-job training from seasoned woodworkers.

2. Rockler

Rockler Woodworking And Hardware

Rockler is a woodworker’s haven in Orlando [1]. The organization offers everything from woodworking tools to raw wood and finishing products. They also offer woodworking classes Orlando for interested students. 

You can take “store classes” where you’ll learn classic techniques from experienced instructors. You can also attend “make and take” group sessions to create a project from scratch and take it home. Rockler’s website features an online calendar where you can schedule your classes weeks in advance.

3. Factur Labs


Factur Labs prides itself on being a space for innovative woodworkers. It is located north of downtown Orlando and offers a laboratory for creatives to meet, ideate, and work together. Factur Labs also offers beginner, intermediate, and expert woodworking classes to students.

Professional woodworkers teach the classes, and they cover everything from small DIY pet projects to commercial wood pieces. Students also get the chance to work in Factur’s laboratory, where they feature new and experimental tools, designs, and concepts.


Woodworking classes Orlando can help you find a creative outlet, pick up a new hobby, or simply fill your time. You can explore any of these classes in your area to get started or opt to start attending exceptional woodworking classes online

For more woodworking classes, you can also check the following:

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